House Republicans Raked Over The Coals For ‘Psychopathic’ Birthday Tweet For Clinton

'Never underestimate their capacity for petty hatred,' one person hit back on Twitter.

10/27/2020 11:46:00 AM

'Never underestimate their capacity for petty hatred,' one person hit back on Twitter.

'Never underestimate their capacity for petty hatred,' one person hit back on Twitter.

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Michigan election board votes to certify Biden win, dealing blow to Trump effort Michigan's state board certifies Biden's win Biden announces historic picks for foreign policy and national security Cabinet posts

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Bad Gateway. At this point, who cares? Happy birthday Hillary! I hope the confirmation of a 6th conservative judge was a good gift. Such low lifes. They’ve got to go. It’s time for the adults to run this country again. Maybe this childish bullying will end once the “Bullier-in-Chief” and his sycophantic followers are out of power. VoteThemOut

The problem with America is that we let our frustrations out on social media. We need to get out to the polls and vote every election. And I mean every one. Big & small. No more fake outrage. Show them how you feel by showing up to vote. Media tantrums aren’t remembered Sharon Freshour, Dem, is running against Jim Jordan . Don't boo, VOTE.

Such low life’s! They’ve got to go. It’s time for the adults to run this country again. Maybe this childish bullying will end once the “Bullier-in-Chief” and his sycophantic followers are out of power. VoteThemOut You meddled for so long in other countries that you ignored your own gangrened political system. Whoever wins, you are screwed. The rot has set in too deep

Trump and his mob are all class. I love the lack of self awareness by The Hateful Post here Happy Birthday Hillary. ACB all wrapped up in a pretty package for you! TrumpPence2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 You mean HBD Hillary.... these people don't know what psychopathic means Well you just have to understand that no one cares, unless they are getting more in return...sad sure is but soulless people don’t give a sh$t,

When someone asks me what all trump supporters have in common...this kind of disrespect, pure contempt for powerful women. The great thing about the House is, they come before the people every two years. We have 8 days to compose and deliver a response. VoteBlueDownTheBallot Jamestoupin Here in America any man is better than a woman president but that's how we got our first black president. It's no such thing as PBO voters except for the chocolate American but even some of them don't support their own.🇺🇸🦅🚫🐍😷

Obsessed by Hilary Clinton & her birthday rather than ensuring all Americans have many birthdays to come . But who the fruck constantly wishes themselves a happy birthday? Love the way a minority view is enshrined in the highest court fof who knows how long, good to see that trump is more important than the people

Everything they say applies to themselves, it is so strange how they come out with Freudian slips.. 😂 .. It's Common Knowledge™ & just remember those who've contracted the Corona Virus .. DO NOT have 'immunity' & in SuperSpreader events.. no matter what anti-science insane COVIDIOT BunkerBoy aka COVID-45 aka CovFeFe-19 aka CaptainContagious aka DonaldTrump believes ...

Congrats to women everywhere! Never underestimate it? She called us deplorable and lied about Russian interference to try and undermine a President!! Of course we're going to be pissed. You're the ultimate gas lighters truth. I say let's give them their short term gloating. And VoteThemOut next week VoteBlue

So glad they are putting the good of the country above their petty political considerations. NOT. look who's talking. lol WE need UR votes! NO BS: GO ⬇️ 🌸 Alabama 🐻 Alaska 🏜 Arizona 🏔 Colorado 🍊 Florida 🍑 Georgia 🌽 Iowa 🌻 Kansas 🚬Kentucky 🦞 Maine 🎙 Michigan 🦌 Mississippi 🏕 Montana 🏀 North Carolina 🎸 Ohio 🥊 Pennsylvania 🍑 South Carolina 🌮 Texas 🧀 Wisconsin VoteBlue

It'll be Many Happy Returns to the Senate for the Dems thank you very much for your work

Noah Centineo Opens Voting-Themed Art House, Plus Virtual ExperienceThe 'To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before' star’s initiative is the latest project of his six-month-old nonprofit Favored Nations. noahcent Ew, I can smell this picture 🤢 noahcent Babe out here making a difference! Love you Noah! ❤️❤️❤️ noahcent Wow this is so thoughtful! I'm so proud of this man. He is trying to so hard to get people to vote! That's so precious!

Analysis: White House admission on pandemic overshadows Trump's last push for reelectionA stunning White House claim that the US cannot control the fast-worsening pandemic is overshadowing President Donald Trump's frantic last-ditch bid to turn around his reelection race with Democrat Joe Biden with eight days to go | Analysis by StCollinson StCollinson No one can control the virus. StCollinson The President is Not Going To Control The Pandemic. He is putting All Americans at Risk especially Seniors. The President and VP has access to Meds That Is Not Available To The Rest Of Us. We are Not a Monarchy The King Must Go. StCollinson .... Terrifying Vietnamese and American people with the technology of reading and controlling human thoughts. Mk Ultra.

Factbox: A look at the 44 competitive races in the U.S. House of RepresentativesDemocrats will defend their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in the Nov. 3 election, in which about one in 10 of the chamber’s 435 seats will be the subject of a competitive race, according to nonpartisan tracking services. ANY 'GENIUS' would have COVERED 'Pandemic Preparedness: in OBAMACARE. You know....The TRILLION $$ LAW shoved down our throats JUST after 'H1N1'? NOW in 2020 these TARDS all BLAME someone else or Russians for their stupidity. Cali house seats going to be interesting now that repubs are ballot harvesting too.

Trump celebrates at White House as Supreme Court nominee confirmedPresident Donald Trump reveled in one of his signature achievements on Monday at a White House ceremony to celebrate U.S. Senate confirmation of his third Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, eight days before the election. Two purported sexual predators swear in the woman... very scary! The United States has the best Supreme Court Justices that Dark money can buy

Following confirmation to Supreme Court, Barrett takes 1st oath at White HouseBREAKING: Amy Coney Barrett takes part in swearing-in ceremony at the White House after being confirmed to the Supreme Court. VoteOutEveryRepublican Wow, why so fast, what are they afraid of, she is so evil

A look at the 44 competitive races in the U.S. House of Representatives