Stimulus Package Update: House Passes Biden's $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package - Cnnpolitics

Stimulus Package Update: House Passes Biden's $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package - Cnnpolitics

House passes Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief package

The House passes the $1.9 trillion Covid aid package, a major step in easing some of the pain caused by the pandemic. It next goes to the Senate.

2/27/2021 10:16:00 AM

The House passes the $1.9 trillion Covid aid package, a major step in easing some of the pain caused by the pandemic. It next goes to the Senate.

The House of Representatives voted early Saturday morning to approve President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package, a major step toward enacting the first legislative priority of the new administration as the devastating fallout from the spread of Covid-19 has left Americans in dire need of further relief.

The final vote tally was 219-212. Two Democrats broke ranks and voted against the bill: Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Jared Golden of Maine. The bill did not pass with bipartisan support as no Republicans voted for it. Now that the bill has passed the House it will next go to the Senate. RELATED: Here's what you can expect to get from the $1.9 trillion House stimulusMaking the effort more complicated, the Senate is expected to strip out a provision in the legislation increasing the federal minimum wage after the Senate parliamentarian ruled against including it under the procedure known as reconciliation, which Senate Democrats are using to pass the bill with a simple majority vote. The bill would then have to go back to the House for a separate vote before it could go to Biden to be signed into law. Read MoreThe package advanced by House Democrats also includes direct aid to small businesses, $1,400 direct checks to Americans making less than $75,000 annually, an increase in the child tax credit, direct funding to state and local governments, funding for schools and more money for vaccine distribution. Biden's First 100 Days

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'Major' hahaaaa That is one the many things that make America great always thinking ahead, always think humanity first, that is not the case in my country call Nigeria, the oppressors there called ruler think selves first, what a contrast. Less than 10 % was used for Covid! Yea, what a package ! Biden's Motto America Last

And we won't get our stimulus until Trump is president in 2024 Pelosi and Bu Bu Bu Biden can't even give a speech let alone read the teleprompter There are families who truly need this stimulus. How can we help to prevent needless trials among our community? That should be the real question. Help the least of these without merit, and I promise, you will receive a blessing in return when you last expect it.

The through conservative republicans should form a new party and debunked the Donald Trump insurrection party . This is a relief package that will go to the masses. That is a measure of a working society. Let’s call it what it really is CNN! Surely you people know and don’t want to let the American Public, know that it is 9% relief and the other 90% pork to pay back Pelosi and Schumer’s friends for getting mediocre and cognitively challenged Biden into office.

stealing_vaccines Trudeau_the_vaccine_rubber Trudeau_the_vaccine_thief WHO DrTedros Why canada orders covid vaccines more than its population? Is the population of canada 150 millions people Less than 10% Covid relief 90 % for Pelosi and friends CNN why don't you watch Fox News to find out what the money is really going for?

It's about time the people needed help months ago , it's taxpayers we are talking about so it's hardly giving something for nothing it's more like giving them some back for a situation that was made by the past admin for which taxpayers have paid the price and now they need help Only 9% of this money is going to covid relief. Can’t get any lower than being a democrat I guess. Ho knew.

This is great! The American people can finally get the help they deserve! 🇺🇸 After the Bill approved by the Senate, the dream of the Democrats led by President Joe Biden will be achieved as planned! Congratulation! Now make sure that all of the states represented by House members who voted against the bill don’t get the $1400 checks. I mean, come on they voted no. How long do you think they would stay in office? Do the same in Senate.

how many more died since these people started haggling over the details, they are all complicit in the death of many, that should have been done last year! talk about entitled wasters! True, but the idiots and the democratically held Congress, did not remove the $15 minimum wage hike, therefore once the Senate votes, the bill will go back to Congress to be voted once more, and the process starts over again! WTF

What a joke and a massive hit on our economy. Hell the Democrats have to launder their Chinese money somehow Bunch of padded bullshit The correct statement is 'The House passes a $0.9 trillion Covid aid package, and packs it with an additional $1 trillion in pork...and a $15/hour minimum wage. It next goes to the Senate, whose Parliamentarian has already ruled the minimum wage hike invalid.'

I know everyone needs some type of assistance, but trillion? Are we trying to wipe.out the middle class? There is no way the other non 1 % will ever recover from this. Now it’s time to take that gavel across the hall and start tapping on some recalcitrant noggins. Took them long enough In the middle of the night. Where’s the media.

It is really too bad we have career politicians use a crisis of citizens to boost their own special interests. Congrats to SenSchumer & SpeakerPelosi that got their own projects more funding than stimulus to people. This is a Dem and GOP problem. I'll believe it it when I get my $1400 stimulus check... Otherwise I don't.

All I have to say about that is if Trump keeps holding those rallies with no mask we will never get back to opening up again! They go back to their home towns and take their virus with them and here we go again! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that! U DOGE ahaha No thanks to even 1 single Republican who all voted NOT to give you a single penny. If youre voting Republican, youre voting for the wrong party. Period.

sunflower owowowo heheheh hohoho dogedoooge hahah Io voglio essere americano nella mia prossima reincarnazione al 100% vi prego figlio del padre eterno !!! Per carità? Love you America 🇺🇸 lol oo yeah Bullshit. Other countries look to the U S for there advice on covid-19 unfortunately the Democratic party dragged it out through 2020 unnecessarily. in other countries followed the lead of the U S and shutting their countries down and they were hurt severely.

A 10 % step to pandemic relief, 90% step to psychotic liberal pork. CNN SUCKS. Bullshit. Money goes to the Dems and their phony causes. Printed dollars without balance bubble will be like a mortgage bubble will doom suddenly The democrats, rather than doing it right, again threatening to replace the parliamentarian to get the Bill passed in the Senate. They’ve changed the super majority to simple majority when they couldn’t get their way. These things have been in place for centuries and have worked

Remember every republican voted againist this! House & Senate Dems need to realize they are doing the work of elected public servants while the GQP is looking to fatten off shore accounts and flatter egos with outrageous lies while shirking the real work of office. Dems-Keep working and ignore the demands of the GQP.

It's a joke it takes forever to get things done and she puts money in it for a subway in her district she needs to go and most of the Republicans and big money that buy them Government can't help the people but kiss there big corporate ass for them it needs to change for the $DOGE This time next year we may have something

Are you fucking kidding me? Have you seen where 90% of the money goes? Almost half the traitors in the senate are busy worshiping a false Trump idol in Florida don’t really care about the average American And the bubble pops in 3, 2, 1... Oh screw Biden. I hope he gets the same treatment JFK did. The dollar is no longer worth the paper on which the public debt was printed, $ 13 trillion

I can tell by all the comments that Democrats don’t care what’s in this bill as long as they get that 1400 dollars.. never mind that our kids and grandkids will be taxed to death trying to pay it back.. but we know the Democrats have no common sense!!! We have no time to waste is an under statement. The democrats already wasted at least a month on this!

So when will the senate meet to vote on this? And without a single Republican vote the White House calls it a bipartisan measure. And these people thought Trump was untruthful? The fire old man, Biden, manipulating what he called 'human rights,' the last talk about rights, the greatest American violations and concealment of Iran, and the destruction in Syria and Iraq, and their past, shame and racism against blacks until now continuing in America.

You democrats should be such ashamed of themselves the 1.9 trillion dollar package has nothing to do with covid. 9% of 1.7 trillion is going to the people . The rest will go to donors and unions that got him elected The Democrats passed it. Not one Republican on board. Democrats pass bill at 2:00 AM under a time crunch because they have fooled around with other things putting Americans in trouble last!

which corporations are getting our money this time? same ones as before? They theorize about human rights and the Abu Ghraib crimes, the like of which have not been witnessed in history And we wouldn't even have a vaccine so soon thanks to Trump initiating Operation Warp Speed and doing the first stimulus package and now Biden comes off as if he is the savior

President Biden needs this victory and Chuck Schumer must get his senators on the same page. Did the CIA report search for American crimes in Iraq? Human Rights and Western shops denounce human rights only towards Saudi Arabia, while they always overlook the crimes of their countries and their regimes in terms of individual and personal mistakes.

Promise 2k to get elected then make it 1400 isnt gonna help ur re-election chances HouseDemocrats SenateDems POTUS It's not a $1.9 trillion COVID bill. It's a $171 billion COVID bill padded out with $1.7 trillion of pork. Republicans do not support Trump. He is incompetent, but he is an excellent WHITE SUPREMIST MASCOT. That is the binding thread. He brings in votes under a racist banner and gets away with it. They are USING him. Dangerous to play with a mad dog.

Death and taxes oh my Don't remove the min wage. RaiseTheWage CNN AP SaturdayMorning satchat FacetheNation CBSENews How about you call out Pelosi and others who snuck in millions and millions in non COVID funding to a COVID relief bill. Disgraceful how they use American suffering to benefit their agendas. Try to do some real journalism and call them out

Package with out of the muslims countries new 🌎 Order is Disorder don't mind keep in mind Pandemic package in mind Don't think brain will be spin Unity? Only if we like what they want is unity now I guess This is Americas Covid aid money, not Bidens, he needs to just keep eating his oatmeal and drinking his Cocoa and do what he's told. (BIDEN'S aid package)... he doesn't have a clue what's in it or where the moneys going.

Stop dreaming, the U.S. is doomed. The U.S. owed 'Communist' China more than $1 trillion. China will soon stop paying to keep the U.S. alive. The U.S. has a ratio federal debt to GDP of almost 150%. It is broke and broken. The U.S. has nothing to stop 'communist' China's diktat. Yes!!! Finally someone with vision. Why could someone else see that billions for the arts, bridges and tunnels would scare the virus away?!?!?!?!

The man is so slow and behind. We are ahead of tbe virus now. Drive vaccine distribution, get kids back in school and get out of the way. Democrats stand strong make our vote count stand strong Democrat party unify Democrat party we the people are watching the policy fight we the people want vote for a non fighter for the people our votes are valuable and Worth fighting for.

Amen 🙏🙌 There's NO reason why people in my group - under 65 w/underlying conditions, esp. if they're disabled like me - can't go to a local pharmacy or doctor for the vaccine. I can travel that far in my mobility scooter. I can't, however, risk using a bus or ride in someone's car. As a millennial I love debt. only if 1.9 trillion would pay off my 120k I have left on my 220k dollar optometry school loan where I make 60k after taxes. Been paying since 2018. I love taxes and I love debt.

You mean easing the pain with a bailout of blue states. Tell the truth. Only 9% is for COVID. Disgrace. Address what’s NOT included in AmericanRescuePlan and needs to be passed by executive orders & follow up bills JoeBiden •No retroactive unemployment FPUC Sept-Dec 2020 •No unemployment benefits tax relief •No automatic stabilizers for UI •No student loan debt forgiveness

Mr. President, wouldn't 'acting now' be a lot more expedient and efficient if the aid package focused exclusively on the pandemic? Wouldn't we be able to provide pandemic specific aid to more people and organizations sooner this way? Where is his mask?! No more masks after ellections ! Myanmar military(robbers)arrest people protesting peacefully and take a lot of money from people to be free. Military also arrest people who don't protest. Military robs all the things such as cars, motorcycles,bicycles and foods from people. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Feb27Coup

Great, did he know where he was when he gave the speech? Aaagh, getting ahead of the virus no longer tied to wearing of mask, the senate must pass the $1.3tr stimulus to make it possible No one is watching his speech! Lol! Lol OK. Let's go. Now the Senate Dems need to pull out ALL the stops to pass it. How about next week?

Stop giving persistent! We have the house and senate! Use it! His guy is so fake unbelievable you’re leader lol 95% only bad news( I mean he’s better than Trump but bro looks like a corpse here Hi! If you have a following; please retweet my pinned, if you have the means please donate, if you cannot do either or both please comment on my pinned tweet it boosts the algorithm so that I can be found. Thank you 🥺

❤️ If it were so urgent stop trying to add pork to it and just pass it. Can you believe it?! Even more money printing... This can only end badly... It’s funny how these article titles and captions have completely changed to positive. If this were the previous administration it would read something like “House passes $1.9T stimulus package which will have no effect on the well-being of the average American.”

When a party has convinced its base that nothing it does is flawed or self-serving in any way, political participation and accountability dies. Do you really think these people fight for and cling to power because they care about you? Do they get rich in office because of virtue? What is this, weekend at Maxine's why is she propped up? STIFF?

The Senate won't pass it just because they like to be jerks Stay safe out there! Let’s see a breakdown of where all the money is going. There are about 150 million taxpayers in the USA and 331 million total citizens. So that’s somewhere between $5700-12,600 per citizen. That amount of money could really help out a lot of people right now.

But go ahead and think that these Democrat leaders are doing you a good dead while they go home to there mansions with millions of dollars in the bank while most of America struggles. They know what’s best for the common American. These leaders don’t care about us. Only themselve I’m other words, they will give you a pennies while they pad their pockets!!!

Getting one check isn’t going to do much for most families or individuals. Opening businesses back up and getting the economy back to where it was will though. It’s time Everybody sees the coronavirus for what it really is. It’s the seasonal flu. No more harmful than that. People don’t understand that most of this money doesn’t go to them. Some people are only getting 1,400 directly. Why wouldn’t you people want the money to go to your employers so they can afford to stay open and then you can get more than one check?

Tax the wealthiest with Trillions tax breaks to help small business and bring the American people out of poverty NOW! Fight for US, not the rich! Praying the GOP and traitor Dems don't block real help to the America people and our economy. End poverty in America now! A photo’s is a Thousand Words!! It's not a Covid Aid package. Only 9% of the spending goes to direct Covid relief. It's a political FU package from the Dems and a poison pill for future generations. How do you run the biggest economy in the world with zero economic accountability by leaders? BULLSH*T!

You passed it in middle of the night. Whoopie! But cannot make $15/h for min wage. They aren't going to bank it on an off shore bank, they will spent it locally which goes back in to economy. When Ontario, Canada, did it, big business were crying this will make them to be closed Every country has a Covid aid package, I wonder if it will be much better after the corona

That can't afford paying its employees $15. They shouldn't be in business at all. Well here’s where the trouble for the people begins.... Those who opposes covid aid package are those whos life is not affected having a job, etc.. Everyone should be on board to help all Americans who needs help. What excuses do you have to oppose the $15/HR? Do u believe $15 is even livable wage? We don't need businesses

American politics are crazy, over 400 voted in people pass the initial stage. Now a bunch of people in the senate must have a go? Taking it to a national vote seems easier. Great If any democratic Senator votes against this aid... Republicans will own Biden's Presidency. It better pass! Where they will do everything they can to scuttle it!!

Awww cute. Still haven’t gotten any stimulus check. And every time i sign in it says it doesn’t apply to me or my lady. GrETeST CouNtrY eVeR....laughable Gotta look at the fine print that’s what sells it.. Was this Parliamentarian who nixed the minimum wage bill, consulted on the legality of Impeaching an ex President?

Biden is a professional & TraitorTrump was a complete amateur who watched tv instead of working. Biden shows how America is great. Trump will end up in jail. most unpopular video on YouTube Tell us more about billions going to other countries you refuse to talk about. I don’t really see why we even talk about this anymore. It’s all bs. This was talked about for 9 mths just to finally get $600. Why get peoples hopes up. It’s March & nothing but talk & bs. No stimulus - No vaccine unless you are 65. Nothing. Same old thing.

The senators.... 1/2 are at CPAC honoring and praying to a golden statue of the squatter. They don’t want to work for ALL Americans. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. “ reTRUMPlicans GOP are PartOfTheProblem” tokenizedtweets 0xD7AA2588Ac6EFE1AcdC12c3845eE5C3c19e3c289 Very little do with “ COVID “...this bill is a disgrace

Glad to see Joe reached across the aisle and got widespread Republican support on this. Just another reason bipartisanship is always the right answer. They caused more than they are easing because of the ridiculous length of time wasted arguing over items that had nothing to do with helping people in need

Which country will benefit the most from this? Surely not Americans. This administration DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU Seriously. It took way to long do this. 500 million for art, so much pain from covid lol I dont know why they are making a big thing out of the status of the package, democrats have majority over every function of the government.

Who will get all the money 💰? WorldsBiggestTeaParty HappySurpriseDayIndia Good Only 9% to COVID. Wake up and call it what it really is! the American people the first time around last year. Our best interests are not being served whatsoever. Thanks Nancy and Uncle Chuck. Hell has a spot reserved for both of you and your minions. SMH

Great, to senate When in 2022. National Endowment of the Arts National Endowment of Humanities Institute of Museum and Library Services? WTF are we funding? Another bill laced with bullshit pet projects. If i am not mistaken, werent these 3 nonessential services included in Nancys supposed assistance for

Great prob end up spending it all on gas when its $5.00 a gallon I cannot believe the amount of time it took to recieve financial support, nor can my heart take the evil that fights against saving all people! Thank you for all that fight for all people! We shall stand against the evil with the love of Jesus Christ, Amen!

I have made over $457,000 trading in stock within four months. Though KAREN ASNIN WHITBY is my financial advisor. You can reach her on google. We are getting there. The weekend and then a few more days. Biden is right. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

Ian so proud of our president Biden, May God bless him and his entire family . Let watch very clouse does who only agenda is to destroy our democracy , I’m looking forward for 2022 election it is very clear who are working for the ppl and who are working agains us. January 6 👁 At least we have a president who is involving on negotiating the stimulus to help those in need,I pray for this nation, more than $ 500 deaths and American are against each other.God is watching on our watch the GOP rip of children from parents arm and put them in cages remember

AnnieGrayerCNN Who gets all that money we know that American citizens won't get it who gets it? Where it dies again! Gotta love CNN. They give you the news and tell you how you should feel about it in the headline. Interesting story to drop at 2am on a Saturday morning $1400 is not the $2000 we were promised.

Americans thank you Pass it, we need this. It's to bad the millionaires that voted for this have to real clue how far 1400 really goes... Before u comment people plz read the bill. How much went to COVID relief? Is it really less than 10% ? Republicans will vote no because they're sociopaths that hate the American people and don't give a damn about life on this Earth. It's always the same result.

At 2am. DISGUSTING pelosi tactic! She should resign immediately! Go away Nancy Pelosi How much of that comes to We The People? Thank you so much, Good Saturday to You. I Listurned to You and I undestanded to you. You Can save this,Vincent de Paul Ahissou won that war, Vincent de Paul Ahissou is challenge and Hé is challenge man. Vincent de Paul Ahissou won challenge , Yes , I won

Clowns Veto that bitch in the house Sickening that the US stands for this. They call it a Covid Relief package but the majority is for States that have run themselves into the ground, corporate pockets & international handshakes! They are selling themselves to the highest bidder! What rubbish was packed into this bill? Does anyone know? cnn won’t report it.

When I saw they were rolling in the golden statue of Trump all I could think of was in the Bible with the golden calf and how angry god was that they worshipping a false god! Judgement day will come to all involved, I’m sure! The House passes the $1.9 trillion Covid aid package, a major step in easing some of the pain caused by cowardly democratic governors. It next goes to the Senate. There fixed it

Not going to pass the Senate. Because of the democrats! Wow CNN is in full Biden mode The midnight bill 😁😁😁😁 Covid relief bill that is not about covid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Democrats will make very fine Nigerian politicians, CNN can takeover from NTANewsNow They'll make a great team Pain now or pain later.

New Dem logo. Irresponsible pork-filled political cronyism spend, spend, spend, spending. Pass a specific COVID relief not Porky 🐷 It was only ever an issue becouse of all the pork added. A partisan vote is not a success, it's a travesty. I'm sure direct covid action only accounts for a fraction of the 1.9 trillion figure.

Does this include a program towards unbrainwashing the Q's & DJT supporters? Follow Kat Meave Edard on her Facebook page she is a verified crypto enthusiast and wonderful woman in the society. Oh Lord, the Senate 🤦🏽‍♀️ Any Republican reading this, if you want to be faithful to DT, be a patriot and donate your 1,400 to me.

Not sure why celebration now. The package does not include the promised $15/h minimum wage increase. Trump could have directed his GOP senators to raise many partisan objections. Senate will have to alter and send the package back to the house for reconciliation. “Republicans have argued that the legislation overreaches and serves as a liberal wish list of agenda items and complain that they have been locked out of the process.” Boo-hoo. Welcome to every Republican held Congress ever. Manchin and Sienna get OUT of the way.

Eases the pain of the pandemic? The debt incurred will ensure the pain endures & precipitates fallout for decades HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar KennethHowardC3 Hello I hope this reaches you well , I'm a representative of the Illuminati and have been instructed to send this invitation out to you as you've been chosen for greatness. Reach out to us on Whatsapp +12342190068 for more information.

Great - give that public money back to the citizens! Does the American government ever get audited? Will they get down graded to junk status 30 trillion and counting . Why would any politician vote against something that helps businesses and improves people's lives? Would it be that they are more concerned with the outcomes of 2022

Seeing all the tweets with PORK! in the bill with zero elucidation as to what this 90% PORK! is. Typical GOP. Light on facts. Heavy on the pork. prepare the paper and turn on the money machine at full capacity! ahahahaaa! Please keep your breaking news for the USA only, not the rest of the world. Arrested not only protesters in Yangon but also those who were standing and working in the area. Sword A military dictator worse than the rebels. PregnantWoman WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Feb27Coup

It’s ridiculously little for citizens. That’s the bottom line. They have money for everything Well done... Major step? You people are so out of touch with the common man it’s insane And you wonder why China is ahead with everything It's because they get things done! Fast! Democracy needs to take a good long look at itself and reform. The time taken from inception to implementation often takes so long that the damage is done anyway.

Siria thanks for your bombs Good (There could be a connection between that virus and the Artificial Intelligence...! Just wait some days until we discover the 'missing chain') Let’s just keep printing money lmao shits getting out of hands More like a state bailout bill. Congress bill names are about as misleading as cnn and MSM

Printing money out of thin air, any you people dare to say that Bitcoin is backed by nothing? USD is like monopoly game money... Why did Jared Golden D-ME vote against it? His constituents will benefit. Doctor Myat Thuzar Khin who was shot dead has died after police refused to treat her. 😭😭😭 WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Feb27Coup

A female doctor in Monyour Town die today with gunshot by the military forces in Myanmar. And police point gun at magic .in Yangon WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar HearTheVoiceOfMyammar Mohammed bin Salman is a murderer and a criminal. They have machines that grind and melt a person to turn into water. Muhammad bin Salman has a method of slaughtering and slaughtering. There are tens of thousands of detainees in Muhammad bin Salman prison for years....

Mohammed bin Salman is a murderer and a criminal. They have machines that grind and melt a person to turn into water. Muhammad bin Salman has a method of slaughtering and slaughtering. There are tens of thousands of detainees in Muhammad bin Salman prison for years... Mohammed bin Salman is a murderer and a criminal. They have machines that grind and melt a person to turn into water. Muhammad bin Salman has a method of slaughtering and slaughtering. There are tens of thousands of detainees in Muhammad bin Salman prison for years.

Passing by two votes is shame The 2 party system rears its ugly head once again. In Canada you almost never see votes literally split down party lines. 4 parties. Can only vote for or against given Bill. How would that even work? Shoot it down! Rip up the whole damn thing. If they can't make one of these 'packages' that strictly gives money to American citizens that need it, then they can go F-themselves.

Yea more hand outs for all the non essential people in society meanwhile us essential people are like hay what stock am I buying now. Mostly peaceful.... syria We don’t have the money to do this. We didn’t under Trump either*. Why doesn’t anyone care about this? Remember those who voted against giving you aid.

Who are the two republicans in the Democratic Party. It’s ridiculous that they voted no 疫情防控失败,50万美国人失去了生命,这些援助金额能挽回他们的生命吗?这是美国政府的失职,应该追责。 It's not a $1.9 trillion COVID bill. It's a $171 billion COVID bill padded out with $1.7 trillion of pork. All GOP must have their heads examine as they were playing politic game with American lives.

Let’s not forget about Syria now. I know this does not relate to the post, but I want to share and give thanks to Mama Hope who made it possible for me to be financially stable and also restoring my marriage that was shaking with her powerfull spellls you can contact her Call/Whatsapp +27710017344 Ease some of the pain... laughable... when less than 10% of that 1.9 trillion goes to ACTUAL relief you should call it what it is (assuming you were a real reporting network) 90% PORK!!!

Where's my stimulus If the Relief Package goes to the Senate with the minimum wage of $15 an Hour then the whole Bill will fail so a smart Democrat would introduce an amendment that would start with a wage of $10 an hour and then gradually increase it up to $14 an hour over the next 4 years No, a major step cause by republicans. Stop blaming the pandemic.

How about all of the piggy back bullshit? From the comments here, one would never get the idea that there might be anything wrong with everyone just deciding to agree to vote to borrow money from the future, and give it to themselves. .💥..its time to follow a Friend.... Just follow Ceasaro7 and I will follow back ASAP.......💞

Guess we're not getting $2,000 but $1,400 checks. Hope it'll pass the Senate. Thank you so much How much does it really ease the pain? Lol theProgSoapbox To be stripped for parts WhatsHappeningInMaynmar Then if senate tries to take away the minimum wage than overide it we have the house and senate. You will lose democrat voters as you promised this as your campaign we need this more thAn the 1400.00 imediately in all states

Btc bnb to the moon Maybe the media can stop deep throating Kinzinger now since his true colors are on full display? Asking for integrity. Sun When will you all realize Mitch is the Cancer that is hurting Americans Along with Cruz Lindsey Graham Josh H Taylor green. This is the true problem. How can you say something then say you didn't say it then try to change what you said like we are too dumb to know.

GAYS TO THE FUTURE WITH JESUS: religious-right bigots claim Jesus condemns homosex & 2k years ago gave ALL humanity only manual for eternal life. His 'omnicient' GAZE INTO FUTURE: OMG gays galore & abortion as never before! Alas, Jesus ignored - but damn he busted Bible bigots! BIBLE THUMPERS - 95% white - claim superior interpretation to FORCE THEIR THEOCRACY on America. Inclusive Christians oppose religious-right Republicans. 'FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO'. Then Jesus advises them, 'GO AND SIN NO MORE (VOTE OUT REPUBLICANS 😉)'

White FAKE Christians: yesteryear's infamous WHITE FLIGHT from Blacks to suburbia. Now flee racial responsibility: trash BLM for religious-right's 'law and order' cop-out. This retired CHRISTIAN COALITION REGIONAL DIRECTOR urges all to expose religious-right bigotry/hypocrisy. That squeeked by, let's see how it does in the Senate..

DEPLOY WHITE THEOCRACY, destroy pluralistic democracy. The religious-right - vast majority white - 'has not ears to hear' facts nor desires the 'Spirit of reconciliation'. Malignant fear mythos trumps science & factual reporting. All governance 'Satanic' unless their Biblical. CancelStudentDebt or VoteThemOut !

BLACK AND BLUE - SHARED LIVES MATTER. Both badly bruised and politically abused. Neither are the true attacker - Trumpism: the Right's - mostly whites - 'law and order' lies tragically matter: fueled National disaster. Honorable POLICE and BLM now work to heal together: BIDEN ERA WEAK WHITE EVANGELICALS: 'Called' to spiritual power requiring FAITH activation. Yet insular, cushy lifestyles yield only mere Bible BELIEF. Desperate for power to prove beliefs, they succumb to counterfeit power: the RELIGIOUS-RIGHT. 'Whited sepulchers', a disgrace to Christ.

WHITE EVANGELICALS EMPOWER GOP SINS. The religious-right: disgraces Christ, turns millions from N.T. = 'Good News'. 'Salt of the earth' now 'trodden under foot': a mockery. Jesus: 'My kingdom's not of this world' - they sold their souls for a worldly kingdom. 'First will be last' WHITE FAKE CHRISTIANS are NOTORIOUS for factions/denominations: divisive! Now subtly dividing us Americans: feigned 'moral authority' enables Trump/GOP/Q. In bed like Bishops/Emperors, intolerant as Crusades, gutless as when Hitler rose. Stop the RELIGIOUS-RIGHT: 1 Pet. 4:17

ABORTION: No moral person cheers. Until it can be empirically determined when fetus becomes human soul (even theologians disagree), state/public sector has no compelling interest to interfere with painful, SACRED decision involving woman/doctor/family - thus private sector issue. Democrats passed this with not one GOP vote so media needs to clarify that only one political party passed this bill to ease the pain from the pandemic.

thank you very much for your work A great step from Joe Biden. Praiseworthy! Breaking: The Senate passes $1.9 Trillion Crypto Rally Bill!! Finally, decency has prevailed, all thanks to Joe, his empathy, courage, understanding and love of the people, especially those in need ABORTION: Fight via private sector: educate, adopt, etc. - don't impose mere beliefs on pluralistic public sector: backfires on your cause. GOP says 'limit gov.' yet shoves gov. to suppress women - no wonder: their own women often suppressed by erroneous Biblical interpretation.

R. Zacharias: BIBLE THUMPING leader SEX scandal! So many Evangelical preachers live OPPOSITE Jesus's example: they are OF the world but not IN the world. Not culturally relevant (IN) while pursuing affluence, immoral lifestyles (OF). 'Blind guides' - most are RELIGIOUS-RIGHT too! The religious-right seeks to rule YOU. More imminent threat than Neoliberalism/Oligarchy/Plutocracy: their MALIGNANT MYTHOS underlies latter. REAL Christians/all faiths strike IRON while hot: DIVIDE GOP - stop theocracy cancer. No post-election rest: build 2022 blue wave stat!

How much of it is actually for covid aid? HEY! FELLOW PASSIVE CHRISTIAN RACISTS: I too was blind, then challenged & defensive - even had POC friends. Couldn't believe unconscious white superiority within. Most RELIGIOUS-RIGHT ppl at least passive RACISTS. Join ANTI-RACIST causes - or dismiss & be Luke11:23 - 'against Me'

IMPOTENT WHITE EVANGELICALS: 'Called' to holy might, yet feared Love's spiritual street fight. For shame! Fled to hate's gated RELIGIOUS-RIGHT, now their 'Satan' finds them his delight. Flee the Right to right side of history: repent (turn 180) to the SPIRITUAL-LEFT. (2 Co. 6:17) 'LIVE BY SWORD, DIE BY SWORD' (Jesus). Trump/GOP terrorists who live/intimidate by guns beware: gotta guess which of us 'snowflakes' is armed to defend our families/democracy. 'Weapons of our warfare not carnal, but mighty before God': love in action. YET carnal DEFENSE BLESSED

YO, religious-right bigots! 'Say not, 'we have Jesus for our Savior', for of these stones God's able to raise up disciples unto Jesus'(Matt.3:9 LMAO version). Rather, Universe speaks to all: 'Our Beloved reveals to mortals what is required: justice, mercy, humility'(Micah 6:8). The onus is on the dominating race in society to call out social injustice imposed upon minorities. People of all faith traditions must actively take stands against white nationalism/supremacy. FAKE Christians - religious-right - fear 'foriegn' faiths. Real Love ='Feed my sheep'.

KandiKait96 senate is next 🙏🏿 Progress! Keep pushing, you heroes! 🇺🇸 This retired (Republican) CHRISTIAN COALITION REGIONAL DIRECTOR and Dr. of Pharmacy uges Trump domestic terrorists be PROSECUTED TO FULL EXTENT OF LAW - no WHITE privilege! They desecrated our sacred Capitol and mocked our unified pandemic efforts. PURSUE THEM ALL IMMEDIATELY.

NO RESTING ON LAURELS! We must fight the 'good fight' even more now after our POTUS/Senate win. Strike iron while hot: DIVIDE GOP. Fake Christian Religious-right - 90% white - gave united GOP 'moral authority': a must for all movements. While they flail - take moral high ground! The way I see, everyone that is not up to help the people needs to loose their seats next election

$1,400 coming soon thanks POTUS I heard only 9% of this bill actually goes to the American people. Where does the other 91% of the 1.9T of our tax dollars go? It’s the COVID-19 aid package correct? Does anyone have a breakdown? CNN?