House Dems propose fining Trump officials who ignore subpoena

Rep. Lieu on new bill proposal to fine executive branch officials who ignore congressional subpoenas: “We’ve seen unprecedented obstruction by the Trump administration from the American people.”

7/4/2020 2:28:00 PM

Rep. Lieu on new bill proposal to fine executive branch officials who ignore congressional subpoenas: “We’ve seen unprecedented obstruction by the Trump administration from the American people.”

House Democrats propose a new rule that could allow they to issue fines of up to $100,000 to any official who ignores a subpoena. The lawmaker who proposed this change, Rep. Ted Lieu, and one of his co-sponsors, Rep. Joe Neguse, joins Stephanie Ruhle to talk about why it took so long for them to propose this, and what administration official they would most like to hear from.

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🚨: This is totally FakeNews-AGAIN. How DO you ppl sleep at night? STOP pushing the DemsDeepState propaganda & FalseNarratives❗️ CNNFakeNewsKills Your ratings could SOAR again if you did. Your disengenuous reporting & Bully ‘opining’ is a DISSERVICE to YOUR viewers.KAG2020 JayHart909 At first I thought it said “...a new bill proposal to FIRE executive branch officials...” and I was so for it.

briweb69 Do something, lock them up RaeMargaret61 They don’t pay their bills as it is. PrincessBravato How about a jail cell 👍🏼 As long as it applies to every administration moving forward. hahaahaaha, you should be fired, msm liars A fine isn’t enough. A fine plus jail time and loss of any privileges. Just throw the book at them.

Start here. Will it be retroactive since Obama ignored them all the time? “Propose?!” monyc727 Arrest them!!! I would be arrested if I ignored a subpoena and then I would probably be fined. Stop the madness!!! S0j0urning It's about friggn time. MSDNC 😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 Seriously? A bill? A bill will never pass the GOP in the Senate let alone be allowed on the floor because MoscowMitch & the FSBGOP are all Accessories to treason. ArrestSubpeonaNoShows!

Just like the the rest of the democrat idiots, can’t get his way do h throws a temper tantrum. You would be the losers who takes the story. Those who turned down this BS was 100% correct because the entire circus was unconstitutional. 🇺🇸WHY WAS CONGRESS ELECTED🇺🇸 I think to DO THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE? Not the DEMS hold hearings issue subpoenas try to Impeach. It would be nice if the came to DC. Do we get a REFUND . . BETTER LET'S DEFUND the HOUSE. 🇺🇸JOIN (COS) Convention of States & take back OUR GOVT 🇺🇸

SoSofieFatale Why can’t you arrest them?! Seriously, these people have more than enough money for any fines. Fine AND arrest them. I really want to go to law school. Because I find our legal system much more complicated then I learned growing up. For example, I thought if you ignored a subpoena, you would get arrested. Not so?

Right. There are still subpoena's from Obama's first term than haven't been answered. This bill is dead on arrival; like everything from the corrupt Democrats. Yaaasss. Congress is an illigitimate, potemkin legislature thanks to the left. neilpX hell with fine jail them Jail them until they comply 💥Frivolous subpoenas on worthless investigations💥 for the past 3.5 years that cost taxpayers millions on nothing but NONSENSE! Time to vote the socialist out of our government!-

Good tedlieu. If they can’t pay? No one branch of government or party should have ever been able to do what this administration has done. It's clear that our government has at best a questionable weakness. They should fine you for every frivolous investigation you waste taxpayer $ on. RenahsMommy I respect you Congressman Lieu but come on if you have all done nothing like this in almost 4 years don’t pretend you are going to do it now! You let them off the hook every time.

Thought there were already laws in place to hold people accountable for not complying with a subpoena? Now a 'new bill' ? Like they'll let that pass. Why weren't they fined or arrested like anyone else would be? Day late an a dollar short...... Beliefs opjnion on virulence of COVID 19 like many issues in America split almost perfectly by party lines. Ideology dogma decades of entrenched commitment overide stats science

Congress has taken “wasting taxpayer money” statement to a new level. Trump2020 Excellent! Get it done now! Ha Ha Ha! That's rich. When you talk about obstruction by an administration look no further than Mr. Obama's reign! Of course, you will not admit this to be the case because to you Mr. Obama was the 2nd Coming!

Just remember that goes for Democrats too!!! Subpoenas mean nothing in the Trump government,same as testifying under oath means nothing. Use the Law and Order that Trump orates and arrest them Is this dude on the inside don’t look American Yeah...good luck with that bill...they don't comply with subpoenas, do you think they will care about a little fine, that they will fight in court for will you collect the fine, take them to court...ha.

Can we retroactively fine the Obama administration as well? 🥱 I think Rep Lieu is basically an idiot, but I, too, am tired of the deep state (mostly holdovers from Obama & the rest never-Trump Republicans) refusing legitimate disclosures to Congress & the people. It should also cover Congress (like Schiff) withholding documents.

Obstruction happened when Obama was in office. Californians: what actual good has this guy done for your state as it is falling apart around you? I am ALL for this, also pass legislation that stops whatever the hell these NDAs in public office? Really just put an end to that bullshit Lock their asses up.

Only obstruction is from the democrats. Just wait. A lot of 'transparency' from the Obama administration is coming. Soon. Very soon. Play it all ways,how many dems have refused ! Well, get on with it, tired of hearing, might, maybe, could, just do it FFS. Do it! That’s the only way to get their attention because they are just in it for the money! They don’t care who they represent, only that they please the people with the money! VOTE!

Ted, like most Democrats, is a sicko Life, liberty, and the pursuit and happiness? july4th trump hongkong tedlieu long overview but maybe an escalating fine by day to pressure the amount of time they obstruct congress? In any case, good luck 😆. Toothless. The law must fine and imprison executive branch officials that refuse to comply with subpoenas.

Ted Leiu is a Twatwaffle. So they can ignore the fines too? Fine? How about jail! Maybe they should pass a bill that taxes the rich and ends any notion of executive immunity Epstein & ghislaine worked for the government running an underage honey pot to collect blackmail video OUR government could use to black mail powerful people. This is what they are trying so hard to hide this is what the last three years have been about. They all knew.

Trump achieved what Democrats never could .. 2.2 to 4.2% GDP 7.3mm new jobs plus mfg. 10mm off welfare 50 year low unemployment Record employment blacks 72% new jobs to women Tax cuts Rebuilt economy 193 Judge appointments Oil independence NATO nations paying Rebuilt Military Executive privilege has been exercised by all past presidents, incl Obama. If congress believes it’s not proper their path is the courts. Dems have failed to go to court b/c they know the executive privilege exercised has been proper. Dems just want to feed the far left media.

Need to open the Congressional jail up. They'll only use taxpayer money to pay the fines. Submit congressionally approved subpoenas instead of illegal ones and you might have better luck, dumbshit. You're an attorney?😅 do it

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