Hostess attacked after asking diners for proof of vaccine in New York City

Hostess attacked after asking diners for proof of vaccine in New York City

9/17/2021 5:45:00 PM

Hostess attacked after asking diners for proof of vaccine in New York City

Cellphone footage obtained by NBC New York shows a brawl outside Carmine's on the Upper West Side.

Gale Brewer, the Manhattan borough president, said on Twitter the incident was"completely unacceptable."In a separate tweet she added:"There’s no place for this kind of violence to be perpetrated against our essential workers."Marcia Todd, who was dining with her family in Carmine's during the incident, told NBC New York:"Businesses have a role and the citizens have a role so I think we all have to be responsible and play our part."

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Whileto require vaccines in August, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said"not everyone's going to agree with this," but added that the rule was needed to help save lives as Covid cases continue to grow across the U.S. Read more: »

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Just want devil Khazars want, must resist tyranny duh! :( What the ever loving hell is wrong with people!!! This is wrong on so many levels ScottLakiya Things are totally getting out of hand! I pray 🙏 that we can beat this virus. So, all of you pro forced vaccine people are ok with creating a segregated population? This thought process is reversing this country back to the 50's and 60's. Might as well bring back the 'whites only' signs.

Really shouldn’t have been allowed on the plane from Texas THAT hungry anyway!!!… I mean unvaccinated To the people who attacked, where are your moral values? Asking for 'teeth' might have been sufficient. What is wrong with people. If you don’t want to show proof, leave. Why are we acting like idiots. Please be an example for your children. Grow up

Live Free and die I guess. This is just inexcusable! They should be arrested for this! 🤬

Fiancé identified as a person of interest in disappearance of New York woman, police sayThe family of Gabrielle 'Gabby' Petito reported her missing over the weekend. She fell out of contact with them in late August during a road trip to Wyoming. DUH! 😔✝️🙏 You think?

Sick and tired of people's crap 🤬 if you don't like rules then don't go!!!! PERIOD!! END OF STORY!!!🤬🤬 Simple solution: put a kiosk at entry point, if vaccine is not validated then entry is prohibited. It looks something like this. Maybe downsize slightly for Manhattan application. And how is it her fault? People, she is doing her job. Stop over reacting and use your head. Be kind. Be respectful. Be a good example for your children. And stop acting like one.

Moral of the story; don't fuck with Texans Such a shame, they should be charged with assault OFFS, people! Show some dignity and manners. Go to another restaurant. Apparently road rage has a new venue, for some self-important, self-centered people who think they are entitled to spread disease. Oh gosh.. Noooo 😯☹️ I think it's right to ask to see if we've been vaccinated. It makes me feel safe when I go to a public place.

Lock all these anti-vax crazies up!!! Lock her up

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Hard to understand why people aren't rushing to fill those restaurant jobs. Lawsuit! oh boy-she is just trying to enforce a rule-this is too much MAGAs, almost assuredly.

Fiancé of missing New York woman named a person of interestThe fiancé of a missing New York woman is now considered a person of interest, authorities said Wednesday. Gabrielle Petito, 22, was reported missing after a cross-country trip with her fiance, Brian Laundrie. ‘That text was NOT from Gabby, I know it!’: Missing Van Life Girl’s Last Text Message to Mother Revealed via crimeonlinenews gabbypetito vanlife

New York Vaccine Mandates Paused for Teachers, Health WorkersTwo judges issued orders on Tuesday to block New York officials from enforcing vaccine requirements for teachers and health care workers. That's good news but you are employing a known pedophile Peter Flores, a current associate director with he was a teacher at marist high in Bayonne NJ and was removed from his job for having sexual relations with a minor. No charges filed. Creating a Jeff Epstein starts Despicable…period !These judges are causing hospitalizations and more deaths by not upholding the mandate…(the disease 🦠 and blood 🩸 will be on their hands 🙌 when these unvaccinated people are in hospitals with workers who have refused vaccines = perfect storm 💨 🦠 ⬆️ 🇺🇸 It is Your Responsibility to Protect: ❤️ Yourself ❤️ Your Family ❤️ Other People ➡️ Follow CDCgov, WHCOVIDResponse, NIH and US_FDA Guidelines ✔️ Get Fully Vaccinated for COVID19 ✔️ Get Fully Vaccinated for other Diseases ✔️ Wear a Mask 😷 ✔️ Avoid Large Gatherings

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