Hospital workers feel like ‘second-class citizens’ in coronavirus battle: 'They're terrified'

Hospital workers feel like ‘second-class citizens’ in coronavirus battle: 'They're terrified'

4/10/2020 3:33:00 PM

Hospital workers feel like ‘second-class citizens’ in coronavirus battle: 'They're terrified'

Coronavirus: Lower-paid hospital staffers say they face risks just like doctors and nurses but feel ignored

More CoverageTracking coronavirus in CaliforniaIn the early days of the coronavirus’ spread in California last month, some housekeepers tried to get masks at work but were told they were being given only to doctors and nurses, he said.One housekeeper, who is in her 70s and has worked for the hospital for decades, was refused a mask early on, Ross said. She brought one from home, kept it in her lunch pail and kept reusing it.

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“They’re terrified,” Ross said. “They’re upset. They feel like they’re being treated differently.”Many, he said, don’t want to speak out because they worry they will face retaliation.Initially, Ross said, the only way a nonclinical employee could get a mask was if he or she did not get a flu shot, which was provided by the company in the fall, Ross said. He had declined one, in large part, because he knows some people feel ill after getting the vaccination, and he couldn’t afford to take a day off.

AdvertisementA spokesperson for Southern California Hospital at Hollywood told The Times that a new policy requiring all employees, including nonclinical staff, to wear masks went into effect March 27.Andre Ross said the only time he is allowed to wear full safety gear — a gown, coverings for his hair and shoes, a face shield — in addition to his surgical mask and gloves is when he disinfects the rooms of possible COVID-19 patients.

(Andre Ross)Ross, who disinfects hospital floors, elevators and the kitchen, knows his work is vital. The coronavirus can last on some surfaces, such as plastic and stainless steel, forup to three days.He said the only time he is allowed to wear full safety gear — a gown, coverings for his hair and shoes, a face shield — in addition to his surgical mask and gloves is when he disinfects the rooms of possible COVID-19 patients.

Leah Reily, executive director of the Assn. for Healthcare Foodservice, a trade group for self-operated healthcare eateries, said hospital cafeterias and kitchens are adjusting as best they can to continue feeding doctors, nurses and patients.“Our facilities have contingency plans in place. They’re trying to keep morale up,” Reily said.

Many cafeterias have closed seating areas and gone entirely to individually packaged to-go meals, she said.Evelia Rodriguez, a records clerk who has worked at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center in Harbor City for 29 years, said that even as a nonclinical worker, she has always interacted with patients, helping them get medical records, disability forms and other paperwork.

A shop steward for SEIU-UHW, Rodriguez, 48, of Carson, said she pressured her bosses to close the intake desk and have patients call or email. Initially, she said, nonclinical workers were told not to wear gloves and masks because of shortages.“It was concerning because they forgot about us silo departments, thinking we don’t deal with patients. Yes, we do,” Rodriguez said.

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In a statement to The Times, Kaiser Permanente said: “We continue to provide all of our staff — including nonclinical employees — with protective equipment in accordance with the latest science and guidance from public health authorities that are appropriate for the tasks and work they are performing.

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“Same as it ever was” in Los Angeles. Doctors across the country went on TV and instructed us not go to hospitals because they will be overwhelmed with virus patients.🦠Now they’re begging us to come back because thousands are being laid off. Americans listened and believed but not anymore. Some doctors are evil.💉

California has over 40 million people. Less than 500 people in the state have died from Covid. I don't want anyone to die. But, dial back the drama. We are saving lives 🙏 We're told everything is running well in the daily Trump press briefings. Who should report directly to the American public during the corona virus updates?

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