Hospital worker with coronavirus found dead with child by her body

A 42-year-old hospital worker in Georgia who had coronavirus was found dead in her home with her 4-year-old child by her body.

3/26/2020 8:22:00 AM

A 42-year-old hospital worker in Georgia who had coronavirus was found dead in her home with her 4-year-old child by her body.

Diedre Wilkes was a mammogram technician at a Coweta County, Georgia, hospital. Her body was found in the living room of her home in the Atlanta area.

Wilkes worked as a mammogram technician at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, according toThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution.A hospital spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday that the staff was"deeply saddened when the coroner notified us ... of the sudden passing of our colleague."

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The hospital said that out of an abundance of caution it contacted employees and patients Wilkes may have had contact with."Piedmont is providing these individuals with detailed information for self-monitoring and will offer COVID-19 testing to those who request it," the statement read."This employee did not work in an area treating known or suspected COVID-19 patients. Our thoughts and prayers are with the employee’s family during this difficult time."

Georgia has more than 1,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to the state's Department of Public Health. As of Tuesday night, the number of deaths in the state totaled 38.According to the Journal-Constitution, Wilkes' death and that of a 48-year-old health care worker are the first fatalities from the virus among the state's medical personnel. The outlet reported that the 48-year-old worker died Thursday at a Florida hospital.

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The coronavirus has infected more than 19.8 million people across the world as of Monday, killing at least 731,500 people.

POTUS It is your failure. sad 😞 other cause of death needs to be ruled out tho BeverlyFolkers Heartbreaking. Did she die from pneumonia? How did she die? Did she O.D.? Why do an autopsy if they know she died from Chinese Virus complications? The story is premature and very misleading. gene_chrastil Oh no poor kiddo that’s heartbreaking

TrumpBodyCount TrumpPandemicFailure COVIDIOT Oh! No. Terrible news & LindseyGrahamSC just insulted nurses yesterday HKokbore No one wear masks to work in the nursing home. The hospital just started to ask local people donating home made masks. So sad. This is so sad.. 😔 Heartbreaking 💔 ❤😔😔😔🙏 maly339417 Absolutely haunting and heartbreaking! 💔

This is so sad 😭 May she rip 🙏🏻🙏🏻 This has been fully vetted and there are no underlying issues like drug overdose, aneurysm, injuries from a fall etc. ? If it turns out there were underlying causes, all involved with this should be incarcerated for causing panic or at the very least sued in a class action suit.

Another terrible story. Sad. If hydrochloroquine works why r we not giving it 2 patients & healthcare workers? Big Brother Fail. An Atlanta-based colleague shared this story with me yesterday and we both cried. I can't stop thinking about this poor child. R.I.P for all the medical stuff died in the war fighting virus.

heartbreaking That's horrific and sad. ZerlinaMaxwell Oh My God! I can’t. The tears just started flowing when I read this. And this could have been avoided. Can’t we remove this administration and put in capable people who know what they’re doing. removethe buffoons 💔 ZerlinaMaxwell This has echoes of epidemics before the age of scientific medicine - the Black Death, etc. Similar scenes played out around the world in 1918-19 - I cannot believe 100 years later, we can do no better. Horrifying.

ZerlinaMaxwell 😔 ZerlinaMaxwell VP senatemajldr SenSchumer ChuckGrassley SpeakerPelosi SenateDems SenateGOP you are all responsible for this by not holding realDonaldTrump accountable FOR THIS. This joke isn’t funny anymore, muh guys. ZerlinaMaxwell 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 ZerlinaMaxwell 😭

ZerlinaMaxwell I hate to say it, but this is the first of many stories like this one... DJT, looking through your 'rose colored glasses' and spreading disinformation only exacerbates this virus' deadly strength!! Oh man 😭 Good. Lord. The part with the 4 year old is vague. Is the child dead or alive? See how the media can mislead the public.....

Oh, she died at the battle front. May God grant her peaceful rest. Child, the word owes you a lot; be blessed. How terribly sad. That’s freaking sad 😢The stories of loss on the other side of this will be heart breaking to hear. This virus does not discriminate! 🙀🙀😥😥 Saddest thing ever...💔 pdacosta 💔😢

Did anyone read the actual article? She had COVID-19 but may not be the cause of death. An autopsy is being performed. Furthermore, she did not treat patients with the virus, she was a mammogram tech.its quite sad but don’t just read a headline, think for yourself. Country continues to fail us. Tragedy , sigh......

so terrible… Heartbreaking ... 💔 6 or 4 year old? MGC3I My thoughts and prayers and Condolences! Go out to her family and Friends Fake news i hope 💔😔 Heartbreaking Very very sad 😢 So Sad....RIP Same thing happened in China last month. A kid watched his grandpa passed away, and live with corpse for days. COVID19 is tragedy for all mankind. 🙁

How very sad. This is sad. I can’t cope with this story ☹️ this article's header should reflect that she wasn't on the front lines like ER - she worked in the healthcare field - so the people who want to loosen social contact restrictions can really see how this virus is actively killing everyday people who do normal jobs in good health.

itsnotny I need people to check on their damn families! My family has taken a break from our political divide to make sure every single parent, every Aunt living alone, every cousin we may have forgotten about because they drink too much are accounted for! Please people, check on family! Wow!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The gov does not guarantee that every Medical worker Have enough equipment to protect themselves, a combination of Sars and Adis. It can damage the lungs and the immune system of the whole body. Even if it heals, it causes irreversible damage to the body Unbearably tragic 😞 This is what happened in Wuhan before.that’s why China lock down the whole city.I don’t understand it has been 2 months since China locked their city.Why US is repeating the tragedy again?

This is bio warfare...i dont give a shit what others say! So sad to hear this. heartbroken. really really sad... The system totally failed this woman!!!! No way should this have happened! I am so very heartbroken. It is tragic & heartbreaking. To those who cried out to save the country even to risk their lives, this is just a statistical figure.

pdacosta POTUS is a failure pdacosta ThursdayMotivation God rest her soul and the poor baby be loved forever 😷🦠😢🦠😷 No. I cannot take this. My heart hurts so much. My baby girl is 4 years old. I cannot fathom. I don't want to even try to imagine. My biggest fear is that I get sick. I am the only parent she has.I hope that poor baby is safe. This is just too cruel. This truly makes me cry. 💔

Seems to be a minor but worrying trend that the virus is affecting more and more younger people. RIP KatrinaHagen2 This is just heartbreaking. No words. 😥💔 So very sorry This is all on your hands trump. Do you even care? realDonaldTrump 😢😢😢😢 😔 my greatest fear. LORD HELP US.🙏🏾 geny2435363634 Very very sad.

Apparently she was asymptomatic so they’re not sure if it was actually the virus that killed her ? 😢 Heartbroken Thats just crazy with no symptoms we really need to come together and quit that Fightin yall. Yall just on some dumb stuff while people are dyin now. Give shots to every1 find a answer instead of fightin 🙏🙏🙏🙏

🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 FuckN horrific. Going to finish the lie or make it bigger you scum. 😢😢😢💔 I say that is tantamount to manslaughter and Trump should be charged. American carnage. 😢😥🙏 Absolutely horrible and sad at the same time... so many unanswered questions.. I wonder if anyone in the USA congress read or saw this?

Heartbreaking So Sad But when NBC Fake News should have been sounding the alarm with effective investigative reporting, NBC Fake News was OBSESSED with impeaching President Trump on some made up bullshit by Pencil Neck Schitt. This death is on your journalistically irresponsible hands, NBC Fake News! tRump is going to open up the Country by Easter. He wants packed churches. Although not a tRump goes to church. And everyone knows his cult followers don't. They go to bonfires w white sheets over themselves. trump says more people die in car crashes!

161EUG The abundance of caution comment was obscene. If anyone had an abundance of caution she'd be alive. heartbreaking! poor baby - too bad that she's saving lives but no one was able to save hers. And the child Fear mongering. Don't give into the propaganda. Turn off the news. You will be less anxious. How many people do you know have it?

Noooooo! Devastated. Would someone tell me what happened to the 4-year-old? Is he or she okay? Was she a single parent? This article will haunt me until I learn the full story. This is a tragedy. Oh lord. How awful. This is the worst thing I’ve read in a long time. Such a sad story. Please stay home everyone.

I don't like this version of revisiting the 20s... This is too much Could be so much worse... here is Daily reminder that - While ResistAtAllCosts democrats pushed fakeimpeachment, on January 31, 2020 Trump began battle, Declares Coronavirus A Public Health Emergency And Restricts Travel From China This headline really has it all

What a horrible tragedy. ❤️🙏❤️ OMG. Im so sorry. My Condolences So sad... BoycottHegemony Can somebody share that with Lindsay Graham please. So upsetting ... tears in heaven ... no more deaths... POTUS u can’t allow people to go back to work .. how many more deaths I’m so angry! Defense Production Act would’ve gotten PPE to our doctors and nurses sooner. This is a tragedy and I blame Trump.

So, about Easter Fuck!! Devastating. ❤️❤️ All these people on here saying this is Trumps fault wil be the same people cashing the stimulus check here shortly. Clowns. OMG how horrific. Oh God. 😔 This is by far the saddest story I’ve heard thus far. I’m at a loss right now. How incredibly sad. Prayers for her young child & her family at this most difficult time.

😞 Such sad news today Saddened by this news. Dam 💔 Omg,how heart breaking. Teram323Tere 😥😥😥this poor child was all alone while her mother suffered and died from the Corona Virus you were warned about in December. Trump and his cult members will have blood on their hands forever.... I have seen so many videos where people just drop dead. There are so many weird things that go with this virus. The HIV component, lungs with the white particles even though the person has no symptoms. There are 2 known strands. Hopefully, it mutated again.

😢😞 Anybody survive today? What’s their story.? Bless, this is so sad. God bless her and her baby xx Heartbreaking 🙏🏾 💔💔💔💔💔😞 So so tragic. That poor little girl 😢 RubenGallego 🥺😞😞😞😞 This is horrible! heartbreak LeslieMarshall 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💔💔💔😢 How could USA the strongest nation on earth deteriorated to this level. The government is held responsible!

LeslieMarshall Oh my God how horrible 😱 So sad,plz adpt rapid propr way to stop deaths by Neem tree fruit Nimoli/its leavs protect al nrvs prvide evrytime oxygn to bdy. If WHO anounce atonce that every person of world take 2dozs Neem tonic daily mustNo death occure Antibio ntiseptic ntiviral ntielergy firstlife saver

JacquelineKeis2. How horrible I'm at a loss for words. Sending prayers This is really sad. Maybe hearing stories like this will motivate Georgia’s GOP governor BrianKempGA to do something useful for Georgia, not just for his donors and the rich. Becoming a Governor through cheating, like what a lot of Republicans do, shouldn’t be an excuse.

Imagine if this had happened in China, we would have Trump's groupies all commenting 'CCP murder killing its own people'... But it's fine, it's in the US, just an accident... RIP. And this 4-year-old boy... 😭 RubenGallego Im not sure why we needed to know this. Heartbreaking. How sad. Medics, nurses and workers can get the corona virus dozens of times, thats mortal :((( this is serious they need real protection, not a mask, a full bioprotection :((( pcmperu aqui tambien necesitan los bio uniformes botas, zona de desinfeccion, no solo uba mascara!

Kliman 82 estimates that 5 percent of children in the United States—1.5 million—lose one or both parents by age 15; others suggest that the proportion is substantially higher in lower socioeconomic groups. brooklynmarie Heartbreaking. Would make for a great short story. R I P But let's pack churches for Easter/ The elderly are willing to sacrifice themselves for the economy

🙏 OMG no human right in USA. Sad This is heartbreaking. Some people have to work themselves to death, just to take care of their family. 😢💔 💔 So sad ThomasTNyoni2 It's tragedies like this that would've been avoided if Trump & his cronies weren't so busy selling off their stocks. This is so disturbing This is devastating!!!

This is crushing, the poor child. I hope they’re with family & not having to be quarantined alone. I’ve read this article and found a couple of others. Her four year old was found sitting near the body. Mom had been dead for 12 to 14 hours. None of these articles say what happened to the child. ARGH! They said a posthumous test indicated the woman did have COVID-19.

OrlvndoA Social distancing is not enough. Today we had the 1st. Death of COVID-19 in Al. People without masks, children riding bikes down the street, people go for a walk thinking it is nothing serious. It is prudent to constantly speak to the population and report what it is all about. Oh my! That's so sad! 😭

Hopefully she wasn't tested so we won't count her as a covid19 victim. Says trumpf. This is crazy. everyone needs to get tested asap. BloodOnTrumpsHands Pray for Americans, pray for everyone😭 realDonaldTrump always do the reich thing. Everything's gonna be alright around Easter. Trump is a genius... Trump gonna kill poeple because he doesn't effing care. Thousands poeple will die soon, very soon. COVID19 TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Well that's just sad😟 💔💔💔💔 AnthonyBourque 💔💔💔 This is horrible, fear mongering reporting. Rest in peace! CoronaHeroes 💔💔💔 This hits me hard. What if that was me at 4? I was playing and being goofy, blissfully unaware of how lucky I had it. To sad for words.... our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Republicans/Trump, this one is on you.. She was a mammogram technician. What do you think the chances are that she got infected at work? I don't think this is really related to her job. Some things just don't need to be reported. Read temporary of the room for gosh sakes. tacky nomadjustdisappointed Lord help. 🙏🏽

Uh. That is heartbreaking. 😭 TodayitStarts 🙏 Yeah, that's plague shit right there. Be good to each other. From the hospital. I think they are tying to hide something Wtf did she not know she had it? Heart breaking Heartbreaking! Cernovich God and science save us 💔 Horrific. 😱😢🙏 Rest in peace. 😢 The Corvid 19 Virus is slowly moving like a thiefe it stalks its victim taking a little and some time Everything. If it brake,s from it,s norm. And brake,s out of it,s cage. We will see 500,000,000 Million dead or more. The Spanish influenza. The bubonic plague The 1918 influenza

I’m 42 with a 4 yr old, just like her. This definitely hits home. Absolutely terrible and frightening. 💔 God help us folks.😢 So sad! Hmmm an extremely pathetic situation,my sincere heartfelt condolences to the family and may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace Shit Dear god 🙏🏻 Trump values Boeing over this poor worker's life. 💔😭

💔😩😩😤😈 Horrible, simply terrible RIP...So sorry. The stress is too much for so many people. 🙏😞 Completely horrible. It’s happening everywhere. Explain why- EXPLAIN HYPOXIA This was China.... 💔💔 😔😔😔 Bless our doctors and nurses. Thank Trump. What protection did she have? Any test for the virus on this HEALTHCARE WORKER.

Just heartbreaking 💔 My heart hurts, my tears are flowing...I have no words other than peace and prayers to this family 🙏🏻❤️❤️🙏🏻 God help us all. Y'all be careful with ur stories...make sure to get all accurate info before making it scare people AKH0001 My daughter who works in the hospital too with shortage of PPE told me 60 staff members tested positive for COVID-19. I am trying very hard to stay strong but I am pretty freaked out and worried every minute of every day and NIGHT.

where was the Dad? Were there signs of forced entry? Where's the JOURNALISM? We're not supposed to accept the press releases as accurate It’s heartbreaking Not a boomer... But how? How can you not worry?!?!?!?!?!? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 OMG this is heartbreaking. 💔 So sorry. No underlying health conditions. And no symptoms yet it killed her.

And PS the 18-year-old that supposedly died in California yesterday five hours later they started backtracking was not from corona 42 years old. This shit is real, people. Listen to doctors and experts, not billionaires. My heart breaks reading this... This is absolutely sickening. 💔. So sad 😥 RIP 🙏 So sad

Sad. So sad. Was she healthy? Underlying medical problems? There is so much that I wish we knew about this virus. The end can’t come soon enough. CoronavirusSymptoms This is ALL ON TRUMP! He’s a murderer! 😥🙏 So sad; working endlessly with a profession that is highly demanding and with the current highest stress level to help combat the virus and one dies to their death and leaves a 4 year old heartbreaking.

Trump’s legacy Omg, so sad Sker4Lyfe This is horrifying. My heart goes out to her child who must be incredibly traumatized. My god, I cant believe realDonaldTrump is actually pushing people to go back to work when Dr. Fauci is saying these cases are escalating. 🤬 why dont NBCnews report people that have recovered? why are you sensationalizing this pandemic for your followers.. Makes me sick how to media is so damn one sided and narrow minded..Do better.

This would *never* happen to a member of Congress. I think it is a responsibility for friends and family to check up on each other.. mostly those who stay alone.. lockDownSouthAfrica AlcoholFreeSA 21daylockdown So sorry! OMG 😔😔😔 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️ Doctors should stop working without PPE! This is a tragedy. 😢

So sad....the mother is gone now SIP...I hope the child will be alright and coronavirus free What a tragedy! Our hearts go out to all these folks fighting this without real protection. We have to help them! omg.... This is not normal, totally unacceptable.

POLITICO Playbook: We have a dealOK, now we're actually on the 2-yard line: We anticipate this spending bill will pass with a very large, bipartisan majority in the Senate later today HOW MUCH PORK? 2 trillion = 2100 Dow .

Gap Inc., Canada Goose Begin Producing Protective Gear for Hospital Workers amid Coronavirus PandemicMore brands are pivoting factory resources to produce PPE supplies for frontline healthcare workers and coronavirus patients Wonderful news! And when this is over we will remember who supported the effort and I personally will be making it my business to frequent those businesses over others. Thank you Gap and canadagoose

Coronavirus pummels medics in Spain and Italy: 'We are collapsing'The coronavirus is waging a war of attrition against healthcare workers around the world. Then To top it all off , We are sitting here joking about a virus , using the beers name as the virus , asking, what would you do for a Corona extra beer . Top me off ? We are sitting on a Mexican crack case, that's at least 35 years old. One of the oldest Yasser Arafat importer , Hillary was accused of skimming money out of credit for them . With 60 years of fighting over how bad beers is. Years of corruption and incompetence is being exposed.

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