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Hospital gives patients chance to dress up, party with annual prom night

A hospital in Atlanta brings prom night to its patients, giving them a chance to dress up and party.


A hospital in Atlanta brings prom night to its patients, giving them a chance to dress up and party.

Hospital in Atlanta holds annual prom for its patients, giving them an opportunity to dress up and party.

Anika Shah, 16, who said she is receiving treatment at the hospital's Aflac Cancer Center, said that she was getting chemotherapy a few days before the party when she got the invite. She said she picked a party dress from the hospital's collection of donated dresses but as the event neared, she got nervous.

"We went out to dance," Shah said."And after we danced, we did the little photo shoot. And we looked at the time and it had already been an hour. And it felt like 20 minutes. 30 minutes and I was like, 'Whoa!'"

Tamesha Simmons, 17, attended the prom with her twin sister and her mother by her side. Simmons, who had both of her legs amputated in February due to a poor blood-flow issue, is recovering at the hospital.

The hospital documented the entire night, hoping their young patients enjoyed this rite of passage and Shah thanked the Zone's staff and the hospital for holding the prom for the patients.

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whoevers in charge needs to keep doing what theyre doing. I hope they don’t get pregnant at the prom. Seattle Grace did it first This was such a touching story. Cgx ❤️🙏🏽🤩 That's awesome. OMG! I'm so proud of Gypsy Rose! These little gestures is what keeps Humanity Alive ☺

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