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Horrified Grimes Stumbles Upon Boyfriend’s $18 Billion Plan For All-New, Reinvented Grimes

Horrified Grimes Stumbles Upon Boyfriend’s $18 Billion Plan For All-New, Reinvented Grimes

2/21/2020 11:44:00 PM

Horrified Grimes Stumbles Upon Boyfriend’s $18 Billion Plan For All-New, Reinvented Grimes

BEL AIR, CA—After accidentally glimpsing a manila folder labeled “Alpha Design Grimes ” while alone in the home office of her boyfriend, Elon Musk , 30-year-old musician Grimes reportedly stumbled Wednesday upon an $18 billion plan for a cutting-edge, completely reinvented Grimes . “What the hell is ‘a truly groundbreaking mode of Grimes ’ that’s ‘visually stunning,’ ‘simple to use,’ and ‘blends seamlessly into her environment’?” asked the mortified songwriter as she leafed through 57 pages of blueprints detailing a sleek, energy-efficient Grimes that runs on solar power and is propelled by magnetic linear accelerators. “This says the Boring Company has designed a modern-age Grimes that will generate zero emissions and be reinforced to withstand severe earthquakes. And apparently there’s a ‘luxury Grimes ’ option, too—seriously, what the fuck?” At press time, sources confirmed the singer became terrified and tried to flee the house after reading that a Grimes prototype is slated for a summer 2018 release.

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It will be 100% carbon free, running entirely on MDMA. No need to worry. It would just burst into flames like his cars. meet the new grimes same as the old grimes

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