Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, Civil Unrest

Hong Kong, Carrie Lam

Hong Kong’s Approach to Protesters: No More Concessions

Carrie Lam’s administration is confident that it can weather further demonstrations, despite recent violent clashes and signs that the economy could suffer.


Hong Kong ’s leader will not be making further concessions to the city’s protesters, two of her top advisers said, as the government digs in despite several large demonstrations

Carrie Lam ’s administration is confident that it can weather further demonstrations, despite recent violent clashes and signs that the economy could suffer.

“I don’t think they would stop even if you met their demands,” he said. “They just don’t want Hong Kong to be part of China, which is impossible.”

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam. An adviser said she would not resign, despite protesters’ demands that she do so.

Mrs. Lam is also unlikely to reopen the longstanding issue of introducing universal suffrage, Mr. Chan said. In recent weeks, the protesters have increasingly called for direct elections, drawing into focus the deep-seated anxiety among many in Hong Kong over the recent erosion of freedoms promised in 1997 when Britain returned the city to Chinese control, under the authoritarian Communist Party.

Some politicians think the pro-democracy movement plans to try to keep up the momentum of their rallies until November, when elections will be held to choose members of the region’s district councils.

Protesters set up barricades on Sunday in Sha Tin, where some clashed with police officers.

But the government’s strategy of delay carries risks, for both the government and the protesters.

Mr. Chan, who is also the president of a Hong Kong insurance company, said that Hong Kong’s role as a financial hub has not been affected. Some people who made their money through corrupt activities on the mainland may now be moving it farther away to evade mainland law enforcement, but there had been early signs of that trend even before the current dispute, he said.

Protest organizers say that they believe that they have the stamina and public support to last in a prolonged dispute. Bonnie Leung, a vice convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front, which is one of the main groups backing the protests, said that the police had

“We cannot control the protests, we do not want to,” she said. “If the police behave themselves, protesters will be peaceful.”

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抗议继续 Wow Janius Ho really ruined Carrie Lam's planned narrative this week! This piece is supposed to go well with headlines like violent protesters defacing emblem at the Liason office and now it's about police working with gangs to beat up citizens in NY! Well done, can't wait to see the decline of the HK economy. It's far beyond a protest of the anti-extradition bill and has become chaos. Whatever, it's their choice, of course they should pay.

Seems like world and BBCWorld didn’t get the authorization to air or speak about PMIKJalsaInUSA CapitalOneArena ..... MediaFreedomInShock PMIKVisitingUS Time to arrest the leaders and beat the rest. Then this bs would stop in one week Damn shits popping off all over the world 😅😳

Hong Kong protesters continue past march's end point'Free Hong Kong ! Democracy now!' protesters chanted at another anti-government demonstration in the Chinese territory. Sunday's protest called for a probe of police tactics used during previous protests, which began last month. Lol, when even other countries want Trump to come to their defense, priceless. They should be chanting the more successful “We want a Republic now!” Wow AP! How’d this slip through?

Hong Kong's black-clad protesters target Beijing's representative officeThousands of protesters descended on China's representative office in Hong ... Hong Kong deserve Universal Suffrage at least for another 28 years. They should have a fully elected leader, legislation for at least 28 years. That's the agreement. Population is far not enough, their sponsors should spent much more $ mobs or not

Hong Kong at a Standstill as Protesters Return to the StreetsHundreds of thousands marched through city streets as unrest stretched into a seventh weekend, with crowds registering their support for both sides in a political stalemate over a proposed extradition law. I think today Hong Kong is between UK and Chinese influence... Hope UK influence wins because i can't to imagine HK's future under the Chinese power. maggieNYT We need to do this to stop concentration camps at the border. 天黑后,心怀不轨的人会蠢蠢欲动。

The Latest: Hong Kong police use tear gas on protesters HONG KONG (AP) — The Latest on protests in Hong Kong (all times local): 10:50 p.m. Hong Kong police have thrown tear gas canisters at protesters after they refused to disperse. Chinese police RaheemKassam We should try that on Democrats RaheemKassam Taiwanese people must see themselves in HK mirror of what happens when you give up your power and sovereignty to the communist superpower

Hong Kong police fire tear gas to disperse protesters Hong Kong witnessed another huge anti-government march with seemingly no end in sight to the turmoil engulfing the finance hub, sparked by years of rising anger over Beijing's rule.

Riot police fire tear gas at Hong Kong protesters in seventh week of mass marchesThe demonstration had begun as a peaceful march, but as the night wore on, thousands defied police orders to march beyond the designated end point towards the Chinese government's liaison office Do any of them work ? One day China is going to lose it's patients and all hell will break out. now these are protest I'd be apart of. 7 straight weekends of protesting a cause?

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