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Hong Kong protests cross half-year mark with rally

Marchers are again expected to fill Hong Kong streets in a rally that will test the enduring appeal of the city's protest movement marking a half year of demonstrations.


Marchers are again expected to fill Hong Kong streets in a rally that will test the enduring appeal of the city's protest movement marking a half year of demonstrations.

Marchers are again expected to fill Hong Kong streets in a rally Sunday that will test the enduring appeal of the city's protest movement marking a half year of demonstrations. Police...

The rally was called by the Civil Human Rights Front, a group that has organized some of the biggest demonstrations since

The movement has snowballed from there into a sustained challenge to the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory and communist leaders in Beijing.

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FromaHKPeople1 From early summer to the cold freezing winter…guys u hv to admit their courage and endurance! They are resisting the authorization, and rebelling. The french people have been protesting for 9 months straight... why is the AP so quiet about that but will gladly report on this proteet? This means we would not give up our target mo matter how long the time is. 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

chunglinpeng Please give us a help to save our kids Every effort means something. HongKongProtests StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong fivedemandsnotoneless antiELABhk HongKongProtests never give up! Fight for freedom and democracy! StandwithHK Liberate HongKong, Revolution of Our Time FiveDemandsNotOneLess FightForFreedom

FiveDemandsNotOneLess We did! And we will be, if our demands are still not satisfied. Hong Kong people are insisting 5DemandsNot1Less ! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong StandWithHongKong

Hong Kong police chief promises flexibility ahead of rally Hong Kong 's new police commissioner said on Saturday his force would take a... My Incredulous Barometer burnt out some time ago and now I am experiencing life at the rate of several WTFs an hour. Piece of shit. the promise from Hong Kong police means nothing. I hope the police will be patient and peaceful on Sunday although it is quite impossible.

HongKong people continue to fight for freedom & democracy. StandwithHonKong. Stand with HongKongProtests. We just want to defend our lovely home😭😭 StandWithHongKong StandUp4HumanRights DemocracyForHK The communist party wants to bring dictatorship to the world. But the desire for freedom must triumph over the tyranny! StandWithHongKong

People mountain people sea 人山人海 So crowded. HongKongProtest StandwithHonKong FiveDemandsNotOneLess HongKongProtests have been very peaceful and rational without the HongKongPolice stepping in. Who would want to face years in jail and criminal record in such a business-dominated world city? 20191208 GO GO GO, see you all at Hong Kong Victoria Park! We will not give up & never surrender! 💪🙏💪 FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong FiveDemandsNotOneLess

All HKers will not give up 💪🏻HumanRightsDay HumanRights standwithHK FightForFreedom FiveDemandsNotOneLess freehk liberatehongkong antielab HKProtesters We have fought for freedom and human rights for half a year but the government remains idle. She deems herself insurmountable that all protesters are just ants under her feet. She steps on us and crushes us, with no regard for the value of life. HongKong HongKongPoliceTerrorism

Persistence is what we have! soshk

Hong Kong gears up for mass rally as government appeals for calm Hong Kong was gearing up for a mass rally on Sunday that is expected to gauge su... hong kong... sorry .. u always was part of china... its just how it is. I wish them well as they continue the fight for their rights.

Hong Kong people will never give up. Fight until we get freedom and democracy. The free world should stand together and support by their means. To save our kids and elderly from police terrorism. all HKPoliceBrutality is not yet been investigated and no punishment all 5demandsnotoneless we will not surrendered fightforfreedomstandwithhongkong

Hong Kongers are becoming more resolute, stronger and braver despite severe oppression and Hong Kong police brutality. Already full of people in Causeway Bay even the rally not yet start (start at 3pm, and now is 1448 in Hong Kong time). Be save, HKers, I support u all at the another side of the earth.

The police are ready to teargas an authorized rally. The march hasn't began yet. HongKongers will not give up until 5demands are demonstrated!! We should never surrender ! See you in the Vitoria Park . Add oil HKers hkpolice set a lot of roadboad to ban ppl to join the rally

Postponed Hong Kong Open to be held next month: organizersThe Hong Kong Open golf tournament, which was postponed last month amid violence...

HK kids, jokes on their hands. Did beijing want to weaken the HK hang shen index to strenthen the shanghai and beijing index. Not many local companies want to list on hang shen anymore, and they're nervous on ny also. See you all at Victoria Park! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong FiveDemandsNotOneLess

If anyone thinks the protest is going to die down, he's WRONG! We will never give up! FiveDemandsNotOneLess Hong Kong fight back! Once the five demands are not accpted, HKers will still come out to fight for freedom. FiveDemandsNotOneLess We will not give up ! fktws We will never surrender! FiveDemandsNotOneLess

Never surrender!! See you 12.8!! StandWithHongKong Our determination will last. At least we csn never endure such puppet government and dictatorship. FightForFreedom

Hong Kong unrest contributed two percent points to third-quarter GDP contraction: officialSocial unrest in Hong Kong contributed two percentage points to the city's ... Free Hong Kong! third-quarter GDP contraction? 😂 DEFINE GDP! NOTHING occurs in vacuum: 100%. Protest BOONS definitely not advertised by Authority ie, Mask Sales, 10,000+% jump?🥳 Bricks/boards-for road blocks, 1000+%? Hardware stores & mask dealers enjoy protests start🥳 $jpm $bac $gs

Well they must continue their struggle to gain complete freedom from China ? Let’s see how we flood the street by people. standwithHK FightForFreedom HKProtests It has been half-year. It also has been 5800 miserable arrests, 10000 rounds of tear gases and tons of causalities caused by police brutal actions. It is a can-not-stop moment for us pursuing a real democracy and taking the fairness back to us.

What to do in HK on a Sunday... 5DemandsNotOneLess StandwithHK FightForFreedom Impressive! Stand with HK - Free HK standwithHK Damn

Hong Kong police chief calls for peace ahead of weekend protest march Hong Kong police chief calls for peace ahead of weekend protest march by clarejim sarah_wu_ clarejim sarah_wu_ Not sure that image goes with the text. clarejim sarah_wu_ clarejim sarah_wu_ 垃圾车也会鲍?

Breakingviews - Hong Kong pushes financial-hub limits(Reuters Breakingviews) - Hong Kong is conducting a real-time experiment: What a... Thanks to HKPoliceState . 就这闹腾👎

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