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Hong Kong Protests, National Anthem

Hong Kong Protesters, Without an Anthem to Sing, Create One Online

“Glory to Hong Kong,” created less than 3 weeks ago, has rapidly been adopted as a symbol of the pro-democracy movement


“Glory to Hong Kong ,” created less than 3 weeks ago, has rapidly been adopted as a symbol of the pro-democracy movement

“Glory to Hong Kong ,” created less than three weeks ago, has rapidly been adopted as a symbol of the pro-democracy movement.

The song’s creation mirrors the broader movement: Largely crowdsourced, but reliant on the expertise of professionals in many fields.

Read more: The New York Times

The song expresses our persistence to fight for autonomy, freedom and democracy freehongkong hkprotests The song groups Hong Kong People, on the contrary, Communist China afraid of Well done HongKong for it's creativity as the people continue our fight for DemocracyForHK and fight against HongKongPoliceTerrorist !

Orchestra version performed by musicians in protest gears is at Thank you for the coverage. The anthem does not mean democracy in HK has won. On the contrary, we need the world to stand with us against totalitarian China. Keep all the criminals in Hk, shame on hk violent thugs with the name of democracy and freedom.

Thanks for reporting! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong This song is a good source of energy & support to HongKongProtesters soiamnowhere Singing the national anthem of a totalitarian state? Sorry that's not Hong Kong style We want freedom and democracy and this is one of our fight song freeHK StandwithHK

HongKong needs real freedom, please help us🙏 StandwithHK This song connects the Hongkongers who pursue freedom and democracy. Hope that it can also connects the people around the world. Please StandWithHongKong to fight against tyranny of HK gov and CCP. Hongkongers still face PoliceBrutality and white terror every day. We will continue fighting for the democracy and freedom that were promised to us! Thank you to everyone who StandwithHK 🙏🙏🙏

Hong Kong protesters pause to mark Sept. 11 Hong Kong activists called off protests on Wednesday in remembrance of the Sept.... redsteeze can we take them here and give hong kong and china the antifa ? Their CIA handlers must have told them it would be a kind, sympathetic gesture If the Democrats, the kneeling NFL millionaires, Hollywood and other radicals liked and respected America like the heroic people of Hong Kong, we would be in great shape.

hkdemonow It is sung by Hong Kongers from all walks of life at malls across the city, usually accompanied by the swaying laser pointers. The song is a pinnacle of the HK revolution. As the song says, HKers will restore the glory. That's a promise. NYTimes pours the propaganda on thick. Here’s the truth behind this push for ‘democracy.’

NYTimes pours the propaganda on thick. The widespread of the song represent HKers united to FightForFreedom n DemocracyForHK to withstand HKPoliceTerrorism Apart from the 'Glory to Hong Kong', there are far more we need to concern. The withdrawal of the bill is the victory of Hong Kong! 5 demends, no one less!

上海美國商會會員打臉川普假新闻,50%美企加碼投资中國,77%會員認定中國有利可圖. AmCham Shanghai Members slap Trump face for fake news, 50% members will increase investments in China,77% said China operations profitable. Glory to Hong Kong is Hongkonger's song!!! HongKong people shall never surrender on the road to fight for freedom and democracy . please StandwithHK

I don’t feel anything when singing China national anthem, but when singing this song. I cries every time. I remember how many blood we lose, how many white terror we fight, and how unity is HKers, we are. This is the first time for me to feel our nationality. GloryToHongKong

China envoy raps Germany over meeting with Hong Kong activistA meeting between Germany's foreign minister and Hong Kong activist Joshua ... Come on guys he is just checking if it really feels like cold war Berlin China is desperate to undermine the legitimacy of the legitimate and peaceful HongKongProtests. XiJinping is a moron who is leading his people to ruin. StandWithHongKong Germany!

A lot of foreigners have asked what exactly they can do to help HK. For Americans, the most direct way for them is to send email to their gov representatives to support the passing of HK Human Rights and Democracy Act. Please stand with HK!! we are small people but we have strong stance, we are fighting for freedom, we believe in virtue. DemocracyForHK Freehk LiberateHongKong HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct GloryToHongKong

Thank you for reporting this, and letting more people know about our determination for our fight. FreeHongKong StandwithHK We are all tired, physically and mentally. But this song could heal our wounded soul, warm us and give us the strength to continue. Thank you for the great HongKongers creating this wonderful song. GloryToHongKong via YouTube

Please contiue to stand with Hong long.hopefully the world deserve the freedom. StandwithHK When I listened for the first time, it brought me to tears hongkongprotest Song for us Fight4HongKong Though we lost in this football match, we’ll not give up until we win one day. GloryToHongKong Every time when I hear or sing this song, I am so touched and proud to be a Hongkonger. GloryToHongKong

The relationship between HongKongers and China is worse than ever. The root cause for this is CCP has never given true democracy to HongKong , which is promised in 'One Country, Two Systems' agreement. HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct GloryToHongKong

Hong Kong Exchange makes surprise $39 billion offer for Britain's LSE Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing made a surprise $39 billion takeover ... Nothing to do with the price of sterling at the moment. Do it, add to my madness. brexit article50 Since China has breached joint declaration, UK should claim back Hong Hong, and take control of the HK stock market.

We sing this song from our heart, unlike someone sing their national anthem just for the money! GloryToHongKong Chinazi May the glory be to Hong Kong 😭❤️ I hope someday this song could be played in Olympic as a national anthem....😭😭 StandwithHK HKHumanRightsDemocracyAct No concession to chinazi

2019hongkong HongKongers are fighting for freedom and democracy, so that our children can live in a place with no fear. StandwithHK Fight4HongKong More like the song for autonomy, freedom & HKexit. GloryToHongKong Free Hong Kong! The song represents the RevolutionOfOurTimes, our determination to fight for democracy and freedom. It is the national anthem of our generations. HKprotests speechless

And the song has been STOLEN by pro-Beijing thieves. SHAME ON THEM. HongKongProtests Freedom Hong Kong!打倒习近平独裁统治!

Hong Kong Exchanges makes surprise $39 billion offer for Britain's LSE Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has made an unsolicited $39 billion t... No Deal This would be tragic. Not Hong Kong but the CPC behind it, Hong Kong is struggling

Yassssss!!!! Glory to Hong Kong is making its way to international stage!!! May light be in HK! FreeHK HKHumanRightsDemocracyAct chinazism 5DemandsNot1Less Thank you for reporting. We are not alone. StandWithHongKong Liberate Hong Kong! These brave people are ready to die for democracy. 1/3 of U.S. citizens clamor for the Orange Pig to become a dictator, while the GOP closes polling stations, erases Democrat registrations, and prepares to cancel more elections, as GOP governor Scott Walker tried to do, in 2016.

May Glory be to all brave Hong Kongers. GloryToHongKong This is the song of our times, filled with emotion and love. No OTHER song could replace this. This is OUR song! 🇭🇰🇭🇰 No wonder Trump said that you are fake news. LOL!!! boo?boom?

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Bids Nearly $37 Billion for London RivalA deal would unite two of the world’s major stock exchanges when both regions are under political pressure, with Hong Kong reeling from a summer of violent protests and London gripped by political paralysis. Wow. Deal might allow CHINA to manipulate markets to negatively impact future US economy. Corporate CHINA is much differently structured than Corporate America and Western Europe. Sen. Rubio has a heads up on this one.

Thank you for reporting. The English version of the song is here: Good. In Australia those signs would be considered racist by some. Thank you for all of the reports about HK. GloryToHongKong StandwithHK FightForFreedom As Hong Kong fights for freedoms, the democrats in USA fight for socialism, diminishing of freedoms.

Taiwan urges citizens to avoid Hong Kong and China after detentionTaiwan's ruling party on Wednesday urged citizens to avoid visiting Hong Ko... China miss nothing And a lot more countries are going to warn their citizens and businesses away from Hong Kong too. EDITOR: Lee Meng Chu and Lee Ming Che are two completely different people. This article is really sloppy journalism.

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