Hong Kong protesters, fearing Chinese repression, escape to Taiwan

Residents of Hong Kong, deeply concerned by Beijing's new security law, seek safety and freedom in nearby Hong Kong.

7/3/2020 1:08:00 PM

Residents of Hong Kong, deeply concerned by Beijing's new security law, are seeking safety and freedom in nearby Taiwan.

Residents of Hong Kong, deeply concerned by Beijing's new security law, seek safety and freedom in nearby Hong Kong.

But actions by Beijing in recent years — including prescreening of candidates for chief executive — had already caused some residents to fear that Hong Kong’s freedoms were being eroded.“I am quite pessimistic. … If people can leave, they should,” said Betty Ng who, along with her husband, obtained Taiwan residency by investing in a B&B in eastern Taiwan’s Taitung county.

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“We got used to what we had before. We had freedom of speech, we were free to criticize and comment on anything we didn’t like, but now it seems that you have to discipline yourself.”Such fears have prompted an increasing number of Hong Kong residents to move elsewhere, and Taiwan is among the top choices.

It’s seen as a safe haven, popular also because of its proximity as well as its similar language and culture. Even though Beijing sees the island and the mainland as a part of one country to be reunified one day, Taiwan has been ruled separately for more than a century, including as a vibrant democracy in recent decades.

Last year, 5,858 Hong Kongers obtained residency permits here — an increase of 41 percent over the previous year, according to statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior.Some of the more active protesters will risk arrest under the new law, the Rev. Huang Chun-sheng at the Chi-lam Presbyterian Church in Taipei, said. He has helped more than 200 Hong Kong protesters settle here in recent months.

“Our friends in Hong Kong tell us the first targets for arrest include human rights workers, front-line protesters and even church officials who kindly offered the church for the protesters to rest,” he said.“Under the security law, activities, protests, and freedom of speech will be limited,” he said “"So Hong Kong will become just like a Chinese city.”

More Hong Kongers are expected to immigrate abroad. On the first day the law came into effect Wednesday, Hong Kong’s government showed it had every intention to administer it; police made its first 10 arrests related to the forbidden violations.Kolas Yotaka, a spokeswoman for the Taiwanese presidential office, says the government will provide “necessary assistance” to“Hong Kong and Macau residents whose safety and liberty are immediately threatened for political reasons,” citing the wording in an article of a Taiwanese law regarding this matter.

“The new office … will help more efficiently evaluate and process applications on a case by case basis,” she said. It will be called The Services and Exchanges Office.But not everyone fears the National Security Law and wants to leave. Some like Lydia Lee are even glad to see the law imposed.

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“I’m not worried. I think if we don’t stir up trouble, we will be fine,” said Lee. “During the protests, it was awful, I didn’t dare to go out. My friends couldn’t go to work because the protesters had blocked the roads. They said they were fighting for their freedom, but what about our freedom? … Now that the law has been adopted, these people won’t dare to cause chaos.”

Like many Hong Kong people prior to the territory’s handover, Lee and her husband obtained Canadian passports, but they decided to stay in Hong Kong.“We thought it would be really bad, but we don't feel our freedoms have been suppressed after the handover,” Lee said.

Others blame the protesters for making matters worse by handing Beijing the perfect reason to impose the new law.They believe it’s impossible to force China’s government to accept democracy overnight or even in a few decades, but that through time, peaceful appeals, the Chinese people's growing awareness of universal rights and China's political reforms, the goal can eventually be achieved.

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chloe_aatkins God help them. Those Hong Kong independents who are willing to be stray dogs of colonial countries are really deeply concerned. Until Taiwan is attacked by China, invaded and taken over. This photo will be REMOVED for civil reasons by Jack. Wrong, regular residents and businesses are happy about the new law, rioters/terrorists fear about the new law.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter is still on China’s payroll. Jo Jorgensen stands with you Hong Kong. JoJorgensen2020 We hope Taiwan citizens never trust CCP China's lies after seeing our homeland Hong Kong is ruined by NationalSecueityLaw and Pro-Beijing men. Also, thank you for all Taiwaneses esp iingwen efforts in supporting Hong Kong citizens. We are blood brothers with Taiwan, not China

Go ahead. China doesn’t welcome trashes. Hope we can put them first in line of immigrants. Taiwan needs to watchout that a few HK'ers might be PLA agents/spies. Capitalist nations have issues with keeping people from flooding in while socialist nations have issues with people fleeing. Cool cool. So China annexes Hong Kong against the will of the people there, and everything is cool. That’s fine, business as usual I suppose. No world problem here. Russia did the same to Crimea a few years back

Why do they want to go to Taiwan that has been alleged to be taken by China for decades? StandwithHK Don't offend China by mentioning about Taiwan Taiwan supports HK! HongKong TaiwanIsNotChina The alt-left deadly silent on what’s going on in Hong Kong😤 Facts All on Trump’s watch! pls pay more attention to care about the death American,almost 150 thousand pepole had dead

They must all leave Carrie Lam with her allies before they get murdered,maimed or imprisoned with hefty sentences Not true! Security Law, It’s 1.4 billion Chinese. In the past year,HK’s situation was not freedom, but freedom of violence. The so called ‘freedom’ is just lies. There’s never be the so called freedom in US or other western countries. 我是中国人,I support CCP

Rats leave the boat NBC should spend more time worrying about REAL human rights abuses. Like the savagery being conducted by US allies in Palestine /Yeman, past/current US war crimes, immigrants on the US border, MASSIVE US prison pop, the fact that Americans are terrified of their own police. And yet our media is funded by China here in the USA. Scary.

LMAO Hong Kong is a city in China, stop talking about it like it's a country, same with Taiwan - not a country. Taiwan is like the Confederate States of America - wanted to be their own country - full of racists - lost the civil war - still crying about it to this day. OMG/Homogeneous & IsotropicGRAVITATIONAL-CONSTANT: UK🇬🇧 occupied Hong Kong for 136 years be returning Hong Kong back to China🇨🇳. Now China🇨🇳 want to eradicate all of Christ's monuments and astablish BUDDHA monuments. (I'm just saying, acumen & hee-haw)

Why run away if they think their protests are within the law.?...... so, is it to be lawless the way to achieve what they selfishly want.?....... 😔😔😔😔 Out of the pan and into the fire! If we had a real president might be ablet to help :( Anyone breaching those ‘security laws’, even if they publicly share their thoughts off shore to HK, are liable to be picked up should they visit HK, or China for that matter.

over stated the fact that most people are concerned about the new security law. Check fact. The only one that are concern is that they want Independence of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is part of China and under the 'One system Two country'. That's what You all want for America so why are complaining ? Yes, flee to the true and democratic China. Once the communist regime falls I hope that the Republic of China is able to move their capital to the mainland.

Hong Kong is dead , Fuck CCP china 美国假自由、假民主、假人权的遮羞布已经破碎!被美国帮助过的(南联盟,伊拉克,阿富汗,叙利亚,利比亚)国家,最后都很惨!所以上帝他老人家看不下去了(美国政府邪恶、霸权、漠视生命等劣性),给美利坚更多的确诊病例! Trump has left his mark in world history. He turned his back on the Kurds, and has allowed Hong Kong to fall. HongKong China will use HongKong to invade and infiltrate other countries; the results show that it has succeeded

Don't forget to 'scrub' your social media history🤭. Not going to work anyway.😂 *NBACommish01 has left the chat.* I want to like this, but a mainstream media website who only gives propaganda posted this...so all I shall say is IStandWithHongKong Wow😂😂😂 you meant the protestors, not the all the residents.

不追溯过往,担心啥。 好好做人便是。 And the leftist media supports China!! get out! Rioters of Hong Kong, deeply concerned by Beijing's new security law, are seeking safety and freedom in nearby Taiwan. How can we be worried when law and order has finally returned after so much attacks! Don't be misled, most HKers support the new law!

No thanks to the cowardly dems and NBA IStandWithHongKong Quizás pueda dar un giro inesperado y contagiar otras ciudades chinas. Habrá que ver si tienen acceso a las noticias. Hasn't China ALWAYS been oppressive? FakeNews I live in Hong Kong and I support NationalSecueityLaw. Can you not generalizing people in Hong Kong are suffocating? How about reporting how we can’t get a reservation on a decent restaurant on weekend which is true? hongkong china

Not siding with anyone, just analysis: HK has no barginning power with China. 1. US attacks China with Trade Wars. 2. China is backed in the corner 3. Hong has no military 4. US suplies Arms to Taiwan Add these up: China must act, else HK become another Taiwan. (1/2) NBA can we add this slogan to the approved list!

They better go to UK and start the Asian Lives Matter movement. stand with thug who stabbed a on-duty Police officer with sharp weapons. FLEE TO THE UK, or as far away as possible. Taiwan is NOT SAFE. Taiwan TaiwanNotSafe HongKong For everyone claiming oppression in this country right now, this is what oppression actually looks like.

Ask KingJames what he thinks Wait... noticed China? Did Hell freeze over? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 NFL, NBA, MLB? They might be more like causing trouble by rioting. They are no different in throwing rocks, looting, Stealing, destroying property and other violent crimes then those doing it in the United States right now.

As Americans seeking freedom may have to if Democrats take control. The United States of America under realDonaldTrump failed the people of Hong Kong! Where can the people of Oregon go? “We got used to what we had before. We had freedom of speech, we were free to criticize and comment on anything we didn’t like, but now it seems that you have to discipline yourself.”

Putin is your only hope nothing to worry about if you don't vandalize public facilities and storm the parliament building. You'd think with their fascination with welcoming migrants from shitty countries they'd be all over this. Oh wait their fleeing communism so it goes against the whole communism is awesome narrative of theirs

MsMariaT The Chinese government don't care, they will then take control of Hong Kong, and THAT is what they wanted anyway. There is a candidate who will welcome people from everywhere who believe in liberty and prosperity. Add her to your news and polls. Letherspeak VoterSuppression They were somehow encouraged to fight for freedom ..... and now left alone kurdsoppressed Ukrainegate krim ..... sounds familiar to me. That his how we, western world are loosing credibility and trust (Putin smiles)

🇨🇳 China Repression must 🛑 STOPING in the Free County. Hong Kong. Or becoming 🇨🇳 China Consettie. To much. Sun.!!! Note to world: This was foreseeable.

Taiwan opens new office for those fleeing Hong Kong after security lawThe new office will be dealing with applications from Hong Kong citizens seeking to move in Taiwan amid the new security law and from those applying for 'political reasons'.

Taiwan opens office for those fleeing Hong Kong after China's new security lawTaiwan opened an office on Wednesday to help people fleeing Hong Kong after China imposed new national security laws in the city, with a senior minister saying Taiwan hoped to seize the opportunity to attract professionals and capital from the city. COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA IS A TERRORIST PARTY. SHAKEN THE HANDS WITH ALBADAR TERROIST GROUP & MANY MORE . SHAME ON SUCH PARTY ! SHAME ON YOU MR PRESIDENET XI..........PIG BaldingsWorld Taiwan is basically independent.

Taiwan opens Hong Kong migration office in rebuke to BeijingTaiwan has opened an office to facilitate migration from Hong Kong following China’s passage of a national security law for the former British colony seen as sharply restricting political opposition and freedom of speech. China loves BIDEN. Remember that in November. Taiwan keeps showing the rest of the world how to stand up against China.

Taiwan slams Hong Kong national security law, opens office to help city's residentsTaiwan has opened an office to help those from Hong Kong resettle. It comes as China passes a new national security law in Hong Kong. Wang_Fang_HK Praying for you all out there in Hongkong,this time regional co-operation between Hongkong,Taiwan and ASEAN countries is of utmost important.

Hong Kong begins life under a new Chinese national-security lawA senior adviser in Hong Kong to the central government says the aim is to “kill a few chickens to frighten the monkeys” Hijos de puta Wouldn't that enrage the gorillas? Time for violence against tyranny... like the Irish against the British.