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Hong Kong Police Make First Security-Law Arrest as Thousands Protest

Hong Kong police make their first arrest under the new national-security law, apprehending a man for waving an independence flag, as thousands of protesters take to the streets

7/1/2020 11:16:00 AM

Hong Kong police make their first arrest under the new national-security law, apprehending a man for waving an independence flag, as thousands of protesters take to the streets

Police made their first arrest under China’s new national-security law for Hong Kong, apprehending a man for waving an independence flag, as thousands of protesters took to the streets to defy Beijing’s move to crush dissent in the city.

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NBA HongKongSecurityLaw Xi has made it very obvious, XIJINPING DOES NOT RESPECT INTERNATIONAL LAW AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Tempting business to stay by dangling China's $$$, counting on Western GREED to guide the decision. Will the world ever learn they will never eat that carrot. With recent aggression of Chinese Government imposed on HongKong I urge consumers to boycott Products made in China wherever possible and to place orders at suppliers based at HongKong, Peter Mallm, Deutscher-Widerstand-2020

FAKE news HongKongPoliceBrutality HongKongPoliceTerrorists HongKongSecurityLaw 😡🤬🤬 It has nothing to do with democracy, but violence and distruction. These protestors don't need to work or school everyday but distroying the normal life of other citizens. They need to fight their own batltles We have our own to deal with

HongKong is one of the best country to live. By enforcing unconstitutional NationalSecurityLaw law China is dragging HongKong to its level! HongKongProtests As we can see what happens in Hong Kong, you should never believe anything from Chinese communist party. Your supply chain in China will in danger and investment in China could lose anytime whenever Chinese communist party want to takeover. Stop doing business with them.

Well done Hong Kong police. Aberration Just came here to say fuck China 👍 Stand fast if you can, Nemo me impune lacessit, “No One Provokes Me with Impunity' proud to have served for the 1st battalion the black watch royal highland regiment before and during the handover. Things were so settled & secure back then. Only a super virus can fix the Chinese.

RIP Hong Kong... . Biden's subconscious mind says all these mishaps in HK are ok. Biden wouldn't seriously punish China to genuinely harm China. Biden would always appease China. . You vote Biden, you vote yes for all these CCP police brutality in HK. . Biden wins, China wins, USA dies They’re annexing Hong Kong like Germany1930s annexing Memel, Sudetenland and Austria! They broke their pact with us in this shameful act of dishonor. We and GB 🇬🇧 should offer asylum to Hong Kongers and sanction the CCP. Embargo!!!! Starve their gov owned factories.

Socialist China blows KingJames thoughts? drawandstrike 😢 Picture of Today’s protest, we still trying to voice out HongKongSecurityLaw NationalSecurityLaw They got more bullets than you got protesters. Your one to talk about anything, you should be in jail for Medicare fraud not a senator drawandstrike Just what the democrats ordered, evil personified.

What’s next...Taiwan? Proud day for Google. 💵💰💰💵💰💰💵💰💰💵 drawandstrike China is asshoe. .kingjames & stevekerr could not be reached for comment. EmmaWatson women and young girls in HK are being sexually harassed by police. KingJames couldn’t be reached for comment Cyperwrites HongKongPoliceState HKPoliceBruality NationalSecurityLaw HKers

😂 great cc KingJames SteveKerr NBA HKGESTAPO PoliceState Very very unfortunate! A black day in the annals ! Screw Communist China! This is so sad for Hong Kong Coming to the USA 🇺🇸 soon. Thanks democrats and liberals. A flag can threaten the security of China the second largest economy🤪 Situation in HongKong on Jul 1st is the best example of implementation of NationalSecueityLaw in hk. Civilians are attacked by HKPolice. freedom and HumanRights are gone! StandWithHongKong

KingJames any word on this since you're such a social justice warrior? Pro-democracy HongKongProtesters/students: victims of communist repression and terror. Freedom is their right I hope all free nations can learn a bloody lesson from Hongkong. don't trust CCP ! please look carefully how evil CCP are. CCP_is_terrorist SOSHK StandWithHongKong Chinazi

Nothing quite like witnessing a free people lose that freedom. I wonder which country I'm talking about? Cc KingJames China literally fucked HK and gave it gonorrhea!! The picture on Twitter doesn't depict what happened! Hong Kong is always part of China, respects to the citizen trying to fight for democracy there. but it's a dream that will never come true! specially under the iron grip. Might as well move to a country that shares your value.

华尔街怎么这么关心香港,不关心🇺🇸美国,是觉得香港还有救,还是觉得美国🇺🇸没救了。作为一家美国报社,应该多为美国献计献策。 This is what liberals want to do to people waving the American flag and our enemies know it. Freedom is overrated. If you need a fix, I suggest watching Braveheart LOL....KingJames NBA SteveKerr care to comment or nah? Horrific. IStandWithHongKong

CC: NBA Pro-commie, Anti-American multimillionaire KingJames has no comment.... Yesterday, Carrie Lam just said she knew nothing, but Hong Kong police immediately arrest protestors by this law. Clearly they knew it and joint hand suppress Hong Kong people KingJames The US just can’t wait to hear your ultra low intelligent stance on this global situation.

Praying for these brave people. Same happenednin Catalonia. Beaten and arrested just for voting in a Referendum. SteveKerr Comment? Even before the Govt explains how to enforce such law... KingJames cool, huh? China is overwhelmed by its extreme, morbid thirst for absolute power which makes it hypersensitive to anything that may threaten its authority, like a man who waved an independence flag. Its fear of losing power drives the autocrats to obtain more power StandWithHongKong

don't give up July1st This is what CCP’s Gestapos do best - sexual harassment. An absolute disgrace to their uniform. PoliceBrutality StandWithHongKong margokingston1 Join HKers in the Streets JOHNMEY04743244 🐷🐷🐷👹👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🐲😤🤮🤢🦠🐒👇👇👇🙅‍♂️ Several male police push a lady to the ground and pull up her shirt Are they raping her? Chinazi HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceState NationalSecurityLaw

HKPF doesn’t know the law, and they abuse their power to arrest protesters. We have right to protest and assembly. Welcome to Hell Kong. Plus the police headshotted a journalist using water cannon policestate Communist imposes a law which enable them to charge you whoever and wherever you are. The want to charge all human being who anti-CCP in this planet or even in universe

HK only left with a body without soul. Freedom!? Justice? HK is such a beautiful place with its hardworking people and freedom of speech, assembly and free from fear. It all turns into dust. Dark times are ahead. Hey NBA, comments? The law contradicts to the freedom of speech and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. People are just expressing their view in a peaceful protest.

LeBron tell the people of HK how they really need to do some research on the CCP Not only thousands on street. Must be over 10 thousands. hongkong never give up on the path of democracy World needs to get together on China and destroy there economy before it's too late. Wake up people China isn't good.

This will be American citizens that wave an American flag real soon if things keep leaning toward communism Sounds a lot like CHAZ to me Sad to HongKong football lovers... Liverpoolchampions It is ridiculous. We won’t obey this evil law Good job Liberals. Mission accomplished. The new National Security Law applies to all people, including non-Hongkongers outside HongKong, whom CCP is not satisfied with. One Country Two Systems is dead. NEVER trust CCP China.

these ppl want hk to be a country they r criminal n deserve punishment n they r funded by some rich senator from a coutry we all know And a policeman got stabbed today during the protests. Guess it’s for freedom? China has for years been at a Trade and Economic war with the United States. Its aim is to destroy our country and our democracy. In Hong Kong, China is destroying years of progress by surprising its people and installing a puppet government.

To everyone protesting America... China would love to have you. The purpose of this law is against Hong Kong rioters who beat people with different opinions on the street, burn old people, smash shops, and not be deceived by their democratic guise Well done, HK police. shiroihamusan Under NationalSecurityLaw , every people in the world who oppose to CCP will be arrested just like Sweden citizen Mr. Gui Min Hai. Please stand with HongKong by first BoycottMadeInChina

Hole they are not killed or sent to death camps in mainland HongKong HongKongSecurityLaw Nazism 2020 in hong kong. The US NSL Stand with Hong Kong People can damage Chinese nation security because of bring a flag. How weak China is ? Just a flag writing not to have independence Are hongkongpolicestate too overreacting?

Now hong kong people will treat like slave by china... Wake up till get freedom from china communist terrorist party. Free Taiwan, Tibbet, Hong Kong SpokespersonCHN zlj517 MFA_China CECCgov GlobalTimes_ SpokespersonCHN zlj517 shiroihamusan Police shot the reporter Is terrible situation shiroihamusan Obviously another name of NationalSecurityLaw is anti human rights law

Xypxrwxxxex The police water canon hit a reporter who was shooting pictues of a first-aid. July1st 1stJuly NationalSecurityLaw chuzhaizicai 舒服了 So WSJ very happy . Shame CCP we are with Hong Kong citizens , your treatment to free citizens is fully shame on your country. globaltimesnews TimesNow ChineseEmbinUS

Isn't this what demonrats also want for the US? You idolize China and Xi Jin Pooh so much, right? You must be so proud. 😒 We must protect the 2nd Amendment in America. Or we get this Second_Amendment At this time young people in HK should retain their patience and strengthen their power by leveling up social status in the following years. one day CCP were to be waning, they would find the chance to crush them.

no need so called law, hk riot cops can arrest people for any reasons TibetPeople I support FreeHK FreeHongKong FreeTaiwan FreeTibet FreeBalochistan ChinaBackOff China is a country of modern slaves Kill ChineseVirus This is 1 reason why we have the 2nd Amendment in America. Second_Amendment There is more than thousands on street, who stood up in against of NationalSecurityLaw in CausewayBay. When showing the flag implies you will lose freedom for 3years + (while pro-beijing supporters could stab a protestor on street and jail for 2years), it is a PoliceState .

🤬🤬🤬 🖕🇨🇳 That's good. great jobs 你看,这就是西方媒体的招数:用一个看似中立的标题,配合一个倾向严重的照片,潜移默化转变你的看法。 People take note: this is fascism. HongKongProtests HongKongNationalsecurityLaw Look at the Future of humanity... There we go.... ..passed Tuesday morning by China’s legislature, imposes penalties of up to lifetime imprisonment for some crimes, including subverting state power, collusion with foreign forces and secessionist activities Beijing authorities broad new powers to operate in Hong Kong

this pic is a woman,funny shiroihamusan where's the said freedom of expression in Hong Kong? Article 38 of NationalSecurityLaw imposes to 7 billions people all over the world. The world seems belonging to CCP's China & all people including you can't have different views from CCP Idiot CCP is now declaring war to 7 billions & must be exterminated

Oh no a flag waver! The horror! You’re f*cked Hong Kong. P.S. Trump would love to arrest people for just waving a flag. He’s gotta be so jealous of Xi right now. This is how NationalSecurityLaw can be interpreted, in a way HKPolice based on their bias but not evidence these are all the dumb leftist kids plz ship them all to taiwan 😂

Good start, hope more rioters under arrest Whys he screaming? 🙏🏽😥 Apprehending a man for waving flag!! Seriously? I can't breathe! Rallied on by Joshua Wong's failed movement, protestors took the streets, wrecking chaos to their beloved town for months, did this to themselves. They've opened the Pandora's Box. Pandering and baiting Trump to save them ex machina style. Instead, goaded out the red dragon.

This screaming woman looks so…nasty… Great job. Twitter needs a HORRIFIED button! horrified This may be better Reminds me of a similar law in India. This guy will take care of it Good job realDonaldTrump, you really showed China who’s the boss. So much winning... Drive all the black clad thugs out of Hong Kong

Well done China Disgusting that Twitter labels this story as a 'controversial' national security law and not straight up totalitarian. 任何分裂国家、破坏国家主权的行径,都不应当被支持,而是应该受到法律的惩罚。 What will NY police when an America waving a flag appealing for NY Independence? 弹丸之地,还想独立?!台湾那么大个省,都不敢独立!真是不识时务,不识好歹,自不量力!螳臂当车,焉能不死!

The US has said nothing. Well done, They deserved Congrats to the first one! This lucky guy can enjoy free meals and free housing for at least one entire year! How cool is that! Communist flu Good work China, punish all those culprits who have thrown petrol bombs, attack old people, girls...they should be dealt strongly and bring peace in HK..

😳 Firewall 干得好,还搞港独呢,美爹和英爹们只会网上哔哔赖赖。😊 Security law in other territories aim to protect their citizens. HK security law aim to protect the CCP regime and to kill their citizens. Nice shot. Well done WSJ. This is how you spell TRAITOR. 哈哈哈哈这个配图笑死我了 真的很纽约时报 This is why it's ok for Kaepernick to kneel. This is America. Land of the Free. . We. don't. Want. THIS.

Hong Kong police make first arrest under new security lawHONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong police have made their first arrest under a new national security law, arresting a protester for carrying a flag calling for Hong Kong independence at a protest... Fuck China BoycottChina China ChinaMustPay ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied well another puppet has emerged Bastards

Hong Kong police make first arrest under new security lawNEW: A protester carrying a flag calling for Hong Kong's independence is the first person to be arrested under the city's controversial new national security law, which makes secessionist, subversive, or terrorist activities illegal. Nixon should be dug up, slapped, and re-buried. It's time to allow those who want to leave HK to do so in a peaceful and orderly fashion, perhaps the UK could offer residents visas? Also HK is now indistinct from the rest of China and no special treatment should be afforded.

Hong Kong police fire water cannon at crowds protesting new security lawHong Kong police fired water cannon on Wednesday to break up the first protest since China introduced sweeping security legislation and they made their first arrests under it, warning of punishment for advocating secession or subversion. The western society and China are sharing a different view on national security. What does Lebron James think?

Hong Kong makes first arrest under China's new national security lawThe law came into force late Tuesday, hours before Hong Kong marked the city's handover from the U.K. to China. They don’t waste time ...unless the subject is telling the world there’s pandemic Fuck Fuck CCPTerrorist china is terrorists

Protests break out in Hong Kong as first arrest made under new security lawHong Kong police made their first arrest under a controversial new national security law imposed by China's government, as protests broke out in the city. The man arrested was holding a black flag carrying the words 'Hong Kong independence,' police said see through the lies learn gematria Can you breath?

Pompeo moves to restrict defense and high-tech exports to Hong KongThe U.S. will halt exports of defense equipment to Hong Kong and take steps to impose new restrictions on shipments of dual-use technologies, Mike Pompeo announced today Damn. RIPHongKong Mike Pompeo can't find Hong Kong on a map of Hong Kong SecPompeo Hope he does a Momma Cass on a ham sandwich.