Daniel Wu, Hugh Jackman, Lisa Joy, Rebecca Ferguson

Daniel Wu, Hugh Jackman

Hong Kong Film Star Daniel Wu Joining Lisa Joy-Helmed ‘Reminiscence’ As Hugh Jackman Nemesis

Hong Kong Film Star Daniel Wu Joining Lisa Joy-Helmed ‘Reminiscence’ As Hugh Jackman Nemesis


Hong Kong Film Star Daniel Wu Joining Lisa Joy -Helmed ‘Reminiscence’ As Hugh Jackman Nemesis

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Wu , one of the leading actors of the Hong Kong film industry and most recently seen in MGM’s Tomb Raider and starring in and producing AMC’s martial arts drama Into Th…

) and Best Supporting Actor (alongside Jackie Chan) in

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We all are missing U MR SUNNY.. COME BACK TO INTO THE BADLANDS... GreatEst DENIEL WU.. LOVE U😚😚😚😚💖💖💖💖 soundomyWalther ¿Bien? cool Very much looking forward to this sci-fi romantic thriller. Hugh Jackman may not be back as Wolverine anymore but action-filled dramas are always in his alley. Great casting!


Hong Kong protesters stage major rally; tear gas, petrol bombs shatter calmHong Kong protesters exchange tear gas and petrol bombs with police, trashing hundreds of shops and targeting Chinese banks and metro stations in an illegal anti-government march Why you calling it illegal? IStandWithHongKong UmbrellaProtests The march is not illegal. Don't use your power to mislead people to believe in something that's not truly happening... StandWithHongKong

Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas as Protesters Defy BanTens of thousands of black-clad protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday in a display of continuing support for the monthslong protest movement despite increasing restrictions from the authorities They need to switch to white... these are the good guys... Tens of thousands ? Please Photo!This is just one ?

Resurgent Hong Kong protesters stage huge rally, violence erupts againThousands of protesters take to the streets as Hong Kong’s months-long political crisis continues. More here God; The Creator of everything, has always existed, He never gave birth to anyone, and He was never been given birth by anyone. Read The Quran; the final and preserved book revealed by God, to all humanity, to know the truth about God. God Existence Quran I wish them success. It's a fight against hardcore tyranny. Not thousands, but millions

Rampaging mobs stage an arson spree in Hong KongSometimes you just have to burn some shit down to win freedom.

NBA's Hong Kong flare-up overlooks deep American investmentThere’s an important economic and political discussion to be had about doing business in China and balancing corporate profits and human rights, but it’s hard to see why it should be different for the NBA than any of the other businesses in the country. Have to start somewhere. NBC please keep your head firmly up you a-s. The criticism was associated with many NBA players (eg Lebron) crying about various Trump policies. If you want to be political than you better be prepared to answer a political question about your actions.

Hong Kong firms, lacking riot insurance, pick up pieces from protest damageHong Kong's businesses will likely foot the bill for vandalism inflicted ov... Wait. There is riot insurance? 🤔 What is with the bizarre Reuters hong kong headlines. “Illegal pro-democracy march.” Now this? What’s riot insurance? Is that a thing?

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