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Hong Kong Exchanges makes surprise $39 billion offer for Britain's LSE

Hong Kong Exchanges makes surprise $39 billion offer for Britain's LSE


Hong Kong Exchanges makes surprise $39 billion offer for Britain's LSE

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has made an unsolicited $39 billion t...

“HKEX bought LME a few years ago to have a presence in the UK already, but clearly they are trying to diversify away from their Chinese exposure, which is why they are bidding now and not nine months ago,” he said.

A successful Hong Kong bid for the LSE would sabotage Blackstone’s lucrative deal to sell Refinitiv. It would also scupper plans to refinance some $13.5 billion worth of leveraged loans and bonds which were issued to pay for Refinitiv with investment grade bonds issued by the LSE.

The Asian exchange, however, said it was confident its proposal faced no major regulatory hurdles due to little overlap in markets.

The Hong Kong government threw its support behind the move.

The UK Treasury declined to comment on commercial matters.

Additional reporting by Jennifer Hughes and Alun John in Hong Kong and Yoruk Bahceli and Abhinav Ramnarayan in London; Editing by Jason Neely and Pravin Char.

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Not Hong Kong but the CPC behind it, Hong Kong is struggling This would be tragic. No Deal

Hong Kong Exchanges proposes $39 billion London Stock Exchange takeoverThe Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited has proposed a 31.6 billion pound (... save_israa With China trying to swallow up Hong Kong entirely, this should work out just fine. Between the EU and China, Great Britain will soon only exist in folklore. who would want soon to be worthless HK$?

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Makes $36.56 Billion Bid for London Stock ExchangeThe Hong Kong Stock Exchange said it has approached the London Stock Exchange with a $36.56 billion cash and share offer and plans to seek a recommendation from its board. London on sale? What does that even mean? And how is that possible

Hong Kong stock exchange makes $36.6 billion bid for London stock exchange Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited said on Wednesday it has made a proposal to the board of London Stock Exchange Group. I dont think that's a very good idea. Hong Kong is still communist China. Is this a bid to further itself into western economies? Here comes the Chinese! JoeSquawk andrewrsorkin BeckyQuick China is taking over the world

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Offers to Buy Its London CounterpartThe offer, which values the British company at nearly $37 billion, would create a global markets operator with significant access to China. Well... they'll probably deal with the Islamic takeover better than you, they've been fighting China for how long? CEO of HK Exchange Charles Li has deep relationship with CCP. What is the true reason behind this buy offer? Hope UK really think about it. there many stock in HKEX is poisoned in recently year,the account firm should held accountable but failed.Largely due to china gov want those stock go listed no matter what. How many hidden bomb in HKEX?I bet enough to strat a firework show.

Hong Kong leader warns against interference, escalation of violenceInterference by foreign parliaments in Hong Kong 's affairs is deeply regret... Puppet 独裁者

Hong Kong tells US to stay out; students form protest chainsThousands of students formed human chains outside schools across Hong Kong on Monday to show solidarity after violent weekend clashes between police and activists seeking democratic reforms in the semiautonomous Chinese territory. The silent protest came as the Hong Kong government condemned the "

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