Homeowners association orders couple to remove pride flag from their front yard

A citation ordered them to pay a $50 daily fine if the flag was not removed by June 15. The couple said they will continue to fly it until the end of the month.

6/19/2021 8:46:00 PM

A Florida homeowners association has ordered a gay couple to remove a small rainbow flag from their front yard or pay a $50 daily fine if the flag is not removed by June 15. The couple said they will continue to fly it until the end of the month.

A citation ordered them to pay a $50 daily fine if the flag was not removed by June 15. The couple said they will continue to fly it until the end of the month.

they were confused by the notice because they have flown the pride flag before and posted political signs in the neighborhood without any problems.“I got upset," Plominski said."We’ve done this before and it’s a simple showing of our pride to the community and it’s up for 30 days. We were in shock they were going to do that.”

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Bob Brusseau, president of the Eastland Cove Homeowners Association, said the five-person board sent the couple a violation notice after one of the association's members complained based on a rule that restricts residents to displaying only U.S. or military flags in the neighborhood.

"It's in the document, and you can be sued," he told NBC News.Fines actually won't be enforced until around 30 to 40 days from the issuing date of the citation, according to Brusseau."Personally, I'll vote against any fine," he said, adding that two board members didn't even wish to pursue the case, but the other three did. headtopics.com

Plominski and Ferrarihave a right to appeal the association's decision before a grievance committee.“I really think the citation is because it’s a gay pride flag and someone in the neighborhood is offended, simple as that," Ferrari told NBC Miami.

The couple said they will continue to fly their pride flag until the end of the month.“It’s going to stay up until June 30," Plominski told NBC Miami."We as a community worked really hard to earn and get to where we are today. We’re not going to back down on this one.”

Nicole Acevedo is a reporter for NBC News Digital. She reports, writes and produces stories for NBC Latino and NBCNews.com. Read more: NBC News »

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HOA's are the worst!! Happens to American flags all the time Old news. Move on Another reason not to move to Florida! Increíble…Q tiene de malos..JSantisimo. 🌈 That's why you need a place without HOA rules What is wrong with Florida? I saw flags for the X-President in Florida everywhere. Running from the truth will not change reality. Get a Grip Florida.

The issue could have been avoided by going to the home owner association first! Are they okay with a ‘Mercan flag? If I was those homeowners, I would record the addresses of every college flag, any other signs like graduation signs, or ethnic flags and demand each of these other houses are also sited for displaying them.

HOA's are a pain in the ass. If I were the couple I'd buy more flags and stick them all over the yard.

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An HOA dispute is not news. Cynthia must live here. Thanks Cynthia Rules are rules...they knew what the policies were when they moved into an HOA neighborhood. If they don't like the rules they agreed to then move.... problem solved It’s crazy to me that people willingly move into a place with an HOA, break the rules they agreed to live by, and then act flabbergasted when they get called on it. If you want to do whatever you want on your property, don’t move into an HOA.

I personally think who you sleep with, is your own business & don’t understand WHY many feel the need to tell EVERYONE- But, with that being said, their flag isn’t hurting anyone, leave them alone! If all flags are prohibited, I don't see a problem here. This can be an issue with me why gay people have to shove their gay way in our face is annoying and all that dose is make me mad, if you want that male on male nonsense sex that’s fine have at it your way but don’t drag me into it I’ll go crazy with law suits, I’ll lose my mind.

HOA's are a nightmare. I'm happy some people still believe in humanity and the existence of the human race STOP. This is not about discrimination it is about HOAs. Stop using LBGTQ community to stir up hate.

Earthquake, Magnitude 4.9 - PANAMA-COSTA RICA BORDER REGION - 2021 June 18, 13:57:25 UTCMagnitude: mb 4.9, Region: PANAMA-COSTA RICA BORDER REGION, Date time: 2021-06-18 13:57:25.5 UTC, Location: 8.86 N ; 82.66 W, Depth: 10 km.

HOAs are from the devil. Also, where can we donate to their flag fund? Dude. These folks need to get over a pride flag hanging in someone's yard. The Red state Mayor's doing that in Tennessee too popcorn 🍿 🍿 🍿 time Please set up a gofundme. June 15th huh, Propaganda at its finest. Press is the enemy. HOA’s are a scam and 100% unnecessary!

Imagine being scared of a rainbow flag. Sad. Time for my rainbow flag to go up. And your little dog too...

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They should have the right to fly the flag. This is just as stupid as whenever hoa tell ppl to stop flying the american flag. This was 'gay news' a week ago when you first reported it. Curious why you're re-upping it. PrideMonth clicks? 😏 Please tell me how & where I can donate $200 to sustain them Everyone else in that neighborhood needs to step up and fly a flag! Seriously. I am goona go get a flag and fly one over my house in solidarity.

It is their property! they would not be fined if it were the US flag! What is the rule when it comes to flying flags..if they knew then they are clearly wrong..what are we teaching the future Gen HOA’s are like the grown up version of public school teachers, they have a specific purpose for the public good but it’s filled with busy bodies who get off on exerting insane amounts of control over those they have authority/leverage on.

I would never live in Florida given the elected officials who reflect the electorate itself brendajoyhiggi1 The rainbow was created by God as a way to promise He would not flood the Earth. As a Christian what FL is doing is pissing me off! That shit needs to stop now. Sue that homeowners association for violating your civil rights and fly it forever if you wish.

I think all liberals should move to California. It’s better there for them

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To many stupid rules when your in a homeowners association, and this is about one of the dumbest ever, you just wonder if the ones that make these rules are racist idiots. It’s private company so they rules. What the actual Hel?!?!!?!? As a member of the LGBTQ Community, I personally take offense. If you pay your taxes and utilities, who cares what damn flag you fly?

I hate HOAs. But I don't see the mainstream media ever reporting on this when it's an American flag or a thin blue line flag I am as pro gay as it gets but I’m so disgusted by those open displays of flags and affection. Do what you Gotta do be who you are and leave me the F alone. I don’t need to know your sexuality. Couldn’t care less.

Looool it’s not even that big I guess Karen’s be Karening Freedom of speech. Take them to court. I will never live in a neighborhood ruled by an home owner association. So wrong Just take it down. If you had a pink flamingo they might ask you to remove that as well. HOAs should be banned. It's hard enough getting property, nobody should have a say on how you want it to look.

you had me at 'Florida'

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Homicides have escalated at an alarming rate. The border crisis is a complete debacle, but VP throws a party instead and has yet to explain why she won't go. The POTUS is weak and not fit to run this country but a couple facing a daily $50 HOA fine is 'newsworthy'. Please... HA’s can be fascists. It’s probably not homophobia just an overt love of bureaucracy.

Does that same homeowners association ask people to take down tump 2020 flags? If you can’t fly the American flag then you shouldn’t be able to fly that either You sign a contract with HOA’s when you move into a neighborhood 🤷‍♂️. There would be none of this outrage if it was like a state flag that was being forced down for being out of compliance.

Why would anyone pay all that money to live in areas only to have more people telling you what you can or can't do? To each his own, you spend that much money for a good home, at least pay to live where you can have freedom, too. A 5 person panel chose to allow certain flags that they approve of. Why not no flags at all? Why is a military flag acceptable but not a pride flag?

morgfair Land of the free, lol The problem is most people have no idea what an HOA is. The rules are usually created (voted on) by volunteer residents in collaborative effort with their attorney. Most likely there is a ban on ALL politically affiliated flags in this neighborhood, the rules apply to everyone.

HOA can do that it is a deed restricted community

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Today they are just putting a flag tomorrow they will flirt your son Don't fuk him sick people StreckfussMatt This totally shameful and disrespectful they have the right have it out because it pride and who care it has nothing to do with you quit harassing them This is why when hubby and I buy ANY home it will NEVER be where we have to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of a Homeowners Association or some other covenant-controlled community. My mom's Sr. community has a 2-1/2' 3-ring binder of Rules. She'll be moving soon.

👏🏾 for standing up for what you believe in.👍🏾 People talk of lawsuits but if rules are rules and if the they seem outdated and not within current community standings or expectations, why not apply through offical channels to have them repealed or amended. It will take time but don’t be a vigilante as it’s not the way to go.

based If there is no other flags allowed to fly on anyone else’s mailbox, then take the damn thing down. This story again for the 10th time. Reminds me of the ruling in another town referring to all the Trump signs in people’s yards and as flags on their houses. Yea they got to keep there’s. Depends on how white and right your leaders are I guess

They should check out their HOA policy on lighting. Bet they can uplight their exterior in rainbow colors I’m sure there is bigger things to be worried about then a flag. Get a life people Same penalty for a UCLA flag in the HOA?... if so, i’m in HOA sucs! June 15 has come and gone. June 20th is today Imagine how cucked you have to be to reply, “well, rules are rules, sowwy :(“

Never live where a homeowners assoc. can dictate you life. Good What’s your address? I’ll pay for a day! Why do they refuse to cooperate? Is there discrimination involved?

If it is a rule then you need to follow the rules and saying you didn't know doesn't work as the homeowners association gives you the rules and asks for you to sign them when you move in. I'm thinking of an episode of Frasier and a door knocker. Some people are such losers. Expensive way to tell everyone you’re going to hell 🤷🏻‍♂️

If the couple is violating the association rules then they need to take the flag down. If they are not violating association rules then the couple should leave the flag up are there US flags hung anywhere? if so, this is a contradiction. I'm glad to see individuals stand up against HOA ! Install an FCC radio tower in your backyard

Judging from the picture it looks like a nice neighborhood and yes stuff can get out of hand so I don't know where I stand. You knew when you bought into your HOA what the rules were !!! comply or sell and move

This stinks & the HOA will lose, however, we must ignore all these “squirrels” from the MSM, keep our eyes on the prize, seek out & elect lefty Progressives 100% of the time! VoteProgressive TYT DragonSquad DavidPakman SecularTalk TheBitchuationRoom TDRLive TheSerfsTV Was there a homeowners' rule prohibiting it? As long as they are not violating any rules or regulations, the homeowners association doesn't have any right to forbid it!

Wow Welcome to HOA. Just because it’s a rainbow flag doesn’t mean it’s above HOA rules. How’s it feel? Can we just start a go fund me and we all pay for a day? Ok, as long as they are willing to pay the fine, they can fly it for as long as they like. Argue that its an important holiday to you. If they allow 'seasonal decorations' aka Christmas lights and such, you are allowed to celebrate your holiday.

It’s good to know when you’re entering one of those stepford wives’ zones. It can get kind of creepy in there. MonicaRivpin All HomeOwnersAssociations (HOA’s) is NOT exempt from this ↙️ Please RETWEET this far and wide Thanks and have a nice safe day Pride2021 Pride Place it inside your window.

WTF? Freedom to carry guns without a permit, but cannot have a “FLAG” in your own yard? A President incites a riot on the Capitol, ppl injured and died, using “FLAG” poles to poke someone in the eyes and not held accountable? Start a Go fund me and fly it alll YEAR Is there a donation button? Must have the $$

Put a bigger one in your window. The homeowners association should make allowances in this case. HOAs have far to much power, they are like little Republican run countries Can Florida just become its own county already? They can say and do what they want and keep hating the USA like most other countries do?

orangepeel18 Some people are petty as f*ck

We had our little pride flag taken and the stand was found on the sidewalk down the street. So i bought two more and a big one…just in case the hatred continues. Pride These homeowners need a go fund me, they will have a lot of supporters. HOA's don't care about your social justice cause. Seems stupid, You knew the rules before you bought the house.

They should go through the HOA community and count all the Trump flags and challenge them. Is this a free country or a communist dictatorship? Seems some right wing conservatives can be just as offended by everything just like the liberals often are. This shouldn't be an issue. GOP the original cancel culture.

free speech? If an HOA is inconsistent in its enforcement of a certain rule, it may have, in the eyes of the law, waived its right to enforce the rule in the future. They had it up in prior years. The HOA is wrong. They should be able to display flag with no issues . Good for them for standing up That is crap! Let them alone, what is wrong with people!

Seriously?where are your so called freedom,gay couples are invalid now in Florida? the HOAs in Florida are rabid about this kind of thing. People that sign agreements, then whine about their consequences. Self-victimization, it’s just wrong. 😂 Have they set up crowd funding? I'm in. Don't mess with HOA's

Did the HOA watch BuckBreaking the movie? How many tea party flags in the “community”? can they switch the flag to a poster, since those aren't in violation? or will posters then become a newly written ban? this story is in it's infancy How many of us would chip in to pay for those 15 days of fines? Ridiculous! Keep flying that flag!

This could have been avoided by talking to the HOA and being transparent with them. 99% of the time this would not be an issue since its not perm. HOAs can be a$$holes. My sister-in-law planted some flowers by her mailbox and the HOA where she lived ripped them all out. Justice would be one or both of them getting on the board while having the one HOA member that complained, voted out and change the rules.

Bravo! Nothing else going on to report on a national news feed? If I was them id paint the post box and pole rainbow colors. Lotta hate there. I wish I was their neighbor...I'd do the same thing! ACLU should definitely pick up this lawsuit. HOA should be illegal or heavily regulated, they rule like little kingdoms as well as collect taxs.

Tell me your HOA sucks without telling me they suck. The couple agreed to obey the HOA when they purchased the house. They should comply with the rules. if they don't then they've no right to complain if someone puts up a confederate or MAGA flag. Being gay doesn't make you immune to the rules. HOAs suck but they moved there anyway

Floriduh strikes again. Fuck the homophobes keep the pride flag up Yet another example as to why I am eternally grateful to have bought a house in a nice neighborhood with no HOA. This is not oppression. It is in their HOA contract. The same types of contracts are common throughout the nation. They likely signed a contract agreeing to not display flags or yard signs.

Their own fault. It's an HOA. Doesn't matter WHAT the decoration is, it's not allowed. Leftists are always trying to turn things into a personal attack. They signed the rules 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Hmm, I wonder if you can 'flew' Easter, St. Patrick's day, Thanksgiving and Christmas flags? I hope they open a gofundme cause ill donate

Isn't US a land of freedom? Hate comes in ALL forms it seems like😔 MarcVegan I wonder what the covenants say about flags? I am a Republican but I find this to be ridiculous and insulting. Let them fly their flag. It’s just the rules they agreed to. This idea that a certain cause is an excuse to break rules is childish. The reason is if they allow it then they have to allow others to do the same. It isn’t about the meaning of the flag.

I never understood WHY anyone would buy a home with a HOA? read the rules lol.... how is this in the news lol... if you're shocked by this you've never encountered the HOA, again how is this news It’s a shame that this is the world we live in! People don’t want to follow the rules! It’s all about “ME”! Tired of all these CAUSES being shoved in my face! Follow the rules that were in the contract that you signed when buying the house OR get out!

Serabbi I admire the determination but I have had my share of battles with HOAs with similar matters & sometimes there’s more creative ways around this that leaves the HOA without power. For example, did you know the road is probably county property that HOAs don’t govern?

They should have flown BLM flag. Nothing would happen Homeowners associations suc- balls. That's bullshit😤 We’re in Florida and were told not to fly one as well. Two homes on the same street decided to fly a gay flag. Our home and one down the street. Ban HoA instead Most HOA’s don’t let any flag! No exceptions. It has nothing to do with discrimination or anything.

Gotta love the double standard when it comes to these flags. I bet an American flag would be fine, or hell, maybe a Confederate flag. Also lowkey seems like a small infringement on the 1st amendment, but HOA is pretty much Nazi Germany anyways, so.... Land of the free? I’m sorry but what or who does it hurt what fucking flag this couple flies ? Leave them alone!!!

Really? HOA stinks! A few bad apples and BAM. That classic $50 scare! We’ve been fined for having a boat in our driveway to clean it or my sons basketball goal in our driveway! I mean honestly, a flag for something they believe in.

And the gays always said they didn’t wabt soecual rights. They were lying the entire time. Well, if they can afford to move into that neighborhood they can afford the fine. This apparently not unusual.. My HOA bans the pride flag and it's a $500 fine for the fist offense and $100 dollars per day after that.

Paint the grass. So remove the f'in flag! You can't fly a Confederate flag, a BLM flag, a Walt Disney flag, LOL, you can't fly a flag there so take it down, you pissy whiners. ARE THEY REALLY SUGGESTING THEY ARE PROUD OF SODOMY?THAT JUST DOESNT SOUND VERY AMERICAN. SINCE WHEN DO A FEW MILLION HAIR DRESSERS GET TO TELL 300 MILLION WHAT TO DO,WITH SOCIETY.SOUNDS VERY HETERO-PHOBIC

Yup great title without context. I'm sure there is an actual reason for why they need to remove it. It’s their property they can put what ever they want in their front yard .No body’s business None of HOA businesses (Sarcasm) Welcome to the home of the free

twentiextwo there is nothing I regret as much as buying into an HOA. Florida sucks. Fixed: Blah, blah FL HOA.....The couple were sent a Goddamn BIG Rainbow Flag to fly for their house all year. 💎s Go fund them 🌈🌹 So a bunch of Karen’s on the block hate loving couples. I would sue. Good, it’s offensive especially if kids live in the neighborhood

Pettiness and ridiculousness aside. If HOA in question allows say Christmas decorations then the homeowner is being discriminated against. I would paint the white mailbox the color of the flag they choose. Homeowners associations can’t regulate the actual mailbox, they are regulated by the US Postal Service correct?

So if the next door neighbor put up kkk flags .. see where this could go .. quit breaking rules cause you think u are gay an rules don’t apply... No problem with a confederate flag I'd bet.

This is why you don't buy in an HOA. Sell now, and build something on land a little further out. Then do what in the Hell you want on your property. Newsflash: In FL, HOAs & COA’s can only fine a homeowner up to $1,000 & owner is entitled to meet w/fining committee to debate the situation. If fines unpaid, the Association puts it on their ledger & can be refunded only when a sale to a 3rd party occurs.

In now way does flying the rainbow flag lower property values. Don’t waste time, file the discrimination lawsuit now!! Most Ass-ociations are full of shit anyways!! How do I contribute $50? The homeowners association hates freedom I guess Why should have to abide by silly HOA rules, they're special. HOA's are miniature fascist regimes.

Don't pay the fine. 👏👏👏👏👏 They should paint their house the colors of the pride flag.

Ridiculously overbearing. Ok, just make sure you pay the fine... Blahaha the same people who cry about equal rights are the first to cry when they're treated like everyone else. Leftism Folks, you can't make this sh*t up This is super fucked but I guess the HOA can make you follow their policies sad times we live in

They apparently felt ok enough to put their request in writing. What a joyful neighborhood The first amendment will protect their right to fly their right to fly a rainbow flag. Now imagine if this was a blue line flag, or something similar. How many of the people saying “well they chose to live in an HOA” would be FURIOUS. Too many of them.

That is simply disgraceful. The homeowners association should be sued for freedom of speech and expression. I’ll pitch in $50 to help cover one day . We just need a few more to cover the month . This is ridiculous. The homeowners association must be run by good Christians they probably go to church every Sunday and screw everybody the rest of the week

No flags are allowed or only this one I’d love to know if there was a Trump banner, or desecrated American flag with Trump on it in this neighborhood. NBC News. Another non story posted only to foment dissent. Sad. Hoa rules -- aka fachist -- buy a real house not a hoa or Mello Roos You sign the agreement when u buy a hoa house. It's says no flags except for military or the American flag. Make a wooden rainbow thing instead. Paint a rainbow on your garage. Plant a rainbow flower bed. This isn't complicated, just don't use a flag.

😳 can they paint their mailbox in rainbow colours? Replace it with a GIANT flag ....if your gonna pay go big!!!! HunterJCullen All HOAs are bullshit organizations--PTAs as well. Boosterism is bourgeois do nothingism.

HOAs have too much power HOA ain’t wrong. There wouldn’t be a peep if it was a Trump flag…right? We all pay a high price for freedom. Please don’t take it for granted. HunterJCullen This doesn’t surprise me lol Another reason HOAs shouldn't exist. Heath care is outrageous, we have about 24 idiots in our Congress & Senate acting it out in front of us and this is what a HOA is focused on ! The corporations event something to take money out of ur pocket they think everyone is simple minded. Chick's shortage rosters no sex.😱

A homeowners association being strict with their rules is a headline now?! I suspect the association rules ban flag displays like this. If so, the association is in the right and the couple should remove the flag. Just because you're gay doesn't mean you don't have to follow the rules. This is the downside of homeowner associations.

I’m not a Democrat, nor do I play one on T.V., but this is silly. Personally I think it brings some color to the front of the yard. Gives it curb appeal!

If you collect annual tribute from us, you give us land for free. If you give us land for free, we will pay an annual tribute. If you have a love heart, we don't have to pay for both. Amen What's a home owners association and why do they get to decide who hangs what flag where ? We all know hie strict these are! Stop making this an issue

It is covered under the 1st amendment freedom of expression That's rude what's wrong with the flag if this month for it y'all should pay the fine for discriminating Usa seems to be way backwards in humanity.. we have gods,kings,queens soldiers as transgenders in ancient text in India. like male n female they too r equal.. this British colony had spoiled our brains but seems our DNA is returning back with our generation ..India Pride2021

HOA’s have a lot of power. If you’re in one you know and have agreed to terms and conditions. Buyer beware! F’kin HOA’s should be illegal Ther has to be rules in every HOA or every nut job with an excuse of the week to do something stupid would really run down the ‘neighborhood’. Sue the association unless they strictly enforce every single other rule & regulation

A Trump flag wouldn’t last either This association is shameful !! BarbaraMain07 🤔 wonder how strict they were about trump flags during the election. And America thinks they are ahead of the world. 😂😂😂😂. Note to self: NEVER buy a house from anywhere that has a HOA 'This is my neighborhood. The HOA requires everything to be painted the same color.'

Florida.......again.....LGBTQ HOA's be like What’s the home owners association going to do if they don’t pay it? They chose to live in the uncultured swine pit called Florida when they could’ve bought a house in a diverse neighborhood

Exactly why I try to avoid living where there is an HOA. Why would I pay fees to have someone tell me what I can do in regard to a home I paid for? Sue me and Fukc OFF! Is the appropriate response to that request Keep the flag up! The homophobes are the ones who need to change. This isn’t the 1950’s. That's unfortunately what happens when you live in a free country under the rules of homeowners associations, stepping over the line, even deciding what color to paint your house, in Free America. Go figure.

Good for them! I'll pitch in if need be.