Homelessness In D.C. Is At The Lowest Point In 17 Years

4/21/2022 8:20:00 PM

D.C. reported the lowest number of people living on the street or in a shelter in 17 years Thursday

D.C. reported the lowest number of people living on the street or in a shelter in 17 years Thursday

D.C. saw a significant drop in chronic homelessness: Families saw a decrease of 26%, and single adults saw 22%.

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They are in Montgomery County now. dclinenews This must be the same way they say unemployment is down with a straight face. After a certain amount of time, folks stop being counted because they are no longer eligible for public aid. dclinenews Tax money spent on cool yellow vests. I live in DC - there is no way this is true.

I am calling their bluff…..Did the city take their own survey? Have they driven around the city to see all numerous encampments…where there were no encampments a year ago! The United States is good at sending billions dollars to other countries but won't put any of those billions to fighting homelessness here in America

I call BS Don't believe it. this is misinformation. A simple stroll through DC would prove otherwise. Where are they is the question ? Are they still in DC?

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somehow I don’t feel relieved there’s still so many without homes I live in DC - There is no way this is true. Are they counting the unhoused encampments they forcibly removed? 🤔 some say this 'undercounts homelessness because only individuals living on the streets or in the shelter system on a single day are considered,' excluding those who live in their cars, couch surf, etc. still, this is good and hopeful news! more $$ in the new budget for this too

I don't want to say it feels false, but They must have stopped counting Ass whippin delivered makin Brian indigent

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Number of homeless residents in D.C lowest in 17 years, mayor saysThe number of homeless declined by 14 percent, compared with a year earlier, the point-in-time count showed. Lowest in 17 years, okay continues the time honored tradition of regurgitating Mayoral press releases. JoshuaLopez202

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