Business, Home Heating Costs Will Rise Sharply This Winter, Federal Government Forecasts - Cnn

Business, Home Heating Costs Will Rise Sharply This Winter

Home heating costs will rise sharply this winter, federal government forecasts

Americans should expect to shell out more money to heat their homes this year — especially if it's a very cold winter.

10/14/2021 2:49:00 AM

Compared with last winter, households will spend 54% more for propane, 43% more for home heating oil, 30% more for natural gas and 6% more for electric heating, the US Energy Information Administration says in a new report

Americans should expect to shell out more money to heat their homes this year — especially if it's a very cold winter.

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Thanks Joe Holy Shit! Why are things continually getting worse? I cannot wait until this administration is out. Worthless every one of them Dims making it hard on the poor as usual WHY. Not. ? Winter. Is. Here. Early. This. Year. ? All ready. Near. Freezing. 🐧🐧 Great. More good news for people already struggling.

Thx Biden and your folliwers..enjoy I guess oil companies need to increase the production they cut in spring 2020 and haven’t upped. Don’t forget gasoline price increases as well! biden potus Grandpa says, 'There goes my SocialSecurity raise, the food budget, and part of my rent. Proof that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.'

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