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This woman is helping the homeless in Los Angeles by handing out hamburgers, hand sanitizer and vitamin C all while practicing social distancing.

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I’m a horse and I approve this message. And so do my friends. I went to school with her, we were pretty much all like this! KathyManson your new recruit for unbridled? Walnut was on the wrong leg, needed a flying change. 😁😁😁 horseless indeed... nice demo though, love it This is partially funny, partially concerning & partially creative marketing. No cost involved & has people talking. 🤔 They probably had a good laugh making it too. If I did this, people would think I'd lost my mind or be looking for an empty bottle! 🤷‍♀️😂

Holy fucking shit, and I thought this quarantine was making me crazy. I'm freezing my bowel movements to make a quick dinner when needed but this lady is insane. NickSwardson what are your thoughts? Soooo.....PONYPLAY?

Miami issues stay-at-home order; 'If you're coming from spring break, go home,' mayor says'We are putting in a shelter in place or stay at home order in today,' Suarez said. 'We're hoping that people get the message to stay home and if you're coming from spring break, go home.' 给钱了么?💰 Too little to late-Miami should have done this already. Slow to respond just like the President! There are a lot of people who are not too bright, in fact their lights are pretty dim upstairs! Hard to believe they go to college, yeesh! That goes for their parents too! Yes, GO HOME! Today's selfish Spring breakers haven't a care in the world...till a few days after they get home and wake up with 103 temperature and a screaming headache. And how many people did you come in contact with in the last week-10 days, YOU IDIOT!

Any other horse people want to teach her the correct lead? That’s all I could think while I watched 😐 Horseless🙄 The Brits 🙄🙄🙄 ..... and at least he loves his wife to entertain her notion .... a bit of a loon. But mine is too. Why come? Because why? Post useful stuff....come on!! I’ll let Arnold take it from here...

Her walnuts need a better support system. Is this how life will be in a few months? 🥴 Translation: 'some demented lady's publisher paid us for advertising space'

A survivor of Seattle-area nursing home outbreak heads home81-year-old Judie Shape tested positive for coronavirus just days after checking into the Life Care nursing home near Seattle, where three dozen people have died in one of the earliest and deadliest U.S. outbreaks. More stories like this please! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Great news when the elderly manage to recover. ❤️

Red alarm 🚨. We are in danger as United States citizens. Our military is very vulnerable now. What’s next is a very huge bomb 💣 that will end this country. Please god retweet this. There is sabotage and a conspiracy going on at a very dangerous level. Thank you so much. Will sew some tomorrow. making these over the next few days. 😷💗

I can not support this lady's descent into madness. AWESOME!! This mental disorder can turn to a serious foray behave😉😂 She may extend to advanced eques- trian horseless course to fight the wind mill as what Don Quixote did in that novel. Imaginary horse riding needs safety protection. Kind’ve like the left-winged FakeNewsMedia trying to spend resources on a frivolous COVIDー19 investigation committee.

An imaginary horse, WITHOUT COCONUTS? She needs a husband to ride.

Brightly | GMA Videos GMA is your source for useful news and inspiration on how to live your best life. Your community and guide to relationship advice, the latest in celebrity news, culture, style, travel, home, finances, shopping deals, career and more Why is giving JoeBiden a FREE PASS by not reporting on his failure to notify Congress after he knew or should have known we were underprepared for a pandemic when the H1N1 hit America? What if it was worse then now? He had 7 yrs to gather everything we need & he didn’t Humanity never end. Nice to see ,at home watching this kind of thing proud awesome human 🙏😇 ABPNews ajtak_news Republic_Bharat narendramodi virendersehwag ZeeNewsHindi DM_Muzaffarpur SitamarhiDm iHrithik NitishKumar Muzaffarpur_SCM CNNnews18 msdhoni DDNewsHindi Fantastic idea. staysafe SocialDistancing PlanktheCurve

This is like a French & Saunders sketch. Hahahahahaha lol that's so funny British people they getting crazy 😂🙏😂😂 if you watch enough equestrian events, this is very very funny Cool She said 😂😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭🙈🤪🤪 Save us from quarantine 🤣🤣🤣 This will be my new meme for “Quarantine: Day 21” 🤪

U.S. planning to use ICE deportation flights to bring stranded Americans homeSome 13,500 U.S. citizens abroad have sought U.S. assistance in returning home, a senior State Department official has said. The US Department of Health's adviser says Arkansas can only identify 4 patients! In some cities it is not even possible to detect corona! In Washington, the diagnostic kit is over! New York medical staff have to waste their bags! The shortage of stores too, not to mention! At the point where the US is now, they’re probably safer where they are. Talking about ice

'Horseless' and 'brainless'. 😂 🙏💙🇱🇷 Nice! MY QUESTION IS WHAT DO TOILET PAPER HAVE TO DO WITH THIS DEADLY DISEASE CORONAVIRUS. BECAUSE TOILET PAPER IS NOT A CURE PEOPLE. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. IDIOT GOD BLESS AMERICA OUR HOME SWEET HOME. 🗽😷👍 Okay so... they bought more than they needed and now they’re giving it away for likes? Cool

Para nada q se encuentran en las tiendas 🧻:( This is America! Virus go Home 👉

Home coronavirus tests not available 'next week'The UK's chief medical adviser said they had to be confident which tests worked first. Nope. Not true I'd suggest

Wow yo Quiero uno de papel y de manos 🙄 to the great and civilized people of the United States and other countries : Donald Trump, because of his inability to control the corona virus, intends to create an artificial crisis in the Middle East by waging war in Iraq to prevent a possible defeat in the next election.

Very classy thing to do. 🙏 You are a patriot for giving a good example thanks ☺️thank you for sharing this Way to go. So good to see human compassion. Keep it up. We need kindness and helpful people in these times! I have been sharing with my postal carrier anti-bacterial hand wipes. The post office did not give them any. I bought early so I have enough to share.

This is the American spirit. BentleyBreedl Made my eyes tear up. I think this is something we should all try and do, but we don’t have to post it online. God says that what we do for others should be done in secret. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking this. This guy showed us what he did. He gave us a great idea.

Benny Benassi | Billboard Live At-Home Performance | Fundraiser for Italian Red CrossI’m Benny Benassi and I’m teaming up with Billboard to raise money for Croce Rossa Italiana - Italian Red Cross with a Billboard Live At-Home... BennyBenassi crocerossa Play celebration BennyBenassi crocerossa Vamos de house

So an ahole hoards supplies during a pandemic and gives a few out and he is good? DON’T THINK SO!!! LibyaLiberty Why does he have enough extra that this was feasible though? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 canard The city now I live have a lot of kind people are as like this good man 😊 Am happy that man wasn't stupid like some others behaving like terrorists by defying health guidelines. They want to break the efforts of the government and health workers in rescuing the world from COVID19. AlShabaab CoronaVillains KOT_Loyals

This is so beautiful and kind. 👏 So the guy hoards santizer and then gets praised for giving it out.... Might be hope for us yet. God bless this man, ❤️

Watch out for people trying to take advantage of the situation! 50% chance he saw the guy in NY getting arrested for hoarding 5k cases of N-95’s and figured a quick way of offloading his stuff, still a solid move. May Allah protect her She is a wonderful person Can’t you do things with out posting video of yourself doing it ? Do you know how much stuff is city workers do each day for people and we do not video tape ourselves and send it to the news

Can u imagine Melania doing that? A true hero!!!! Outstanding!!! Never see Trump or family members doing this. He might have to give some of his money he stole from taxpayers Half of them are gonna drink the hand sanitizer Why got to post this..she is just seeking attention doing it for herself! This is beauty2streetz she’s been doing so much for the homeless on skid row! She is absolutely amazing

See cher a simple little task like this would help these people all that money you got you can do it you quit complaining long enough and help these people out you need food and shelter close warmth make yourself useful Don't criticize be supportive Beauty for life Is she the same lady who provides haircut service for homeless people before?

she just told that lady' this is your 3rd time here' now go on an git That’s beautiful! Heal the world, it starts with you and i.... The people in line weren’t social distancing though Be blessed CarreraJu

Look at me I did this and I am going to tell the news . Please stop self promoting There are people who are blessed and loving 🥰 May God fulfill your life with his blessings !! but why record yourself? i don’t understand why is it so hard for people to do nice things for those in need without the need of posting it on social media

God bless her! None of the homeless are practicing social distancing in this video. that is not because H1N1 virus was weaker than coronavirus, that is because the president of United states was Obama... what your choice what your effort.reap one has sown. Love stories, and people, like this. She needs Goggles and Hair Protection

How thoughtful!

May God richly bless your work for helping the least of his people. You are the light on the hill that can’t be hidden. 🙏🏼 Ground floor of teaching hygiene is AWESOME! I love this story! Thank you for sharing. 😀 Bless her heart ❤️ AngrySipelebegu LejlaSyahdan This same women also called the press in order to get noticed for doing it

Bless you for your kindness and generosity. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity ❤️ Awesome thank u

What beautiful act of love and kindness.🙏🏽 Where did she get all the hand sanitizer? Give the antibiotics one box for person Azithromycin 250 milligrams Thrilled humanitarian Shirley Raines beauty2streetz is getting this coverage. Donate if you can. Insta: Awesome!! iamdominic5 God bless her This is what should be on the news daily, not Trump and his ignorance

Who is this angel?❤️ eernow Angles Among Us.

wendyinOz77 Thats a brave kind hearted woman right there those areas inside LA & San Francisco are a petri dish this lady is a beautiful display of humanity A true hero. May God richly bless her. While filming herself. tiktok incarceratedbob She shoulda just voted republican. Maybe they’d have homes. an angel from heaven

well I have been handing out hamberders and covfefe to the homeless to make them great again but do you see me on the news? lifeisnotfair CNN & MSNBC are refusing to carry these briefings Today they refused to cover this private-public partnership to deliver meals to underprivileged rural kids Maybe this is why the media’s approval during this crisis is -11%

Social distancing, except for the line of people outside of her car? She is what makes America great!

I wonder how many hamburgers she had maybe 12 Great work, next go to washington to get the house prices capped, so people can buy a home on minimum wage this is the problem in the people and politics don't care How beautiful it is to have angels in the world 👏👏👏👑🏆🎖️ I feel so happy. When people help with each other. I love you sister. you're providing a health facility for poor people. 🤗

классный макияж! вай вай)) solidaridad ขอชื่นชมนางด้วยคน Bless you. Thank you for looking out for those in need . hope to see everyone do the same God bless you

cmlauriecumbo Amazing! God bless her, she is hero 👍❤️ God bless you That's what happens when your 'government' fails you. We take care of our own. Keep it movin'. God bless her! What A Wonderful, Amazing woman with Beautiful Soul 🥰❤️, Humanity shows forth in times of despair. MSM has the biggest platform in the Universe...and what do they do? Instill panic, fear, hysteria and desolation.

What a Wonderful Woman humanitarian God Bless Her🙏✝angelsantics777 ❤️🐱🐾🐾LOVE Someone needs to give her a substantial contribution Jesus help her & all that are out there helping & I pray to our Heavenly Father that they may be baptized with the Holy Spirit & all who do not know who our Heavenly Father really is in Yeshua's Divine name, amen. Thank you Father Jesus.

What a Beautiful soul she has,awesome human!! The whole world just gained a load of diamonds on top of it's front porch! Thank you to being you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 She teaches us that there are many ways to help others in any situation. Thank you. an angel Good for her, a great American

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