Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers, Amptp, Iatse

Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers, Amptp

Hollywood Strike Averted As IATSE & AMPTP Reach Deal On New Film & TV Contract

Hollywood Strike Averted As IATSE & AMPTP Reach Deal On New Film & TV Contract

10/17/2021 2:42:00 AM

Hollywood Strike Averted As IATSE & AMPTP Reach Deal On New Film & TV Contract

EXCLUSIVE: With Hollywood on edge and picket signs at the ready, IATSE and the AMPTP have reached an agreement on a new film and TV contract, averting a threatened nationwide strike. The new three-…

have reached an agreement on a new film and TV contract, averting a threatened nationwide strike.The new three-year contract, which must now be ratified by the union’s members, comes just hours before the deadline – midnight Sunday – imposed by IATSE president Matthew Loeb. The union and the

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Carol Lombardini-led AMPTP are expected to make the agreement public very shortly.“It took a lot to get here, but this is a good deal, a fair deal for everyone concerned,” an individual close to the sometimes strained negotiations told Deadline once all the final contract language was agreed on Saturday. “Time to break out the cigars,” the individual added

Related StoryIATSE Says 'Making Progress' In Talks With AMPTP; Union & Producers Set To Resume Bargaining Tmrw As Strike Deadline LoomsMore details are to come, but deal points include “improved wages and working conditions for streaming,” 10-hour turnaround times between shifts, MLK Day is now a holiday, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives,” increased funding of the health and pension plans and a 3% rate increase every year for the duration of the yett-to-be approved contract, among other changes. The AMPTP had wanted to settle the rate increase at around 3% for the first year and then shift it down to 2.5% or even less for the subsequent two years of the contract.

With many of the larger issues resolved late this week, today’s talks saw IATSE and the AMPTP going over several smaller-but-vital matters, we hear. Once that was settled, the administrative component had to be dealt with, as the deal was actually typed up for all to look over one final time.

Though the tentative deal was reached before the deadline this weekend, and things actually really started coming together midday Friday, the situation remained in a state of flux almost right up to the final hours. Union officials were cautioning members about getting too optimistic. “Even though we are still at the bargaining table trying to get an agreement, at the time of this writing, there are no plans to call off the strike,” said an email that went out to members of Local 80 late

updating them on talks and preparations for the 12:01 AM October 18 set labor action. Read more: Deadline Hollywood »


Whew! Dozens of people might have been deprived of whatever it is these folks do had the strike not been averted. “This is a Hollywood ending...and we have now reached an agreement with the AMPTP that meets our members’ needs.” SAYS THE MAN WHO MAKES $500,000 A YEAR, WAS NEVER ELECTED, and PROBABLY HAS NEVER WORKED EVEN A TEN HOUR DAY IN HIS ENTIRE TENURE. 😡😡😡

AZFilmFest Oh thank god!!! I was about to lose my entire shit. It hasn't been ratified yet, it will not pass a vote. Strike not averted, just pushed. Waiting till it's actually ratified by union members per the Union's process. 🗑 deal. the capeshit must flow 10hr turn around ... Film!!! We’ll see what the details are, but it looks to me like what we already had maybe with the exception of jettisoning the streaming deals. Seems like the AMPTP low-balled and successfully fought off the improvements in quality of life conditions the membership really wanted.

IATSE Says “Making Progress” As Talks With AMPTP End For The Day; Union & Producers Set To Resume Bargaining Tmrw As Strike Deadline LoomsJust over 48 hours before the deadline for a strike that will shut most of Hollywood down, IATSE struck both optimistic and unsentimental tones this evening as talks with the AMPTP have wrapped for…

Thank god and it was looking iffy but I never truly thought this was gonna happen. We just got out of a crippling pandemic, no way they’d shut it down over rest time and lunch breaks. Guess im going work monday! Congrats to all other members nostrike That's a bullshit contract. Keep fighting! ✊ xyzevos

LET'S BRING BACK ENTERTAINMENT & MORE HOME!!! I mean like.... EVERYWHERE! when would union members have to vote on the deal? AlmaFSisneros Great news Alma.👍🏽👏🏽😀 Yeah, i doubt that I'd like to see an actual confirmation from IATSE of this MrJonCryer 🙏🐶🐱❤❤💕💕

IATSE Strike Plan Details: How the Picket Line Would WorkIn an 'FAQs' document sent to Local members on Thursday, the union offered guidance around 'scabbing,' healthcare, unemployment benefits and travel if it calls a mass work stoppage in the next few days. There's going to be a mass striking in every industry really soon

robinthede Well finally some good news in the world Under what terms? Because every member of the film crew deserves better hours & honest pay. SolidarityForever 🎥👍👁 Damn. I wanna see shit hit the fan.

IATSE Making “Progress” At Bargaining Table To Avert A Strike, But Deal Is “Not There Yet” IATSE and the AMPTP are making progress at the bargaining table, but the two sides still have a ways to go to avert a threatened strike on Monday. “We did make progress,” a union source said. “Yest… It’ll be people who haven’t worked in over a year vs tech companies and studios who’ve reaped some incredible stock profits and tons of cash. Not seeing it end well for Union guys

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An IATSE Strike Will Be Especially Confusing in New YorkThe International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees is threatening to go on strike on Monday morning if it cannot reach a new contract. The strike will put up to 60,000 workers on the picket l…