Hollywood's Next Generation

Hollywood's Next Generation

6/25/2021 4:50:00 AM

See rare photo of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder’s 14-year-old son Henry (via toofab)

Hollywood's Next Generation

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Installing a Critical System for Our Orion Spacecraft on This Week @NASA – July 16, 2021

Installing a critical system for our Orion spacecraft, the latest engine test for our Artemis Moon missions, and working to give spacecraft propulsion a boos...

TooFab Who is Julia Roberts? TooFab 100% thought that was tannerfox TooFab TooFab But…why?

Duck Dynasty's Next Generation: Which Reality Stars Have Welcomed BabiesJohn Luke Robertson and Sadie Robertson may have been children when DuckDynasty aired, but they’ve already welcomed little ones of their own. ❤️

Sam Bee Slams The Republican Who Could Be ‘Our Next Presidential Nightmare’He has a 'Trumpian ability to weaponize the white resentment and culture war hysteria that drive Republican voters,' the 'Full Frontal' host said. 100% true. Sooooo much more dangerous than drumpf. LOL this chick is nuts Come invest with Shiba Inu coins. Your future depends on it. Over 543,000 investors cannot be wrong. SHIBArmy Shib ShibaInu ShibaArmy SHI ShibaEcoSys

Jim Jordan Takes Trump’s Election Conspiracy Theories to the Next LevelAccording to Jim Jordan, the DOJ’s refusal to subvert the election on the basis of conspiracy theories was the actual wrongdoing. 'According to Jim Jordan' could be a great title for a song, or the type of short story Stephen King would write. Investigate the investigators who investigated them! Jim Jordan will run for president in 2024 and going to lose against DeSantis who's going to lose against Ted Cruz who's going to lose against Matt Gaetz who's going to lose against Josh Hawley who's going to lose against Boebert before all of them will lose against Kamala Harris.

What comes next after Britney Spears' bombshell conservatorship hearingA recap of Britney Spears' testimony during the June 23 conservatorship hearing and what may come next in the pop star's case. Naw , I’m wondering if they gave her the courtesy of freezing her eggs. FreeBrittney Unfortunately, nothing for quite some time. Ridiculous

The Next Full Moon is the Strawberry Moon and a Marginal Supermoon🙏 👇👇👇👌👏🤘😍💗💐 From Tehran 🍓🌕 Istanbul, few minutes ago. fullmoon

Russia says next time it may fire to hit intruding warshipsRussia's deputy foreign minister said Thursday that “the inviolability of the Russian borders is an absolute imperative.” New Podcast Episode Discussing the UK-Russia Naval Conflict, Top Chinese Spy Defection to the US and the Potential Privatisation of Channel 4. Please Check It Out!