Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby picked launch day for new website based on moon's cycle

Holly Willoughby reveals she picked new website launch day based on moon's cycle

9/23/2021 7:40:00 PM

Holly Willoughby reveals she picked new website launch day based on moon's cycle

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has unveiled her new lifestyle platform, Wylde Moon, which also includes her podcast By The Light of the Moon

The TV presenter, 40, unveiled her latest venture, a lifestyle platform called Wylde Moon, and she took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she and her team waited for the perfect lunar opportunity to launch.“We launched on the Harvest Moon, signifying new beginnings, It is a time to reap the benefits of all that you have sewn and prepare your mind, body and spirit for a fresh start,” she wrote.

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The website is the latest project in Holly’s evolution from TV presenter to spiritual goddess, and announcing the launch of Wylde Moon on Monday, she said she’d be focusing on “empowerment” with her new venture. “I invite you to come on in and join the journey. Let’s discover together, learn together, laugh together. Let’s celebrate and empower those around us. Let’s find out what we love,” she captioned a post on Instagram.

The mother-of-three said that in creating her new lifestyle project, she’s “filled a need” in herself.“I’d lost a part of who I was and that rediscovery has led me here, to a whole new place of beauty and power,” Holly candidly shared. The website features seven categories: Women, Moonboard, Podcast, Energy, Beauty, Style and Family, and will be updated monthly. headtopics.com

Wylde Moon also includes her new podcast, By The Light of the Moon, and the first episode features writer, actress and director Lena Dunham.“Let me introduce you to By the Light of the Moon… Each month I take a walk through the life of my guest using the unique energy of each moon phase as our guide…,” Holly explained.

The This Morning presenter said the Girls star was one of her “favourite women”, and the interview focused on Lena’s childhood, her influences and overcoming challenges in her life. “Lena is so generous here and we have a lot to learn from her,” Holly added.

She said she wanted to step away from aligning herself with other brands in order to create her own brand which will represent “ where I am in life right now.”“I want Wylde Moon to be a place where I can share the things that I love, the lessons that I’ve learnt along the way, the things I see and instantly want to share with others. It’s a celebration of all kinds of beauty,” Holly stated.

And the much-loved TV personality is also gearing up for the launch of her book Reflections, which will be released on 28 October.It will focus on Holly giving advice on how to “navigate emotionally challenging situations”, and showing others ways to “make your life beautiful inside out”. headtopics.com

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