Holder rips legal scheme to hijack elections as SCOTUS considers

12/9/2022 6:30:00 AM

WATCH: Former AG Eric Holder discusses the 'independent state legislature' theory, saying it would be used to 'subvert a core part of our democratic system...that is, our system of checks and balances.'

WATCH: Former AG Eric Holder discusses the 'independent state legislature' theory, saying it would be used to 'subvert a core part of our democratic system...that is, our system of checks and balances.'

Eric Holder, former attorney general and chair of the Democratic Redistricting Committee, talks with Alex Wagner about Independent Legislature Theory and how it would be used to hijack elections if the Supreme Court doesn't rule against it.

Dec.the doctrine asserts that the responsibility of deciding the “time, place, and manner” of federal elections and how to appoint electors to the Electoral College (except in limited circumstances) belongs only to state lawmakers — the"legislature.Fox News Flash top headlines are here.highlighted one of those moments: "This is a theory with big consequences," Justice Elena Kagan told Thompson, getting to the heart of the huge significance of the case.

8, 2022.

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He is so full of it! Remember when he ran guns to cartels? So what rock did this guy crawl out from under? If you say something Eric Holder doesn't like, it's a 'threat to Democracy!....it's a threat to Democracy'! Musk saved America and Cuba!!! Says the guy who spied on reporters and wants to get rid of the Electoral College. Eric Holder is a joke.

Eric Holder is a hack. Worst AG in recent history…and there have been plenty of bad ones The States run the checks and balances, not the feds.. These DC criminals want full blown communism.. Eric the gun runner, where has he been lately ? This is very dangerous. What checks and balances.. he is the most corrupt attorney general ever...

You already helped destroy our system of checks and balances!

Opinion | The anti-democratic doctrine some SCOTUS justices seem to love.LevinsonJessica: The Supreme Court is teetering on the edge of changing American elections for the worse. LevinsonJessica How dare they follow the constitution. LevinsonJessica Anything which MSNBC has to say is always slanted and not worth pondering LevinsonJessica Not surprised they want authoritarian rule

this dude needs to be in jail for selling weapons to drug cartels. You must be kidding Eric holder that crook? And the sky is blue Mr Irrelevant. What’s next? Water is wet? Democrats are the biggest threat to Democracy. That was proven tonight.

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