Hoax Grace Kelly mansion in NYC sells for $25M

Hoax Grace Kelly mansion in NYC sells for $25M

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1/18/2022 12:13:00 AM

Hoax Grace Kelly mansion in NYC sells for $25M

A Manhattan mansion famous for being lived in by Grace Kelly — despite no supporting evidence of the fact — has finally sold for $25 million.

A palatial NYC home got a little boost from a princess to help it sell.A Manhattan mansion where Grace Kelly allegedly once resided — despite no supporting evidence of her ever living there — has finally sold for $25 million,The Real Deal first reported

.The 35-foot-wide Upper East Side townhouse first went on sale in 2011, for an ambitious $33 million. To help hype the address — 51-53 East 73rd St. — and make it appear worth the price, marketers touted a rumor that the 12,321-square-foot home formerly belonged to the Princess of Monaco and her husband, among other celebrities.

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Cindy should be able to get a cool 11M today. It was owned by Duke!

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