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'History repeating itself': Immigrants know what political violence looks like. Capitol riot has many shaken.

Many first- and second-generation immigrants said the violence in the Capitol bore eerie similarities to conflict in their countries of origin.

1/8/2021 7:40:00 PM

The riot showed that even the U.S. is vulnerable. But an expert cautions its unlikely the U.S. government could be overthrown because the country is so large.

Many first- and second-generation immigrants said the violence in the Capitol bore eerie similarities to conflict in their countries of origin.

Thursday that the political violence they or their parents fled in other parts of the world had come to America's capital. Wisam Asal, 53, said he moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, from Iraq as a refugee in 2010 because his city was unsafe and some of his friends had been killed and kidnapped. Asal, co-owner of the Jasmine International Store, said the chaos was"unbelievable."

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"We usually see these things happen like in other countries," he said."I think it was no safer what happened here or in my country."Felix Stetsenko said he felt a"deep pit" in his stomach as he watched a livestream of rioters storming the building from his home in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington. Stetsenko, a consultant who works in the transportation industry, said he has seen violence like that in Ukraine, from where his parents emigrated from, but never thought it could happen here.

"I had more faith in this country than what I saw yesterday," he said while out for an early morning run in Black Lives Matter Plaza on Thursday. "I’m not sure whether to be hopeful about whether we’ll come back from this or if things will only get worse from here." headtopics.com

Like Stetsenko, many Western democracies assumed their political systems could not be subject to challenges from the streets, said Mark Almond, an Oxford University historian.He noted that former President George W. Bush compared the"mayhem" at the Capitol to"how election results are disputed in a banana republic — not our democratic republic."

Banana republic is a term for a politically unstable country that depends on the exportation of a limited resource like bananas or minerals. The comparison is both disparaging to other countries and inaccurate, said Almond, who has been an election observer for more than 100 elections in Europe and Asia.

Successful coups are typically much more organized and require control of the media, communication channels and a large armed force as opposed to Wednesday's"very amateurish, chaotic event," he said."Had you had a more sinister person determined to stay in power organizing the crowd, bringing together well-trained and disciplined forces, then the threat would’ve been vastly greater," he said.

Wednesday's riot showed that even the United States is vulnerable, at least in the short term, Almond said.But while some immigrants may fear that what happened in their country of origin could be on the horizon, it's unlikely the United States government could be overthrown because the country is so large and has multiple centers of institutional power beyond the capital. headtopics.com

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"Although people are shocked by this event and they’re right to be shocked, the United States is in many ways immune to a coup d’etat because of its scale and diversity," he said. 'This is our house, and we're gonna protect it':

Lawmakers prepared to fight or be killed as Trump mob attacked US CapitolStill, many first- and second-generation immigrants said the chaos that unfolded in the Capitol bore eerie similarities to political tension that led to conflict in their home countries.

Marissa Parra, a reporter for CBS 2 Chicago, said she grew up hearing stories from her father and grandparents about the political instability in Bolivia, particularly around elections.She said that when she saw the violence unfolding in Washington, she couldn't help but wonder if it was"a slippery slope."

"I had this kind of surreal moment where I heard my grandfather’s words about what happens during elections in Bolivia," she said."It felt like I was watching that unfold in Bolivia in real time." Read more: USA TODAY »

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Political violence? Capitol riot? Are people forgetting that the city of Minneapolis has burnt to the ground? How is everyone all of a sudden forgetting that? And rigged elections had nothing to do with it. Communists / Fascists asking people to snitch ! Hypocrites where were you when Antifa was around

It's not its. Edit. Harm=hate. that means if you harm me then definitely i will hate you. and some people still believe that there is a massive conspiracy. Remember the people behind this did not even locktheirdoor behind them during an evacuation of the uscapital. This is not the WWE ... wait... it's* ; come on USA Today you make more typos on Twitter than the other top 5 Newspapers combined. Well, I guess that's why you're 5th. Time to fire some of those Twitter interns I'd be embarrassed if I were you I've met art students who type sharper.

We saw political violence all summer! People being intimidated and attacked while out to dinner with their family, Churches and small businesses that have nothing to do with police brutality being looted and burnt down “in protest”. Obviously they weren't paying attention to other capitols under siege at the same time.

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