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Hilary Duff Has Cotton Candy Blue Hair Now

“Gotta have fun somehow!”

2/20/2021 7:05:00 PM

I suddenly want to dye my hair blue now! 💙

“Gotta have fun somehow!”

for “saying yes to another crazy change,” pointing out that at least it wasn’t bangs (fair), and adding that the hair transformation took “all day.” And before the rumors could start, Hilary, who is 8 months pregnant, stressed that the color does not necessarily mean she’s having a boy.

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The color is certainly a pretty one, and in some photos it looks mermaid turquoise, while others make the hue seem more like a pastel baby blue. Either way, it suits Hilary really well, though this isn't her first time going blue. Back in April 2020, the

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Looks blonde to me. Teen Vogue. Still baiting shallow males, all these years later. Look at that sheep 'Edgey Corporate Ghost Of Whothefuckever' with his cutting boomer level witticisms! Luckily, he can't detect sarcasm. blue hair: the most reliable indicator of a sad desperate woman aka 'predator lure'