Hilarie Burton explains impact of 'One Tree Hill' co-star: 'You saved my life'

Hilarie Burton explains impact of 'One Tree Hill' co-star: 'You saved my life'

10/26/2021 9:14:00 PM

Hilarie Burton explains impact of 'One Tree Hill' co-star: 'You saved my life'

The actor finally got the chance to thank her co-star for being a great role model for her on the set of the teen drama.

Burton was taken aback by her comment and told Kelly that she actually was a big role model for the show's female stars. She also revealed that she helped soften the blow for her when she decided to leave the show several seasons before it officially ended.

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"In (my) last episode of the show, everyone in my world was telling me 'You can't leave, you can't leave,'" she explained and recalled a moment while filming her last episode."I was in my hospital gown sitting in the lobby of the hospital because (my character) Peyton was strapped to a table and you came and you sat next to me and you started off by just joking and you were like 'What's going on?' and I was like"I don't know what to do' and you said 'Run.'"

Burton said she's wanted to tell Kelly this story for years and recalled one part of their conversation that's stuck with her throughout the years."You said to me 'There's so many chapters in life and this is just one' and you were the only person that gave me permission to go," she said."I so valued your opinion of me and of our business and the way you prioritized your family over work. And that's what I wanted, what you had is what I wanted. So you didn't have to say anything because you lived it and we could just see it."


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