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Higher Prices Leave Consumers Feeling the Pinch

Costs are rising at every step in the production of many goods, leading to higher price tags for consumers. “Penny-pinching is becoming the name of the game.'

5/10/2021 4:40:00 AM
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Costs are rising at every step in the production of many goods, leading to higher price tags for consumers. “Penny-pinching is becoming the name of the game.'

Americans accustomed to years of low inflation are beginning to pay sharply higher prices for goods and services as the economy strains to rev back up and the pandemic wanes.

Kaitlyn Vinson, a program manager in Denver, said her recent $275 bill at a Costco Wholesale Corp. store, which included razors and cotton pads on top of her typical grocery list, was more expensive than usual. Ms. Vinson said she switched from buying fresh to frozen fruit and vegetables because they are

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.“We’re sacrificing the food that I really like to cook just to be cheaper,” she said. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Tracking Covid-19 vaccinations in the US

Track each state’s progress as the US vaccination campaign gets underway

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Consumers can save a ton of money by avoiding consuming so many vices. 'oh im so broke, I can't afford my pepsi and cigs...' hesus chris... Why are working people still broke? Rising prices but flat wages. Here, let me fix that: ‘corporations take in record profits while wages do not keep pace with cost of living increases, dooming working class people to poverty or worse’

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High prices and higher wages have followed every major pandemic. This pandemic will not be an exception.

US stocks tumble as data shows inflation spiked higher than expected in AprilUS stocks fell Wednesday morning after data showed inflation measured by the Consumer Price Index rose 4.2% in April, the most since 2008. Many investors have seemingly moved to crypto, yet traders (day & swing) seem divided between options and futures. Every day is starting to look the same. Those that saw the massive gains in tech are taking profits.

Dow ends more than 430 points higher as stocks take back a chunk of Wednesday's routStocks bounced back Thursday to end sharply higher, taking back a chunk of the losses suffered in the previous session. The Dow Jones Industrial Average...