Golf, Hideki Matsuyama Wins The 2021 Masters Tournament İn Augusta - Cnn

Golf, Hideki Matsuyama Wins The 2021 Masters Tournament İn Augusta - Cnn

Hideki Matsuyama wins the 2021 Masters, becoming first Japanese man to win golf major

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4/12/2021 2:29:00 AM

Ending almost four years without a professional win, Hideki Matsuyama becomes the first Japanese man to win a golf major with his victory at the 2021 Masters

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Bravo!! What a coincidence he just so happened to win at a time when Asians are the main target in America well for a short time they were now it's back to Blacksics basics Congratulations!!🎉 Congratulations, well deserved. Good WIN and historical moment at the Masters 進化生物学者ブレット・ワインスタイン氏、「新型コロナの研究所流出説を隠蔽するための細胞継代方法を説明」 このニュースの完全版は以下のリンクYouTube にてご覧ください

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AsianTakeOver lol

2021 Masters: Hideki Matsuyama becomes first male Japanese player to win a majorHideki Matsuyama becomes the first male player from Japan to win a major championship, claiming the Masters Tournament on Sunday.

JapanNuclearWater Yay!!!!! Such a great accomplishment for Hideki, Japan and all Asians, especially in the current climate of attacks on Asians. Yoku dekimashita! Wait he didn't win 4 years ago? Hoà đồng, vui vẻ , dễ gần . Thích sạch sẽ. Yêu động vật . Thích tắm ( hơi điên haha ). Golf is a hobby, not a sport....

Congratulations 😏 played great. Just wonderful news. I found it very odd that I was watching this online and they did not show Matsuyama at all until the very end. Only were showing Spieth and Rose.

Hideki Matsuyama claims Masters title, first Japanese golfer to win major championship — Fox NewsHISTORIC WIN: Hideki Matsuyama claims Masters title, first Japanese golfer to take top prize at major championship He won because he has lived in America recently.

Anyone can win if u put ur mind to it your skills not matter what color race u are congratulations to the masters winner Congratulations to the masters champion Or a man just won the Masters. It’s more important to cnn that he’s Asian. Or should I say aapi? TheMasters What were these guys doing in Georgia at a racist countryclub this year😡😡! Augusta is racist even with their two black golfers and the two women! The winner should have supported the Asian community instead of golfing! 👎

おめでとう!!! The most important humanitarian principle is to save lives, especially the the allies 'friends' who sacrificed their lives for others.\rPlease give our SIV/IOM cases for the Iraqis who worked with USA a highest priority and fulfill your promise of safety, HELP_IRAQIS At least japan doing better in sport then america stupidity

country_ca I think it is great that an Asian won the Masters. He played and won in racist Georgia while residing in racist Florida. Go figure 🙄

The Masters: Hideki Matsuyama survives late mistakes to win first men's major for JapanHideki Matsuyama overcame a nervy start and a pressure-induced back-nine stutter to become the first Japanese player to win a men's major. good

Bravo . Excellent!!! 🤩👏🏼 No offense to Korea. My dad was stationed there when I was freshly a teen. I met some great people while living 30 miles from the DMZ. Our one week trip to Japan however can’t be topped! Never felt so welcomed anywhere! Congrats to the great nation of Japan! 🇺🇸❤️🇯🇵 World Series MVP and now this 👏

Hoping this pisses off the biggest loser and the guy is responsible for the Asian people getting attacked daily. I pray nightly he gets what’s coming to him!! Congratulations! Congrats hideki Oh crap, he best not do that three times, remember the last non white to take more than one green jacket from Georgia? Tiger ended up in a world of shit.

Congratulations to this talented golfer from Japan, I watched the masters all weekend and his power combined with precision was amazing especially on such a difficult course as Augusta much continued success in the future

Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama makes history at Augusta NationalMatsuyama became the first Japanese player to win The Masters after finishing one stroke clear of Will Zalatoris.

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I think golf is going to really take off in Japan Considering all the Asian hate manufactured by Exiled Orange and his ball washing crew, this is a bit of WONDERFUL news. Wonderful! 🎉

History on the Green: Hideki Matsuyama Becomes First Japanese Golfer to Win Men's MajorJapan's Hideki Matsuyama made history at the 2021 Masters. On April 11, he became the first Asian-born player to win the tournament.

And in related news, the Georgia GQP has demanded a re-count. The Japanese star got off to a tough start on Sunday , when his first ball landed in the trees en route to a bogey on No.1. Am I the only interested in what he would choose for the meal next year? Sushi? Yay! Lawn is the 3rd largest crop in North America. Woot woot!

First year in a long time that I did not watch a bit of it. Congratulations to Hideki! Perfect timing for Americans to respect and accept unconditionally all of our Asian American citizens! We are One if we have the opportunity to achieve. congrats Totally the most boring and ill commented on masters in years.

He played great. Congrats! Congrats, Hideki! It was a joy to watch you play! Way to go! 🎊 falun into the Hideki twilight zone. It’s December 2014 all over again in my mind anticipating Jordan’s win. Perhaps it could just read 'Hideki Matsuyama becomes the first Japanese man to win a golf major with his victory at the 2021 Masters.'

First Japanese victory on American soil since 1941 or so Congrats. Watched it. Golf is a honorable sport. Unlike other professional sports. Hideki Matsuyama likely to light the Olympic flame . a CNNBrasil is aligned with Bolsonaro's Genocidal Government. Well deserved win! Congratulations Hideki Matsuyama!! 🇯🇵 💪

Bold prediction by Nick Faldo . Congrats, history in the making Congrats Hideki masters2021 This is a fantastic historic win for Japan its wonderful to see im an old Irish woman from a golf family and I know my dad is smiling from the heavens tonight ole Tournament's first Asian born champion. Hideki Matsuyama won the 85th Masters on Sunday .