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Mental, Nwhw

5/12/2022 12:39:00 AM

Trauma experienced during childhood can affect our mental and physical health as adults. Watch as the Children's Health Bureau talk about trauma and triumph. NWHW

Watch the live stream here.

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6 dead, 24 hospitalized after shooting at July 4 parade in Chicago suburb, police say

The gunman, who had apparently fired from a concealed spot on a rooftop, remained on the loose hours later as authorities scoured the area. Read more >>

SecBecerra Taxpayer-supported abortions now? Good luck at the ballot box with that.

HHS Announces $5 Million in Funding to Advance Equity in Cancer Screening at Health CentersCancer is the second-leading cause of death in the U.S.. This vital funding provided to community health centers by HRSAgov ensures more equitable access to life-saving cancer screenings to help end cancer. HRSAgov HHSRegion5 HRSAgov The 1st 'leading cause of death' is suicide due to victims of chronic pain being denied proper treatment. Stop the lies of an 'opioid crisis'! We have a suicide crisis for God's sake! Doctor monitored victims of chronic pain were NOT Dying, nor would you care. But now they are!!!

WATCH: Red-Tailed Hawk Family, Chick Nests Over Irving HighwayOnce again red-tailed hawks have nested near a TxDOT camera in Irving, giving North Texans a rare, up close view of baby hawks hatching and being fed.

Watch out for stinging caterpillars in San AntonioEnjoy these furry guys from afar - they sting! (They also turn into butterflies, which pollinate Texas flowers so leave them in peace ✌.)

One Piece Releases Episode 1017 Preview: WatchOne Piece has finally kickstarted the climactic fight on the top of the Skull Dome in the anime, [...] Animexcited. OnePiece

Cardi B Shows Off New Mother's Day Watch, Gives Mom Advice to RihannaCardi B was the perfect person to ask about mommy duty on Mother's Day -- especially since Rihanna is about to become one herself -- and her sage advice is ... (cue video). 💄💋💌💐🛀💅👛🤰👠👒☕👜🌹👗 HAPPY!😊MOTHER'S!🥰DAY!✨ 👗🌹👜☕👒👠🤰👛💅🛀💐💌💋💄

How to Watch Eurovision 2022 - E! OnlineIt's the most campy and outrageous day on the music calendar, which can only mean one thing: The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest is here! Find out how to watch and what to expect.

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