Hey, What’s Lori Loughlin Up to These Days?

Oh, nothing much, just relentlessly Googling herself, why do you ask?


Lori Loughlin apparently spends her ample free time “obsessing over every detail” of the fraud case against her

Oh, nothing much, just relentlessly Googling herself, why do you ask?

“She’s not working, she’s not doing anything. She’s just reading the files again and again,” the source claims. “The family was told to remove their Google alerts and to stop searching their names because it’s not good for them to see what’s being said. But this is a full-time concern of hers.”

And yeah, since the Feds busted Loughlin and her husband — designer of Target T-shirts, Mossimo Giannulli — for their alleged participation in Operation Varsity Blues, the Full House alum apparently hasn’t had much else to keep her busy. Turns out, people generally aren’t impressed to hear that you may possibly have paid an admitted scammer $500,000 to scare up fake athletic credentials for your daughters’ college applications. Although Loughlin reportedly sees the entire thing as a “huge misunderstanding,” her employers viewed it as a fireable offense: Both Netflix and the Hallmark Channel canceled the actress. Meanwhile, her vlogger daughter seems to be harbor lingering resentments that may have made their relationship …frostier than usual. All of this appears to have freed up some space in Loughlin’s schedule, space she is using to assemble “meticulous records” on the case, according to People.

Loughlin “is remorseful” and “has regrets” over the admissions scandal, another source separately told People, but she still doesn’t see how “what she was doing was any different than donating money for a library or athletic field.” So during this period of involuntary downtime, perhaps a more productive question for Loughlin to Google might be: “What is fraud?”

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Lori Loughlin Couldn’t Believe Her Crime Was ‘Any Different’ Than Donating Money for a Building'She knows that her reputation has been ruined for life.' U stole opportunities from other more deserving people for your daughter who doesn’t even want to be there

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on PEOPLE.com. How heroic! At the time I thought this was wrong. Now I'm so impressed with how strong and stoic she is. I think her demeanor is quite profound. In the end it truly shows how amazing a mother she is to her daughters. Well that’s a no brainer!! IF I’m going to jail for 30days I’m keeping “meticulous records no less 30YEARS!!

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Hey Parents, Target's Car Seat Trade-In Program Is Back For 10 Days!.Target does it again!

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