Hesitancy to resume activities marks reopening challenges: POLL

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BREAKING: 57% of Americans say it’s more important to try to control the spread of COVID-19 than to try to restart the economy, new ABC News/WaPo poll finds.

The statement comes as a new confirmed case from a packed Memorial Day party is raising alarms., a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds nearly 6 in 10 people are unready to resume their pre-pandemic activities, underscoring continued public unease as the nation seeks a return to normalcy.

Further demonstrating the extent of the pandemic, 42% of Americans now know someone personally who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, up nearly fourfold from 11% in late March. That rises to 54% among blacks and the same among those in the Northeast. It also peaks among higher-income and more-educated adults, possibly reflecting disparities in health care access.

Job losses and furloughs peak in economically vulnerable groups, including 41% among women without college degrees, 36% among people with household incomes less than $50,000 a year and 32% among racial and ethnic minorities. Those compare with 2 in 10 whites, 17% of people earning $50,000 or more and 16% of college graduates.

The Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision canopy attraction displays a countdown leading up to the June 4 reopening of hotel-casinos, which have been closed since March 17 due to the statewide shutdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic on May 29, 2020, in Las Vegas.Americans give far higher marks to their state's governor's handling of the outbreak -- 66% approve -- than to President Donald Trump's .

Similarly, 77% of both blacks and Hispanics put a higher priority on stopping the spread of the virus; that drops to 49% of whites. Priority on stopping the spread also is higher among lower-income Americans, and it's 66% among women versus 48% among men. It's also vastly higher, naturally, among people who are more worried about catching the disease and about a second wave.

A sign asking guests to practice social distancing is posted outside a locker area at Cowabunga Bay Water Park, which was allowed to open for the first time this weekend because of the coronavirus pandemic on May 30, 2020 in Henderson, Nev.Partisanship even relates to degrees of life disruption. Sixty percent of Democrats say their lives have been disrupted"a lot" by the pandemic, compared with 47% of independents and 39% of Republicans.


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Because they are sitting at home getting paid twice what they make working....

57% of the 40 democrats you polled.

Armunho 57 % of Americans dont know that football is a game to play with feet and a ball instead of a cucumber thrown by hand.


That is a fake poll - the China virus has been kicked to the curb. On to the next fake crisis.

Seriously, why aren’t you complaining about protesters spreading this with the fires they are starting EnemyOfThePeople

Bull. Shit. No one give a shit about covid anymore. Nice try though.

Liars. What a bunch of hacks. No different than CNN.

Lie. Absolute lie.

We dont need to restart the economy. We can just break into any store and take what we want now, right? What do we do when there's nothing left, though? Has Bernie Sanders weighed in yet?🤔🤔🤔

We need money coming in but we need to stop the spread of the virus so to give all adults $2,000 a month TIL it’s over with

Liars ScumMedia ObamaGate

Must have polled everyone still getting pay checks


ABC Lies. All lies. Open the economy. shut down the covid hoax. it’s played out now dems can use protestors and riots.

No they didn't. You are lying.

Fake news channel. I wish you could report factual, researched work and not “here say this to our sheeple “

😂Are we heading back onto covid19? Is that still a thing? The Democrat Governors must have issued some kind of free 7 day get out of covid19 pass.

Your narrative has failed.

Total BS.

Covid scam has officially ended, now on to national race riots.

Fake News.

Doesn't really matter now.

That's a bullshit poll and you all know it. We are opening with our without governor's approval. It's over. Stop trying to fear monger. We are on to you.


didi_briggs You lie



Mute point right now

The virus farce and the cover it ran for the rioting bullshit has all worn out. Try harder no ones buying.

Wait...is that COVID still a thing? I thought that holding a bat and a protest sign and banging out a store window resulted in COVID virus dying immediately... Is this all about a virus...or an ELECTION?

Da fxxk are you talking about crack head 😆

NO actually we dont What you're doing to me is cruelty My husband died in this tiny apt end of Jan. I'm alone 4 blocks from the riots in Seattle You liberals all suck Your the party of hate violence lies and destruction I'm so sad, and alone YOU🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🤬

All 57% are likely Democrats.

Well in 2 weeks we shall see.. either a bunch of people will be sick.. overwhelming the hospitals or it’s BS..😉

Those are the ones living off the govt or are retired.

Not true, but you know that. Let's see Russia...nope Economy failing..nope Impeach....nope The Cov...nope Economy failing again..nope Riots (oops) protests..nope Next manufactured crisis soon, I'm sure as this one isn't working either. I know try Cov 2.0

But controling the riots is out of the question. Totally racist right?

Was this before or after they polled all the people in the nursing homes because that will skew the number

Clearly not the massive groups of protesters who are not social distancing. It's like the MSM forgot about the pandemic. I mean you still can't get a haircut in MI but the governor told the protesters she is with them . Mind boggling.

No they didn't



354.6% of random people on the street say some random crap we just made up cause our narrative control is rapidly being lost. STFU ABC News, no one believes this bullcrap.

Haha what a bunch of bullshit!!!!!

Fake News!

Protecting pedophiles is a lifestyle for these guys. Of course they’d say some off the wall dumb shit when they’re caught helping antifa and it’s exposed they help pedos

As an economist at StanfordUniversity, the market is essential! We need to start running again!

That thing that has a 99.9. % survival rate. You still trying to bring that up?

Did you limit your poll to GovWhitmer GovTimWalz GavinNewsom and a bunch of Karens?

Its almost as if ppl want to make sure theie health stays good and expects government to help them. Almost as id the fed takes in trillions every year and wastes 115 million on just the presidents golf game. Idk about u but that 115 could help me out a bit.

Lolololol ya right. You effing liars.

Where have you been ABC. We dont talk about the Rona anymore. Media wants riots for the month of June.

Bull Sh!T



57% of the people you polled were window lickers

Are you trying to prime the pump for the second wave after the protests are finished.

Bullshit. I know at least a couple of hundred people and guess what - not a single one says that. GTFO out with this fake bs.

Let me guess .. people that sit on their arse at home collecting government checks ... ?

Lies. Fake news

Lie 👆

Umm.. it seems COVID left with the murder hornets.

Show the 43% the mortality rates for poverty during a Depression vs mortality based on the curve growth with open economy and we'll be at an A+. Numbers don't lie.

Not true. Made up. This is what you want us to believe to continue your scare tactics.

It's the 57% that are collecting unemployment benefits while the rest of us are continuing to work to keep it funded.

I guess only 43% of us need to eat

Been in for a while now ABC = fake news

I think that ship has sailed, unfortunately.

It's too dangerous to open the economy, but safe enough for riots. 😂


Now poll how many Americans trust ABC news.

is a domestic terrorist organization. MAKE MEDIA GREAT AGAIN MMGA

Stop spreading bullshit info,

. . . and those 57% all have jobs which allow them to continue working from home and receive a paycheck.

Complete bullshit poll

Waiting to see the polling 10-14 days after the riots began.

F the news.

Fake News!!

No doubt those people are still receiving a pay check and have plenty of savings. What about the rest?

I guess their cable and internet have been out for a few days.

Was that survey taken near a hospital or Wall Street?


Did you poll riots?

Lol, they were paid to have that opinion though...

KenneyBaden Stupidity that is not how most people feel


Tell that to the evil rioters destroying the country.

Covid is over catch up! The Mayors of these Dem run cities haven’t been concerned about Covid since the rioting and looting started. Not 1 arrest. So spare us🤦🏽‍♀️

Says the latest ABC nursing home poll. Garbage reporting and polling all around.

You failed as a great network

Really? Ummm maybe you’re not up to date with current events but I don’t think the people rioting are social distancing. People returning to work should be the last of your worries right now...smh

You can take your COVID and stick it!

I doubt those numbers.

please get in touch with Dr Miguel Angel Sierra Hoffmann from Victoria Texas he and his team are winning the war against Coronavirus

Oh yeah..fools wanting to stymie reopening economy either 8 digit or more millionaires, those want to watch economy fail along with retirements, real estate and maybe couple hundred thousand $$, or don’t have fuck all begin with but lots kids, government benefits & food stamps..!

Lol. Not me. I been workn since May 11 in Ohio and can finally support myself!!!

The other 43% are out on the streets protesting, rioting n testing the 2nd wave theory.

what the hell are you talking about?


Stick the WuhanVirus up your ass! We're done with the lies!

The other 43% are to busy licking door knobs to comment

Naaa more important to get the economy going

After the same cities with draconian Covid restrictions let people swarm their streets with violent rioters and looters ... America has pretty much changed their minds.

Y’all lie so much! America sees there never was a threat - it’s the flu! Y’all will do and say anything to push your agenda. It’s not working!



ANTIFA are using the Black Communities

Oh an WaPo poll you say? Americans don't believe polls anymore. They have gotten NOTHING right the last 4 year's.

Only if you poll civil servants.

Fake News

Yes, and we can use the rioters as examples.

That's a lie. Just look at the riots.

Not me...... where do these numbers come from?

I'm sure with the recent rioters not practicing social distancing. We're all doomed, right? 🙄

What good is making money if you or a loved one are sick or dying?


I am guessing 1/4 million Americans dead by the end of the year.

FakeNews Are those the same polls that said KillaryClinton would win by a 92% landslide in 2016?

Who does your polls? People want & need to work & make a living. So that other people can come along and burn it all down.

Breaking: 100% of leftist news outlets say riots must continue over restoring peace because ratings and orange man bad. No concensus yet on whether riots are from righteous anger over racism or white supremacists.

If this poll is accurate (and I don't trust ABC news)... I wonder how many of the 57% enjoy getting their unemployment checks instead of working?


If liberal scum can riot and loot and didn't all die from the virus we can all get back on the streets and our jobs

All well and good for the 57%, but if you need money for bills and food then you need work.


Lol. Who you taking votes from? Now after all these riots covid is important afain?! Lololol

Seems that your fear-mongering is no longer taking hold.

This is so yesterday

No. Covid is in the history books. You have now thrown us into a civil war. Try and keep up while you destroy our country. DNCMafia media is evil. We're not stupid. We know what you did.

ABC LiarsLeakersAndLiberals hate America. It’s a FakeChineseVirusCrisis

Oh that’s right the pandemic is still going on....😬

Who are you polling Seriously tone deaf

karentravers Good luck locking people back up in their homes after this weekend. Containing the spread is one thing but local Govt's just blew it big time. Not to mention YOU in media let Govenors have A HUGE PASS on nursinghomedeaths ..silent on their policies causing deaths!

I wonder why America hates the media?

MadFckingWitch But 1% (the 1% with all the money) want the economy open NOW! End of argument.




Covid is cancelled not doing that quarentine shit again g.f.y

Are you fucking kidding me with this?

We shall call them the basement people. In a few generations we give them a new classification of humanoid other than liberal.

This coming from people who are not in need of a paycheck to feed their families.


The other 43% are idiot Trump supporters.

We mustn't restart the economy—but rioting, looting, and widespread violence are just fine!

MadFckingWitch It seems that 57% of Americans have the capacity for rational thought, which doesn’t seem to correlate with their last presidential election result. Interesting.

Sure, after re-supplying themselves during rioting and looting, they can survive another two months of lockdown...

Seriously we dont care about your 'virus' that is over. Have a seat.

How many ppl were in the survey? 3 hand picked ones to get the correct % of answers to publish?

Judging from the past weekend, coronavirus only going to get worse now

There aren’t many times when the word “clusterfuck” is appropriate but...

To whom it may concern : i AM FOR LAW AND ORDER but this is SAD since 2015 MinneapolisPD has rendered 44 ppl unconscious thru neck restraints = that is SOMETHING THAT IS TAUGHT to the force by SOMEONE that gives these 'classes' to the dept = that SYSTEMATICALLY NEEDS TO STOP

That a because they’re all getting paid to stay home while business owners go bankrupt

Restart what when the Democrats are burning down the cities

Hey ABC, go look outside your window. People aren’t staying home.

Once again POTUS only cares what's good for his resorts, not what the people want. If realDonaldTrump REALLY WANTED TO OPEN UP AMERICA, HE WOULD HAVE TESTING IN EVERY COMMUNITY IN AMERICA. But no, that's actual work and it might stop the world from burning, he can't have that!

What’s worse. Corona in the nation or tour president? Not sure which side of the fence I’d be on.

NEW: 58% in today’s News/WaPo poll say it’s too early to go to stores, restaurants and other public places the way they did before the pandemic.


Don't forget the second stimulus check! 💯


Nope. We are opening back up. You won’t kill our economy.

F*** your FAKE POLLS !!!

43% need a better news source


Fake poll, predictable. How were the poll questions phrased? Who was questioned? This is absurd.

Complete Democrat BS!!

Not true! 95% of normal Americans want to open, the rest are paranoid!

I 1000% agree


Donald Trump was taken to an underground bunker during protests over the death of GeorgeFloyd

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