Herman Cain İs Receiving Treatment For Coronavirus At An Atlanta Hospital - Cnnpolitics

Herman Cain İs Receiving Treatment For Coronavirus At An Atlanta Hospital - Cnnpolitics

Herman Cain is receiving treatment for coronavirus at an Atlanta hospital

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7/2/2020 8:50:00 PM

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain is hospitalized with Covid-19. As co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, he was at the Tulsa rally and his website notes recent travel to other places including Arizona.

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sounds he got his just reward for being a Trump Supporter. Well done take it far and wide CNN how can you still be on the air? Ha Ha, good for him. Stand by the jackass president, dont waer a mask or social distance and this is what you get. I cant feel bad for him, even if he die's. Did he wear a mask to protect himself and others? So POTUS 45 must be infested

It's funny that the riots and so called peaceful protest weren't to blame. I would be surprised if lefties didn't show up in the crowd with covid 19 to make sure it spread. I remember reading some saying they will. To hell with the left we need to take them down. Still tearing down and questioning people of color, aren’t you, cnn?

It’s sad but this going to happen. Stop Hyping the Little Things!!!!!Anti Trump Did he wear a mask? I’m mad he wasn’t wearing a mask in the footage I saw. He then boarded a plane and potentially has infected passengers/airline employees (who in turn will be going to different destinations to infect more people across the US) and ultimately taking it to Atlanta. 😫

Please give the virus to the most deserving one. Haha Herman, Herman, Herman it seems like you will never learn. Since your 999 taxes & Ousbekybekybekystan disaster you really haven't learned anything at all. You're 80 yrs old & still doing and saying stupid things to gain recognition, time to grow up.

Yeah cnn he got what he deserved. But all these blm rallies cut down on covid, because it made people stay inside. Lmao your the worst thing that ever happened to Racial quality... It only just begun, 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I can't believe there such a thing as Black Voices for trump,your kidding right? Well Mr. Herman I don't know if I'm black or white cain you know what I say to you mr. Cain.....OH WELL.

Trump should be quarantine so are those close contacts and attendees otherwise infections multiply by 2.5 & beyond. It takes exactly 2 weeks for symptoms to appear. This is FULL PROVE & JUSTIFICATION for Trump to cancel all rallies and crowd gathering. MSM: Gentleman who attended Trump rally gets Covid-19 Also MSM: BLM protests did not cause spike in Covid-19 Not sure where distrust of the MSM came from TBH. seems totally legit.

This has nothing to do with mr. Cane being black, or successful. It has everything to do with the arrogance of not using common sense. The retardlicans are dumber than the demoncrats. And they are in control! WOW!!! WHAT OTHER PROOF DOES THIS PRESIDENT NEED. UNBELIEVABLE CNN GLEE You can give your thanks to Trump for his generous gift of COVID-19!!

You get what you vote for. When you stoke the bear (pandemic) beware the response. Get a grip Not sure how, but this is definitely because of the protestors. Put a pin in that, i need to go see what Fox news tells me to think. Yup. Good for you but how come frontliners are attending to him in the ER hospital why not let trump take care of him and give him what trump is taking.

He is high risk for the virus, didn't wear a mask, didn't self isolate and signed trumps waiver. Hmmm but the Coronavirus is a myth!!! To bad Herman but when you suck as a human this is what happens? God speed Mr. Cain Still I could never wish covid on any person....except perhaps trump....still I understand that he did it to himself & he will be responsible for spreading it! Still I do not wish covid on anyone....

Is anyone else concerned that the Supreme Court has blocked access to the Mueller report by the House until AFTER the election? The House represents me. I want to know. Don't you? Doesn't this scare the f'in shite out of you my dear friends? WTF? Who challenges the Court? Trump rallies causes covid but not BLM protesting.

Rally rally rally. Keep safe people Justice and karma coming together Karma He’s a fool! O'l hermie. Still running with the devil. Yeah ok. CNN is now the worst news coverage media Geez too bad, if you had a face covering, you would not be in this situation. But her emails.... I don’t take joy in anyone being that sick or miserable....that’s karmas job and she’s having a blast, I’d bet.

He was warned. Keep on trumping..muppets FAKE NEWS Twitter this is absolute horse you know what, everyone was tested BEFORE AND AFTER for COVID at the rally. This is a disgusting attempt at political battleground state Arizona as they don't want things to reopen until election. TERRIBLE PEOPLE THE DEMS/LIBERALS.

It’s pretty hard to feel any sympathy for him.... You brave enough to see what's coming? 👇 Karma ? Do they really think trump is for black voices. Were they not told how trump wouldn’t let black people stay at his apts. he hasn’t changed people. He just hides it better. Looks good on anyone that will go to a trump rally without even wearing a mask. They put others a risk there also. Maybe it’s a bigger risk listening and doing what trump suggests.

How come POTUS ain't caught it yet with all these interactions with people who've got tested +ve for covid19. TrumpVirusRally Jesus or Charles Koch will heal him. coonery is dangerous There’s a virus. You could catch it. But it’s no big deal. Good. Bet he lives Karma Welp...🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ The irony of people laughing and crowing with glee about a successful black dude being hospitalized, is palpable.

Well... why on Earth would anyone be surprised? Please tell me he gave Trump a hug and kiss on his cheek. Pretty pretty please! ….not a mask in sight.... (Exasperated sigh....) Why is crime rising in BLUE STATES and CITIES Where DEMOCRATS control? No surprise to me that Mr. 9-9-9, foolish enough to think he could be elected as president representing a white supremacist party, would contract the virus attending a white supremacist rally in Tulsa with no mask. Stupid. Being a Republican is a symptom of deeper problems.

Let’s see on my list of things I worry about ... nope Herman Cain isn’t on it. BabiesInCages Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. I met him in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I was not impressed. 30 years later my thoughts about Cain are unchanged. Thoughts and prayers. Herman Cain is literally a Coronavirus Hotspot 🙄

CNN let’s pray together for his fast recovery. Would you mind asking all your audience and anchors please. Enjoy COVID-19 THEHermanCain!!!! I believe in karma, which is also why I don't think it's appropriate to be all 'I told you so'. The best you can hope is that he recovers and publicly speaks out about the importance of social distancing and masks.

999 That’s what he gets when he goes to a rally and doesn’t wear a mask or social distance! And stop lying you had contact tracing cause then you would know who you got it from at the rally!! Need to take covid-19 seriously! TrumpRallyFail Weird Does anyone ever get the regular flu anymore? Does anyone ever die of 'natural causes' anymore? It seems that Covid19 has replaced them.

One word: HydroxyChloroQuine Karma is a bitch Karma Womp womp Dear Black Folk, Take Covid-19 seriously. Thank you. Good thing they signed those waivers at that Trump rally...I wonder how many more will follow. It’s time Cain went to the White House and thanked trump properly with a hug & handshake!!! Chris Cuomo also contracted coronavirus, so what?

What do you know of kids having party’s and who ever kids the virus first gets a money pot ,, why is this not in the news these parties are spreading eventually from college kids ,, please tell them to stop how dangerous it is😭😭 Of all the sh*thole rally joints you just had to attend ,you chose the 1 sponsored by Covid -19 and you won a door prize! Jeezus you 1 lucky poc,buy me a lottery ticket when you feel better.

Good job CNN - that rally was 2 weeks ago. Nice try Big Dummeh... Haha ain't karma a bitch Please realDonaldTrump invite Cain to White House for a one on one meeting Fake news CNN. not tr*mp chile 😭😭 How dreadful. KNOW THIS: Light-workers all over the planet have been busy alchemizing any & all dark energy, by the power of Almighty God: ‘Twas DARK is NOW LIGHT. And it is done. ✝️🔮❤️☮️🇺🇸🌎 P.S. We also decode comms.😉

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