Here's why you're seeing violence in droves across America

8/7/2022 10:30:00 PM

.@MichaelGrimmNY: 'Criminals today have been emboldened.' MORE:

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.MichaelGrimmNY: 'Criminals today have been emboldened.' MORE:

Former Congressman Michael Grimm joins host Carl Higbie to dissect the science behind the effect the 'Defund the Police' movement has on policing and crime. ...

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MichaelGrimmNY When you loosen gun laws guess what happens? MichaelGrimmNY Emboldened? That’s what happens when the rule of law dies.

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Opinion | Why the Jan. 6 sentencings don't feel historic at allTrump’s destructive Jan. 6 mobs get light sentences compared to Puerto Ricans fighting for their independence. julito77 julito77 Lesson: don’t follow feds disguised as Trump supporters into the building. julito77 Remember back from 2016 - 2020 it was ok to question legitimacy of elections? Now these commies want to make it a crime.

Peoples_Pundit The reason is cheating and fraud.

Why a small number of criminals perpetrate the worst crimes in AmericaMost America n violent crime is perpetrated by a small number of criminals, and gun violence affects an equally small minority of America ns, mainly in New York, Chicago and other large metro areas. … The dude in the extreme right end looks kinda someone without a crime record But the remaining two look damn like a criminal I'm pretty sure they are all heartless Because the DAs in the Democratic run states have allowed these criminals to be treated as victims