Here’s Why Thousands Of Nigerians Are Protesting In Lagos

10/21/2020 3:00:00 AM

15 people so far have died during the anti-police brutality protests that Tuesday saw security forces open fire on protesters.

ToplineAfter two weeks of massive demonstrations against police brutality brought Nigeria’s financial hub, Lagos, to a virtual standstill, government security forces using live ammunition opened fire Tuesday on hundreds of protestors rallying against a government-mandated 24-hour curfew.

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A protesters raises his fist and holds a placard during a demonstration to protest against police... [+]brutality at Magboro, Ogun State in southwest Nigeria, on October 20, 2020. - Authorities declared a 24-hour curfew in Nigeria's economic hub Lagos on October 20, 2020, as violence flared in widespread protests that have rocked cities across the country.

(Photo by PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)Key FactsAt least seven people were killed during the melee, according to aGuardianciting a popular African disc jockey, DJ Switch, who was live-streaming the demonstration on Instagram.The protests began on October 7 with calls to disband an

infamous police unitthat had long been accused of extortion, torture and extra-juditial killings, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).SARS was dissolved on October 11, but quickly replaced by the Special Weapons and Tactics team, and demonstrations continued, only to be met with “

” by government security forces, according to Amnesty International, including the use of tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition against protesters.Almost 2,000 prison inmates escaped after demonstrators stormed two prisons Monday in Benin City in southern Nigeria.

On Tuesday, state officialsanti-riot forces to protect police and correctional facilities which the demonstrators had begun targeting, and announced a nationwide 24-hour curfew in response to the unrest.At least 15 people haveduring the demonstrations, according to Amnesty International.

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You wicked Am disappointed in you guys... Damn this is whack journalism from ChibuzoAgbodike The prisoners were just mere disguised... How can prisoners climb such huge walls without been stopped by prison police? There is no evidence of protesters entering either of the prisons.. It's all a strategy to attack. The thugs destroying things were all paid by Nig Govt

Pls read the article not just the headline. There are some wrong Info's in that article Protesting and being killed EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW

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