Here’s Why The Investigations Against Trump And His Company Are Taking So Long

Here’s Why The Investigations Against Trump And His Company Are Taking So Long

Ag Letitia James, Manhattan Da

1/21/2022 12:10:00 PM

Here’s Why The Investigations Against Trump And His Company Are Taking So Long

Investigations by the New York Attorney General and Manhattan DA into the Trump Organization ’s financial dealings have been ongoing since 2019.

James said in Tuesday’scourt filingher office “has not yet reached a final decision” about whether to bring a lawsuit against Trump or his company, though Perry noted the investigation “appears to be in its final stages” and the testimony the AG’s seeking now suggests the evidence-gathering is nearing an end.

Crucial Quote“They are going to take their time because they want to get [Trump],"  Bederow, a criminal defense attorney, toldForbes, citing thousands of pages of documents prosecutors need to read, as well as time to gather witness testimony to build their case.

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Why are we waiting. Because The Trumps broke so many laws? Because they confess without beings asked? There's too much evidence? Because it’s all for show? Because it's dictatorial political targeting -- keep digging so you can keep brainwashing 1/2 of America

George Conway: Why Trump must have his day in court over Jan. 6“This is the gravest crime you could imagine that a president could commit. If you don’t at least look at this with the closest possible microscope, you are basically saying that a president is completely above the law,' George Conway says. Jail I don't care what George Conway says, this is not news, do your job.

Trump is the 'first sedition POTUS': Watergate icon says Trump worse than criminal NixonLegendary journalist Carl Bernstein – whose reporting helped expose Nixon – makes his debut on “The Beat” to discuss accountability for presidential corruption, why the truth is not neutral, and keeping the MAGA cult in check. Better the Biden by a long shot. How are you supposed to 'make nice' with people who have a declared agenda to obstruct everything you do? This is not Bidens fault. He tried his best. This is ridiculous to blame the President for the Republicans failure to do anything to help this country. His administration has made great improvements this year in jobs and the environment and has done a tremendous job in cleaning up the mess left by Trump .

What comes next in N.Y.’s investigation of Donald Trump | AP explainerAt this point, he hasn’t been charged with any wrongdoing. New York’s attorney general has yet to decide whether she even wants to file a civil lawsuit. This will draw many HunterBiden trollbot comments. 👇🏻

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