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Here’s Why the Fed Isn’t Frightened by the Jobs Report

Jobs are hard to fill and wages are rising, but other factors will persuade the Federal Reserve to hold off on raising interest rates for now.

6/4/2021 11:45:00 PM

Heard on the Street: Jobs are hard to fill and wages are rising, but other factors will persuade the Federal Reserve to hold off on raising interest rates for now

Jobs are hard to fill and wages are rising, but other factors will persuade the Federal Reserve to hold off on raising interest rates for now.

and a pandemic-related shift in perceptions about what work is worthwhile. They all come down to incentives against working. The way for employers to overcome them is to raise the incentives for working, most obviously through wages.There is some evidence that is beginning to happen. The employment report showed that average hourly earnings rose 0.5% from a month earlier, topping the 0.2% gain economists expected. That is particularly impressive since the biggest job gains were in the leisure and hospitality sector—lower-paying jobs that tend to put downward pressure on the average wage figure.

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a $500 bonus with taxes taken out? wow, that will entice people to come back to $9 per hour jobs!!! oh, yes....your support of the top tier's greed is simply stunning, , but hey, you guys are 'Christians', aren't ya? $500 Sign On Bonus at McDonalds!!? How Many Staff Members Has the WSJ Lost Already Because Of This Publication!!?😉😁 Jokes

with 40% of the peasantry making the same crappy wages as in the past, demand will decline as benefits are cut....but no worries, , Republicans will starve the peasants into returning to subsistence jobs, right? Those corporations have plenty of shareholders making money that they can use to fill those positions.

nice Because that's the basis of Powell? 😃

Positive jobs data builds expectations for a whopper number for Friday's closely watched jobs reportPositive labor market data released Thursday added to rising confidence that the economy is returning in full force, with the latest weekly initial jobless claims falling below 400,000 for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The world congratulates Biden and thank God for the removal of the clown Trump from the presidency. Hahaha u can thank states like Florida for that

Why the bullshit-jobs thesis may be, well, bullshitDavid Graeber's thesis about “bullshit jobs” has been cited more than 800 times by academics, according to Google Scholar, and often repeated in the media Some Jobs though:- Beba Beba Beba guy just same as broke brokers. Would be a better read if you didn’t have a gatekeeper locking out most of the article. 👀 The “bullshit job” thesis was good for at least one thing: getting David Graeber a job spewing bs.

Buckingham Palace barred minorities from office jobs in '60sBuckingham Palace barred ethnic minorities from office jobs during the 1960s, a newspaper reports, citing documents in Britain’s National Archives. Its not a shock that they have dirty laundry. During ww2 they would blockade any ships fleeing nazis and force them to return. They did this over 50 years ago? You don’t say Like, when everyone was doing stuff like that? And i’m supposed to be mad about this now because why?

This Wall Street recruiter has a plan to boost diversity in sales jobsThe people asset managers hire to sell their funds are mostly white and male. A Wall Street recruiter has a plan to change that. I identify as a celestial anomaly, and I've been pretty successful the past six months. What are my chances? That’s because these whites come from high end universities that cost a fortunes. A fortune that blacks don’t have.. Plus they get to free intern at these places in expensive cities. Also money blacks don’t have. So not the hiring managers. But lack of supply.

Buckingham Palace banned 'coloured applicants' from jobs until at least 60sThe documents found in the UK’s National Archives show 'coloured immigrants or foreigners' from ethnic minority backgrounds were banned from holding clerical roles in the royal household.

‘Skittish is an understatement’ says economist as May jobs report looms for U.S. marketsThis isn't your typical monthly report on nonfarm payrolls after April data showed that the U.S. created just 266,000 in new jobs on a seasonally adjusted... wow Wtf is this garbage headline marketwatch?