Biden's Cabinet Picks: View The List - Cnnpolitics

Biden's Cabinet Picks: View The List - Cnnpolitics

Here's who Joe Biden has selected for his Cabinet

President-elect Joe Biden is building out his Cabinet as he prepares for his time in the White House.

11/25/2020 1:25:00 AM

President-elect Joe Biden is building out his Cabinet as he prepares for his time in the White House. All of the Cabinet positions will require Senate confirmation, in addition to some of the other Cabinet-level positions. Here's who he's selected so far.

President-elect Joe Biden is building out his Cabinet as he prepares for his time in the White House.

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Democrats to take Senate as Ossoff wins runoff, CNN projects

The Democratic Party will take control of Congress for the first time in a decade, after Democrats the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their Senate runoffs in Georgia, CNN projected Wednesday.

Looks like the democratic circus or should I say the clown show Biden's new white house He has literally brought in everyone under Obama and sure to a degree that can be expected (the whole being the VP to obama) but can bring he bring in someone that's wasn't a Obama person. Like someone, Bernie is practically begging you

Why do democrats hate America so much? Mouse nest! GOP need to keep the Senate. I hope each one of them get the same treatment Justice Kavenaugh got All should be locked up in gitmo! Lord help us all “Hundreds of Protesters Gather Outside CNN Headquarters In Atlanta To “Take Down Fake News,” “Rescue America” – Loud Chants “CNN Sucks”

Where is Pete Buttigieg? I am hoping Joe Biden picks some progressives for the cabinet. My goodness this is complicated. I didn't know cabinet level jobs require senate confirmation. Does this means the GOP have a lot say over who is chosen to Biden cabinet? A part of DJT’s legacy will be the complete exposing of CNN as the hack, partisan propaganda outlet that it is.

Thank goodness we can get back to starting wars across the world. a career politician appointed more career politicians wow, shocker. It’s party time again for American diplomatics again. They will be invited to all the best cocktail parties WW. What a group. I mean a JOKE Filling the SWAMP backup again !

CNN subscribes to the mantra of if it rings true, it is true👍 We want facts not your opinions! Be better. Not even as diverse as Trump's. Lots of reaaaaaly wealthy white guys in his potential administration, even a Soros guy! Good choice! Why on earth would the Senate approve any of these useless swamp creatures?

Donald Trump lasted just 66 seconds in the briefing room today. From what Stormy Daniels has said, that’s longer than Trump usually lasts. Notice how CNN is mute about the state senate hearings in NV, MI and PA on voter fraud? All GOP-controlled senates. And it's each states legislature, not the popular vote, that ultimately chooses the electorate. Bye-Bye-Biden! :-)

The senate will block each and every confirmation out of pure spite. Regardless of who they are. Biden will never have a cabinet. They plan to cut him off at the knees at every turn. Ahhh....a very politically correct group. We need some transgenders and gay and lesbians to make this truly humorous. Smelly Joe?

JeffBezos goes Washington D.C. as Secretary of Homeland Security? 😁 His only time in the White House is when Trump calls him in to discuss him giving a concession speech to keep this country from revolting. The worst freaking cabinet known to man. Well not quite as bad as Obama’s, well actually the same. Now America has to kiss rear and bow to the world again!

Goodbye Barr, Pompeo, Jared, Rudy and all the rest of you that took advantage of the American people by not standing up for us. You will not be missed!!! Kamala will now say a few words.... The Supreme Court will Declare Trump President again! Y’all not getting away with this 'you guys did it for our administration the president Obama's administration before this we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics' - JoeBiden

T R A I N W R E C K Well, they USED to require Senate approval, but now the standard is set that he can just make them acting secretaries and, maybe, someday get around to all that confirmation nonsense. Happy, MAGAts?