Here’s What Your Birth Chart Placements Mean, According To A Black Astrologer

5/29/2022 11:35:00 PM

Here’s what your birth chart placements mean, according to a Black astrologer:

Here’s what your birth chart placements mean, according to a Black astrologer:

In part two of R29Unbothered's conversation about astrology, Janelle Belgrave dives deeper into how to read one's birth chart for self-understanding — from planets and their energies to how signs elements’ can affect our personalities.

astrology has aided journeys of self-exploration during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it can help us understand the things happening both within and around us.citing her repeated attempts to pass gun control legislation over more than 20 years.The order required the bank to come up with a plan to get out of financial trouble and to hire competent management.The Astrophysical Journal by astronomers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, there's a whole treasury of them out there.

This month, we’re diving into the nitty gritty — from birth chart hierarchy (does it exist?) to sign elements and their traits to everything in between.Advertisement “A very loose definition [of astrology] would be the study of the heavens, meaning the planets, the stars, fixed stars, things that are above our heads in the celestial sphere and how we basically interpret them,” says astrologer, acupuncturist and clairvoyant intuitive Janelle Belgrave.Ahead of the convention, she called for former president Donald Trump to cancel his visit to the event, as some invited politicians did, and for the NRA to cancel the three-day gathering.“I think the reason why astrology is so great is because it shows a spectrum.Dr.We can all fall on this spectrum of energy and it allows for everyone to be represented.Chas Moore, leader of the Austin Justice Coalition, a nonprofit focused on combating racial and social injustice, was also in the crowd of protesters and said that gun violence is prevalent in communities of color.” In part two of our conversation about astrology, Belgrave dives deeper into how to read one's birth chart for self-understanding — from planets and their energies to how signs elements’ can affect our personalities.How did they get to be so big? The answer involves a topic that we see across astronomy and planetary science: hierarchical models.

R29Unbothered: Many rely heavily on sun, rising and moon placements to better understand themselves and others, but there are so many other parts of our chart that speak to who we are.Moore also challenged the crowd, saying that some are “armchair activists” only attend protests to post about it on social media.Nduom was a wealthy West African who owned many businesses, including a large bank in Ghana.Can you talk about what parts of our charts are equally as important that people may overlook? Janelle Belgrave: “It depends on the charts.For example, if you're a Leo sun, you might have a very strong ego because the sun is most comfortable in Leo.“But like, don’t chalk it up to you actually doing something.Overall, there is a whole layer cake kind of system that you have to look at.SHARON STEWART'S STORY For more than 30 years, Sharon Stewart said her late mother, Dorothy, held a mortgage at ISF because she wanted to support the bank's commitment to community.There are the planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.” BLM Houston’s Instagram page.That gas formed stars, which evolved, died, and spread their materials out to help create new generations of stars (and their planets).

If you want to go into Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well, then you have the 12 houses, which is basically how the sky is broken up into 12 different parts.Advertisement Each of those houses have a different set of meanings attached to it or different parts of your life are represented through those houses."She could go in there and talk to them personally," Stewart said.Then you have the signs themselves — Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on — and how those signs can color those houses and planets and add a different flavor.Those signs will give us a lot of influence on how those planets and houses want to act and be expressed.Then you have the aspects, which is how the planets are talking to each other within the chart and how that manifests." Eventually, Stewart added her name to the mortgage and carried on that commitment to support what eventually became GN Bank -- and ultimately became the last Black bank in Chicago.It has an extensive merger history, going back billions of years.

Then there's a lot more to that, too.So it's not about importance per se because the chart is also activated at different parts of our lives; it's really about seeing how the life flows energetically through a chart and how we manage it.[It’s not about] trying to rank your chart, but embracing it in all of its highs and lows, light and dark, because that's really what astrology is about.I'm so disappointed with them," Stewart said.It's about the balance of our universe represented to us on Earth.” That makes a lot of sense.) So, those little guys that merged to make the current Milky Way; chances are good some were dwarfs.

You mentioned houses." Stewart told CBS 2 since GN took over, customer service has gone downhill.Can you talk a little bit more about them and what role they play in our chart? JB: “This is why the rising sign is so important and why so many astrologers want people to have their birth signs.The ascendant represents the first house, which represents you.It is yourself, your body, your character, your personality, your appearance." She also said normal banking procedures are not followed.The breath of life starts with the first house.Sometimes they even get caught and swallowed up.

After we know what sign is your rising sign or your ascendant, we can then count out the houses.Advertisement I'm a Sagittarius rising, so my first is Sagittarius, my second house is Capricorn and so on and so forth."The last bank statement that we received was December 2017.All 12 sides are represented around my houses.Each house has a set of meanings.For example, the second house is talking about your finances, your income and all possibilities related to that.Stewart met with the then vice president of the loan department.How do we know this? Astronomers found ways to survey the nearby Universe to look for candidate dwarf galaxies with such growing black holes.

The third house might talk about your siblings, your communication skills and so on and so forth.So when you start adding the signs to the houses, when you start putting planets into houses, then you start to see what people are really here for.” How would you explain each of the sign elements and their traits? JB: “Fire and air are masculine elements, and when I say masculine, I'm not so talking about gender per se.But Stewart found out that GN Bank had sold the mortgage to Yorke Properties, LLC.I'm talking about their energy.Masculine energy tends to be what we call young or active.Eventually, they form more-massive ones.

It's seeking energy.He's also listed on state LLC records as a manager of Yorke Properties.It's going out there.It’s intellectual.So fire signs tend to be in the realm of enthusiasm and excitement, adventure, entertainment.She had to prove the loan was current to avoid foreclosure.All that fiery, sparkly kind of energy, we see that with the signs of Aries, Leos and Sagittarius.They found evidence of growing black holes in a significant percentage of dwarf galaxies.

Aries is the pioneer.They go out there, they rush headfirst into danger.So I always write [on] a piece of paper the address, my mother's name, my name, the check number, how much I'm paying, the loan numbers that they told me are the loan numbers -- and I always write a statement that GN Bank does not provide annual or monthly statements, nor payment coupons.They're warriors.Leo are the entertainers, so they want to be the fixture and have eyes on them around the fireplace, telling stories.Sagittarius as a fire sign tends to be about spreading information, so sharing candles and lighting the way forward.It's like the Flintstones."Just like fireflies, we see black holes only when they're lit up – when they're growing – and the lit-up ones give us a clue to how many we can't see," she said.

Air signs seem to be very intellectual, also living in the realm of the mind, ideas, thought, and conversation.The feminine signs, earth and water, they're more yin.They're more receptive.Stewart kept all of those handwritten receipts and cancelled checks totaling $60,000 to prove to GN Bank that the loan was not in default.They tend to have life come toward them.They tend to be more stable."We all got nervous," Polimera said.

They want more concrete and stable lifestyles."They do not run it like a financial institution in the United States at all," Stewart said.They tend to be more interested in the material world, whether it's money or resources or physical, tangible things.They tend to be a lot more practical in nature.Water signs tend to be more emotional, more feeling, more psychic in nature.He's a real estate investor – so he has a lot of them.Think about when you drop a drop of ink in a water glass, for example.Not only did its past mergers mingle stars, but each dwarf could also have brought along its own growing black hole.

See how it spreads.That's how watery people tend to respond to life." Jansen pays in person at the bank because he's heard of stories like Stewart's and is afraid something similar could happen to him.Anyone that stands next to them, they tend to feel their emotions and latch on to it.Everyone typically has a mix of these elements, but there are those of us who have one element more than another, and then you have to think about what that would look like.I think the reason why astrology is so great is because it shows a spectrum.They just come in and foreclose.

We can all fall on this spectrum of energy and it allows for everyone to be represented whether you're cis male or female or trans or otherwise.Your chart is going to be reflective of you.It’s not about either or."Ever since they changed the system over to a new system that gives you these Burger King coupons, that's your payment history," Jansen said.We can exist anywhere in the spectrum between yin and yang, masculine and feminine through your astrology chart.” What Your Birth Chart Placements Mean.

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