Here's what you should know about secondary infertility

Here's what you should know about secondary infertility

4/21/2021 10:20:00 PM

Here's what you should know about secondary infertility

Secondary infertility affects 10% of all couples, yet few know they're experiencing it.

The experts say couples don’t realize only a few years makes a difference when it comes to getting pregnant a second time.“If you are starting to build your family later on in life, you don’t necessarily want to delay having a second child,” Beall said. “There is a big difference between 37 and 40.”

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That’s also why older couples should seek treatment sooner. Women 35 and younger are considered infertile if they’ve not been using contraception for a year and can’t become pregnant. From ages 35 to 40, women should see fertility assistance after six months and women 40 and over should seek help after only three months.

Yet, people with secondary infertility often put off treatment.“There’s a little bit of denial,” Beall said. “Couples who are struggling with secondary infertility tend to have more guilt, feel as if they are selfish and feel they should be happy with the children they have.”

Rendulic certainly understands this.“You feel bad for wanting another child,” she said.Treatments for secondary infertility are the same as to treatment for primaryinfertility. First, doctors examine both partners to make sure tubes aren't blocked and sperm is moving correctly, for example.

“The male factor component can be assessed with a semen analysis and inquiring about sexual dysfunction," Snook said."Often with increasing age, we will focus more on assessing a woman's ovarian reserve, which can guide treatment options."

For some patients, like Rendulic, there’s unknowninfertility, which means doctors don’t know why the couple can’t conceive. For others, doctors can determine a cause and this influences treatment.Sometimes women take drugs that boost their ovulation, which is one way to treat it. Rusch opted for

in vitro fertilization(IVF), which is considered the most aggressive treatment.“I understand my chances of having a child is very slim without assistance. The best chance I have is with IVF,” Rusch said.There’s alsointrauterine insemination(IUI), which Rendulic had, where doctors inject sperm into the uterus. She is now pregnant with a second child due at the end of July.

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