Here’s What The ‘Unmask Our Kids’ Crowd Gets Wrong

Kids want to care about others. Let them.

7/15/2021 5:38:00 PM

Here’s What The ‘Unmask Our Kids’ Crowd Gets Wrong “I would also bet that the only reason any kid would claim they feel they’re being ‘tortured’ by the requirement to wear a mask is that they're parroting what an adult has told them.”

Kids want to care about others. Let them.

It really hit home with me how sick kids can get when a freelancing colleague of mine shared on social media that her unvaccinated 15-year-old daughter contracted COVID-19 and within days was in the hospital. She suffered pulmonary embolisms and almost died. This mom had tried to get her daughter vaccinated but couldn’t because her daughter’s other parent was opposed to it.

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Too many people are perpetuating the myth that kids can’t get sick and using that as a reason to oppose masks and vaccinations. While it’s true kids’ symptoms are typically milder, they absolutelycan get sickand can develop life-threatening symptoms or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).

It’s tragic how frequently I see stories of people who brazenly proclaimed their apparent invulnerability to a disease they believed was no more than a tool for the— and then got sick with COVID-19 and died. This young woman, Olivia Guidry, was a nurse.

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