Here's What A $200,000 Home Looks Like In All 50 States

AKA: Here's my reason to move out of New York City.

8/4/2021 7:26:00 AM

AKA: Here's my reason to move out of New York City.

AKA: Here's my reason to move out of New York City.

Location:North Highland Park, Richmond.Amenities: renovated kitchen with new tile floors and granite countertops, deck and backyard, tons of updates including new roof, windows, two-zone heat pump, water heater, and appliances.Matt Bennett / High Road Photo / Keller Williams Realty / Via

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The renovated colonial home also features a 10-year tax abatement. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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Here’s Where Renters Appear Suddenly Most At Risk For Eviction (Some Southern States Are Especially Vulnerable)I'm a British-born reporter covering breaking news for Forbes. How you receive money from the government and still don’t pay rent is beyond me. this is terrible news Simple fix. Renters who need help, apply to Section 8 (which already exists to help low income). Section 8 housing then pays Landlord directly. Infrastructure /process is already there. Win win. Landlords aren’t left holding the bag like CDC created in the moratorium.

All 50 states report rising vaccination rates as COVID infections surge, data showsPublic health officials across the country are hearing the same story from an increasing number of people getting the vaccine: someone they know recently caught the virus and the experience was unsettling. horrible Late to the party but welcome Meanwhile, the Delta variant pours across the southern border every day.