Here's how you should be washing your hands during the coronavirus pandemic

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The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, sending countries into lockdown with millions under movement restrictions. Follow here for live updates

Cnntownhall, World


'Just soap and water can be very effective, even more effective than the hand sanitizers.' drsanjaygupta provides a hand-washing tutorial, including the importance of interlacing your fingers and also washing the back of your hands. CNNTownHall

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, sending countries into lockdown with millions under movement restrictions. Follow here for live updates

share link 5 min ago We don't have enough data and don't know when this pandemic will end, warns top health expert D Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, joined CNN's town hall tonight to address the coronavirus pandemic. He also answered questions from viewers concerned about the outbreak. Here are some of those questions and his responses: Q: Why is the President suggesting a pullback when numbers are rising so rapidly? "I think what the President was trying to do, he was making an aspirational projection to give people some hope," Fauci said. "When you have a situation when the cases today compared to tomorrow is increased dramatically and then the next day is increased dramatically, that's no time to pull back. That's when you have to hunker down, nail down, mitigate, mitigate, mitigate, get the people taken care of." Q: At what point will we have a better idea of a timeline for the US? We have a lot more information now than just a few weeks ago, said Fauci — but there's still one thing that makes it difficult to tell where the pandemic will go and how long it will last in the US. This is the relative percentage of asymptomatic infection — and it"influences everything," Fauci said. It influences transmission, contact tracing, and the measures that the authorities need to take. That's why the most important thing to do now is to conduct widespread testing and collect more data. The contact tracing and testing we're doing isn't enough at the moment, he warned."It needs to be ratcheted up ... we've got to do it better than we are now." Watch: Read more: CNN

drsanjaygupta Hope we don’t have a water crisis after this health crisis 😔 drsanjaygupta all the hand-washing tutorials from celebs... all leave the faucet running... what a wrong message... what a waste of precious safe water.. all gone down the drain. थुइक्क!! :( drsanjaygupta Esta é a regra básica... Mas para algumas pessoas que nós conhecemos, diria que este conselho poderia ser aplicado ao cérebro. 👾⛔✔️

theresamacc drsanjaygupta Saw this the other day on CNN and yes, I too have been washing my hands differently, ie; more thoroughly, ever since. drsanjaygupta ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus ChineseVirus drsanjaygupta If you have to show a video of how to wash your hands, it’s over. And by the way, it’s Trump’s fault no one knows how to wash their hands.

drsanjaygupta Pffff pésimo ! Que gastadero de agua a lo inútil! Tarado. drsanjaygupta Close the tap. SaveWater drsanjaygupta 洗手并不是关键 还是要戴口罩且避免聚集 drsanjaygupta My mom taught me that when I was two. Thanks for reminding me how to do it!! drsanjaygupta wash your mouth with soap cnn.

Kelly Osbourne talks staying home as she pledges to #StayHomeforOzzy amid COVID-19Kelly Osbourne is asking others to StayHomeforOzzy in an effort to raise awareness for people like her father, who's particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. It shouldn't take a famous person to get people to wisen up and listen. Maybe if he'd snorted less shit up his nizzie back in the day... Ozzy has been living on borrowed time anyway. It's easy when you've got money

drsanjaygupta Supposed to wash your WRISTS too!! Tut, tut! drsanjaygupta what a waste of water 💁🏽‍♂️ drsanjaygupta What's with the running tap? drsanjaygupta Hack drsanjaygupta You forgot to watch your wrists drsanjaygupta Thanks fo wasting the fucking water ! drsanjaygupta Does anyone else find it really odd that you’re being taught how to wash your hands?....

drsanjaygupta That tap gave me anxiety. The virus won't kill me but drought probably will. drsanjaygupta 20 seconds of liters and liters of water lost... If he does this many times per day... drsanjaygupta Well fuck me. I am saved. Thank you and you goofy fucking doctor.

New York hospitals battle coronavirus as hundreds of patients flood in: 'We must not break''We must not break': New York City hospitals battle coronavirus as hundreds of patients flood ICU, ERs Amazing u cut off president to transition to random RBC capital markets analyst Mortality rate for the Chinese virus in NY is Less than 1% Washington state is almost 6% With 15,000 infected people and doubling every 3 days...well that’s a nightmarish 30k, 60k, 120k, 240k New Yorkers with Covid 19 in just 12 days from now!!! I hope those numbers are wrong.

drsanjaygupta Please turn off the tap, so many wasted water 😓 drsanjaygupta What do u think people are? stupid monkeys who doesn't know how to wash their hands haha You are a monkey who doesn't know what people think. Learn this: You are not better than anybody else! drsanjaygupta İ think the first rule of good hand washing is wasting 30 liters water unnecessarily.

drsanjaygupta This is respiratory tract infection, fool, do not wear a mask, any protective measures are not meaningful! drsanjaygupta Was wondering if there is any alternative to 'wash our hand properly' if we do not have same amount of water? drsanjaygupta Pls don't waste water, turn the valve off

drsanjaygupta Shoe tying demo next? drsanjaygupta **When your landlord pays for your water** Erikk_the_Dane2 drsanjaygupta Cierra la llave del grifo, estas desperdiciando litros de agua. drsanjaygupta Lol but first let’s make sure we don’t rip paper towel before you start washing your hands, aren’t you transferring virus to paper? All that washing just to wipe hands with already spoiled paper 🤦‍♀️

Lisa Marie Presley and Her Twin Daughters Are Fostering Puppies Amid Coronavirus CrisisShelters across the country are encouraging animal lovers to foster a pet during the coronavirus pandemic

drsanjaygupta good to see this but just a small request save water as I can see you have wasted a lot of water. drsanjaygupta close the fu$%$% faucet! drsanjaygupta DAMN, BRO THATS CRAZY , drsanjaygupta Everything looks fine, until the paper towel part. Water✅, soap✅, paper towel❌. drsanjaygupta Who in the fuck doesn’t know how to wash their hands 😂😂

drsanjaygupta Nalka band karday bhai. Dekh ke anxiety ho rahi itna paani waste kar raha. drsanjaygupta Post or pre home haircut. I will be comforted when manicure supplies sales sharply drop. Not possible to properly wash hands with a French manicure. One of first things that had to go. drsanjaygupta 40lts of water gone

drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta look at this fool wasting water🙄

Courteney Cox Shows Her Fridge And Pantry In Quarantine — And It's So MonicaFans reacted to the 'Friends' star's kitchen during the coronavirus pandemic. How about you post about the sexual allegations towards JoeBiden instead? No one gives a fuck what some rich person’s quarantine pantry looks like Too many face lifts!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you just shut up

drsanjaygupta Turning off water could have been good , not everyone has the luxury to waste water .... drsanjaygupta Y’all grown ass adults really needed a washing your hands tutorial drsanjaygupta people are so dumb nowadays that they dont know how to wash their hands?! looool drsanjaygupta Sooo. Bit scarey that people don’t now how to wash their hands? How many celebs doing this? Is this for real? People aren’t educated to wash their hands? WTF. Is this patronising? or is there a real problem with our education system. That’s a scary thought.

drsanjaygupta Following the tutorial, he will use Muppets to demonstrate 'near' and 'far'. drsanjaygupta Perfect. And next week he is showing us how to clean your butt properly after you went to toilet. drsanjaygupta The corrupt media and Democrats are not talking about border again since the Trump travel ban helped in saving American from WuhanCoronaVirus

drsanjaygupta Including waste the water 😏 drsanjaygupta How many people in India does drsanjaygupta think have access to running water 24/7 drsanjaygupta This is CNN BREAKING NEWS! Sanjay Gupta washes his hands (sources say).

Amazon Suspends Accounts for Price GougingAmazon has suspended almost 4,000 accounts for price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic, and the company also pulled more than half a million offers of products. Good Excellent.....hand sanitizer for $400? Great news!!

drsanjaygupta ugh the amount of wasted water 🙄 drsanjaygupta Most of the world does not have the luxury of running clean water in their homes let alone soap! drsanjaygupta I am sorry to say that this is quite idiotic you had Bill Gates talking science being interviewed on CNN and he’s telling him how to wash your hands including thumbs

drsanjaygupta Damn! That's a lot of work drsanjaygupta Thank you Dr. Gupta!!! jaketapper drsanjaygupta Didn't you spread bacteria to the soap dispenser and sink k obs? jaketapper drsanjaygupta Is he being paid for that? drsanjaygupta The dude decided to give the pipes a good drizzle too with all that extra water waste. But I agree.. this is a great hand washing tutorial. Often I forget the back of the hand, dangerous so as a place bacteria derived from snotty nose wipes grows feverishly.

drsanjaygupta 20 seconds of wasting water, u cud hav saved with closing and opening of ur hand's back side drsanjaygupta Try to save water as well.

Here's How The World Is Sanitizing Public Streets During The Coronavirus PandemicAround the world, nations are enacting unprecedented sanitation measures to help combat the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

jaketapper drsanjaygupta Sanjay lol drsanjaygupta Lost respect for this dude. He’s a like a dog working for cnn and andersoncooper and donlemon . Woof woof. jaketapper drsanjaygupta U again. Noooooooooo get a female doctor to take next shift drsanjaygupta Are you teaching us how to waste water? drsanjaygupta He didn’t whistle twinkle twinkle while standing on one foot. He’s a goner

drsanjaygupta Hands so clean he can feed me 🍇. drsanjaygupta Dude, if you would like to be an example for us DO NOT WASTE water ... mygod! drsanjaygupta 1979: I bet there'll be flying cars in the future. 2020: jaketapper drsanjaygupta So I do have to wash both hands..... drsanjaygupta yeah,keep wash your hand without mask.people can be fooled.

drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta This is how stupid CNN thinks its average viewer is. drsanjaygupta SocialDistancingNow | handwashing | StayHome Countries with confirmed cases of the coronavirus 👇 CoronavirusOutbreak COVID19outbreak drsanjaygupta 🤦🏼‍♂️ drsanjaygupta Excellent BUT dok you waste the water alot !!!!

drsanjaygupta Most people won't listen anyway. drsanjaygupta While I would like to mock this network for this 'tutorial', there are far too many who don't even exercise the basic levels of sanitation. drsanjaygupta Love that the tap is on and all that water is getting wasted. Good job, drsanjaygupta !

drsanjaygupta I went to domino pizza in Norcross ga on Indian trail this little Spanish guy took my order very unprofessional after he gave me back my change he started twirling the pizza for .he didn't wash his hands . I asked manager why don't yhal where gloves his reply was we don't have to drsanjaygupta

drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta CNN should drop their 24 hour New Channel and pick up two 30 minute slots on HGTV or the Home Shopping Channel. Time better spent. drsanjaygupta How does he wipe his ass? drsanjaygupta Wow. Look at all that wasted water. This is not friendly to the environment drsanjaygupta I was wondering what all this “hand washing” talk was about. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me.

drsanjaygupta Will he teach people about fear mongering next? drsanjaygupta Only CNN viewers require this level of instruction. drsanjaygupta CNN viewers need to learn how to wash their hands? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Things are making much more sense now! drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta This is something deardiary Acosta should have done, right up his alley

drsanjaygupta 🖕 drsanjaygupta Wasting water moron drsanjaygupta 25 gallons of water to wash one set of hands. THIS is CNN. drsanjaygupta Ridiculous drsanjaygupta Now teach us how to brush, floss, and wipe our butts. drsanjaygupta OMG! Lying fascist CNN has to tell their liberal sheep how to wash their hands! News Flash lying CNN! It’s liberals who are spreading the virus! Quarantine all liberals!

drsanjaygupta Now do masturbation you doofus. If you're teaching people to wash their hands for your CNN viewers, then we've failed as a society. drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta Because nobody in America knows how to wash their hands... drsanjaygupta it's not a true american washing their hands if you don't leave the tap open...

drsanjaygupta Lots of wasted water. You green people are nuts drsanjaygupta Is this because the average age of your viewers is 7yr olds If not physically then mentally drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta Can he teach people back in India not to shit in the street. It could save the Indian govt 30 million a year

drsanjaygupta Cool drsanjaygupta This is down right embarrassing dr. drsanjaygupta Fakes news scientists vaccines 💉 kill innocent people in the global madness magic world corona virus drsanjaygupta Hey doc, let’s say you’re at McDonald’s. And since they were thinking about the environment, the franchise replaced all the paper towels with hand dryers. How am I supposed to turn the faucet off? No, toilet paper of course too. Would you recommend we just leave the faucet on?

drsanjaygupta So much water wasted fucking imbeciles drsanjaygupta Is he going to show people how to wash our asses next?

drsanjaygupta The amount of water you are using is insane! drsanjaygupta next episode: how to poo in the loo drsanjaygupta Correct way to wash hands 'BUT' Lots and Lots of waste of water ! drsanjaygupta You’s better turn off the tap while you do it 🤦‍♀️ drsanjaygupta But this method is too wasteful because the water tap is not turned off first

drsanjaygupta And try to preserve water by turning off the tap whilst rubbing you hands together! ...... yes, it is important. drsanjaygupta We know how to wash our hands 🥴🤷🏼‍♀️ drsanjaygupta This shows you how CNN thinks we are so stupid, they need to teach us how to wash our hands. I never watch this fake news

drsanjaygupta Well watching that video was just down right uncomfortable, at least it was funny. drsanjaygupta Wow! Great share. Soap, water, friction. I think I’ve finally got it

If we shouldn’t touch our faces with our hands, how do we wash our faces Just wondering lol drsanjaygupta Do we need to let the water run like this? 🤦🏻‍♂️ drsanjaygupta What are we 4? CNN is Sesame Street. And what’s up with wasting 7 gallons of water.. drsanjaygupta Will you cut my meat for me now. 🤦🏽‍♀️

drsanjaygupta Ok but am I wiping my ass properly? drsanjaygupta Riveting. drsanjaygupta Teach them not to eat bat soup drsanjaygupta Dude went to Med. School for that? drsanjaygupta Can you show me how to wipe my ass? drsanjaygupta stop wasting water and shut off the tap inbetween

drsanjaygupta Do I need to wash my hands before scratching my balls Asking for a friend drsanjaygupta Where’s the do not drink fish tank cleaner episode? drsanjaygupta Riveting! drsanjaygupta This is important! drsanjaygupta That wasn’t the happy birthday song twice drsanjaygupta Y drsanjaygupta Aren't all your followers all out licking toilet seats? Maybe you should teach them not to do that also.

drsanjaygupta I’m not entirely sure what I would have done without this video. Now I can sleep tonight. 🙄🙄 drsanjaygupta Turn the tap off.. Why leave it running whilst washing your hands. Complete waste of water resources drsanjaygupta We'll be learning shapes and colors next week 😂

drsanjaygupta Don’t forget to wash your ass drsanjaygupta This is probably the most accurate news ever coming from CNN. Finally, something useful........ for some people or children........ who don't know how to was their hands. drsanjaygupta Thank you Captain Obvious! drsanjaygupta Turning point in our history... They revealed the secret to us. We started washing hands.

drsanjaygupta And CNN has jumped the snail drsanjaygupta CNN = Condescending Narcissistic News drsanjaygupta Next video: how to properly zip up s coat. drsanjaygupta And what do you advise people in developing countries who have no access to running water and must travel a mile or two to find a source and fill up jugs to carry home?

drsanjaygupta Why didn’t they get Sean Penn to demonstrate? drsanjaygupta You are supposed to wash up to your wrist

drsanjaygupta Keep wasting that water drsanjaygupta will you come show me how to wipe my ass? drsanjaygupta Cierra el caño....el.agua es oro. drsanjaygupta Another award winning segment from CNN, such edgy hard hitting journalism. drsanjaygupta That makes 4 more people that know how to wash their own hands now. Bravo CNN.

drsanjaygupta My God. Talk about patronising. drsanjaygupta Can’t believe the way you are washing those hands. Why do you ask!? Because you are fake news.... fakenews drsanjaygupta You didn’t sing happy birthday FOOL! drsanjaygupta Worthless! You think this lame, 'here's how to wash your hands' tutorial video actually makes CNN more relevant? It really shows how you consider yourselves so much more intelligent than the American people and only serves to expose your racism, and self-aggrandization!

drsanjaygupta In the third world we turn of the faucet while soaping our hands. Saves on water.

drsanjaygupta Thank you Cox, we love your service. God Bless! drsanjaygupta Hey can you now show CNN viewers how to tie their shoes? drsanjaygupta Much needed, thank you sir drsanjaygupta was that part of your part in 'Contagion'? Asking since you have been using the script for that movie as talking points for the remember, where you were interviewing Fishburn? You're using HIS lines VERBATIM.

drsanjaygupta This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve seen in days but then again the target audience are CNN viewers so it’s understandable. drsanjaygupta What's missing is the part where you're trying find a way to turn off the bacteria laced water knob, after you've washed. So, try, while foaming your hands, soaping down the knob and then rinse it off. The knob will be cleaner than it was.

drsanjaygupta Wasting so much of water. Pl remove this video. drsanjaygupta Teaching people how to wash their hands? CNN is truly a network for morons. drsanjaygupta Is he going to teach cnn viewers to count next drsanjaygupta Segment for all the 2 year old CNN viewers?

drsanjaygupta This is a wrong demonstration. You don’t need the water running while you rub your hands!Saving Water! drsanjaygupta and after this virus, we're going to be on a massive water drought 🤦‍♂️ drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta Cover the Tara Reade story drsanjaygupta This is much needed for liberals, don’t forget to teach them how to use deodorant and wiping their asses. 😂😂😂😂

drsanjaygupta This is insane. You don't have to be a doctor to show how to wash your hands. drsanjaygupta It really is too bad the CNN has taken the hate propaganda route. CNN again ranked DEAD LAST in all news networks drsanjaygupta Cierrale q la llave hijo de puta drsanjaygupta hand washes the other...

drsanjaygupta Because the people have been convinced they don’t need knowledge and are becoming dependent, allowing for corruption and control.

drsanjaygupta 👍🏼 drsanjaygupta 👍 drsanjaygupta CNN is Fake News! drsanjaygupta come lavare le mani 😂 drsanjaygupta Before And after handwashing I make everyone use alcohol because I don’t see any of them doing it properly and thoroughly especially the kids CNNTownHall drsanjaygupta Yeah it IS washing your hands and not your palms

drsanjaygupta Masks. drsanjaygupta Gone off Cable News for twelve hours now and I feel great the constant updating of how many have 19, how many are dead from 19 and how many are going to die from 19 was driving me into a deep depression, thanks Dr Phil. drsanjaygupta Never trust any doctor that is on CNN

drsanjaygupta Why can’t the government mandate gowns masks to be made free

Donna_West drsanjaygupta drsanjaygupta Im bout to go watch his acting in the movie see if I can gain a sense of correlations of this pandemic ....🤔🤷 drsanjaygupta Trump should be in jail for not getting hospitals supplies!!!!!!!!!!

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Tucker Carlson doesn't think America should let medical experts make coronavirus decisions Inconsolable Jeff Sessions Tries To Commit Suicide By Smoking Joint Olive Oil In Skinny Bottle Obviously Better Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response Kang Daniel Had To Step Away From The Stage To Remember Why He Loved It Dr. Deborah Birx admits US officials 'didn't know how contagious' coronavirus was early in outbreak USS Theodore Roosevelt commanding officer relieved of duty, acting Navy secretary announces Oprah Donates $10 Million To Coronavirus Relief Coronavirus live updates: NYC, LA advise residents to cover faces outdoors The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus Joe Exotic Wants David Spade To Play Him In the Upcoming 'Tiger King' Dramatic Series, But David Isn't Convinced