Here’s how traders capitalize on crypto market crashes and liquidations

Here's ways you can get an edge in the markets when things aren't looking green.

1/20/2022 5:45:00 AM

Here's ways you can get an edge in the markets when things aren't looking green.

Everyone’s smart during bull markets, but there are ways to generate profits during bear trends. Here’s how to capitalize on liquidations.

Kujira’s Orca protocol is a platform built on the Terra network and it allows investors to bid on bETH (bonded asset of Ether) and bLUNA (bonded asset of LUNA) at a discounted price when the at-risk collateral is liquidated.Kujira allows anyone to participate in the liquidation process by grasping the opportunity to acquire these assets at a discounted price.

Let’s take a closer look at the strategies for acquiring bETH and bLUNA at a discount during a market crash.To borrow UST, participants need to deposit bonded assets (bETH or bLUNA) as collateral to Anchor. The maximum amount each wallet can borrow is 60% of the collateral value, often referred to by DeFi protocols as the maximum LTV (loan-to-value).

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And we will forget about it within a week just like Coinbase hacks. But we talk about Bitfinex and Binance for years, even though they returned all stolen funds to users. But no one cares about that... Wow. sounds sad. We need to find a way to protect crypto from hackers.

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$219 Million Worth of Liquidations Recorded as Cryptomarket Total Valuation Dips Below $2 TrillionCryptomarket total value falls below $2 trillion after $219 million worth of liquidations Crypto cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Current Market Dynamics Differ from the 2021 'Pre-Bull Run Era': AnalystBitcoin current market dynamics are nothing like 2021 'pre-bull run era': crypto analyst BTC cryptocurrency We can't go back to the gold standard by the way. It already failed. That's why we have fiat. That's why we're in this mess. Only Bitcoin can free us. You guys should Follow edmo360 he knows his stuff when it comes to BTC and other Cryptos, his tweet have been helpful so far As the days go by since the $41K drop, we see bitcoin testing and rejecting the $43k and below resistance levels. For stronger rises in Bitcoin,OP2 is the main bullish pattern I'm expecting $45k. Bravo B_m_o5n made us proud her tweets and tips have been very helpful. BabyDogeCoin

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