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Here’s how much the 2021 NBA draft picks will earn on their rookie contracts

No. 1 pick Cade Cunningham will make an estimated $36.8 million from his rookie contract.

7/30/2021 2:50:00 AM

Expected No. 1 NBADraft pick Cade Cunningham will make an estimated $36.8 million from his rookie contract.

No. 1 pick Cade Cunningham will make an estimated $36.8 million from his rookie contract.

While a few of the teams selecting players at the start of the draft have already indicated who they may select — like the Detroit Pistons with Cade Cunningham and the Houston Rockets with Jalen Green — most of the NBA draft picks remain unknown. iframe.twitter-tweet { width: 100% !important; } For players, the team that drafts them can have a major impact on how they develop as basketball players, but it also can have a huge impact on their salaries.

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See also: LeBron James is a billionaire — the first U.S. team sport athlete to do it while still playingWhat number draft pick a player is determines how much money he will earn on his rookie contract. This is due to the NBA’s rookie wage scale, which assigns dollar amounts to specific draft slots. The higher a player is drafted, the more lucrative their overall contracts are.

Due to the NBA’s rookie wage scale, dropping a few spots during the draft can actually cost players millions of dollars on their rookie contracts.Also read: Detroit Pistons nab Cade Cunningham at No. 1 in NBA draftEach player selected in the first round of the NBA Draft is awarded a 4-year contract with an NBA franchise, but only the first two years are fully guaranteed.

Here are the estimated contracts for the first round selections of the 2021 NBA draft, according to contract monitoring site Spotrac.Pick No. 1Guaranteed: $17.2 millionTotal value: $38 millionPick No. 2Guaranteed: $15.4 millionTotal value: $34 million

Pick No. 3Guaranteed: $13.8 millionTotal value: $30.6 millionPick No. 4Guaranteed: $12.4 millionTotal value: $27.6 millionPick No. 5Guaranteed: $11.3 millionTotal value: $25 millionSee also: ‘I am a gay man and also an Olympic champion’: Tom Daley after winning a gold medal in Tokyo

Pick No. 6Guaranteed: $10.2 millionTotal value: $22.7 millionPick No. 7Guaranteed: $9.3 millionTotal value: $20.7 millionPick No. 8Guaranteed: $8.6 millionTotal value: $19 millionPick No. 9Guaranteed: $7.9 millionTotal value: $17.4 millionPick No. 10Guaranteed: $7.5 million

Total value: $16.6 millionPick No. 11Guaranteed: $7.1 millionTotal value: $16 millionPick No. 12Guaranteed: $6.7 millionTotal value: $15.3 millionPick No. 13Guaranteed: $6.4 millionTotal value: $14.8 millionPick No. 14Guaranteed: $6.1 millionTotal value: $14.2 million

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Pick No. 15Guaranteed: $5.8 millionTotal value: $13.6 millionPick No. 16Guaranteed: $5.5 millionTotal value: $13 millionPick No. 17Guaranteed: $5.2 millionTotal value: $12.3 millionPick No. 18Guaranteed: $5 millionTotal value: $11.7 millionPick No. 19

Guaranteed: $4.7 millionTotal value: $11.2 millionPick No. 20Guaranteed: $4.5 millionTotal value: $10.7 millionPick No. 21Guaranteed: $4.4 millionTotal value: $10.4 millionPick No. 22Guaranteed: $ 4.2 millionTotal value: $10.1 millionPick No. 23Guaranteed: $4 million

Total value: $9.8 millionSee also: Cost of the Olympics: How the 2020 Tokyo Games are one of the most expensive everPick No. 24Guaranteed: $3.9 millionTotal value: $9.6 millionPick No. 25Guaranteed: $3.7 millionTotal value: $9.3 millionPick No. 26Guaranteed: $3.6 million

Total value: $9 millionPick No. 27Guaranteed: $3.5 millionTotal value: $8.7 millionPick No. 28Guaranteed: $3.4 millionTotal value: $8.7 millionPick No. 29Guaranteed: $3.4 millionTotal value: $8.6 millionPick No. 30Guaranteed: $3.4 millionTotal value: $8.5million

Rookies from the NFL Draft will make similar money to NBA rookies, while rookies from the MLB Draft make considerably less. Read more: MarketWatch »

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And this is why the NBA is washed up and not fun anymore. What do you need to work for if you're already guaranteed to make $37 Million? They should be given no more than 2 year contracts at the most to make them work for their contracts. thanks

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