Early Voting, 2020 Election, Joe Biden, Republicans, Swing States

Early Voting, 2020 Election

Here's how many Americans have already voted in Arizona, Florida and 6 other swing states

Here's how many Americans have already voted in Arizona, Florida and 6 other swing states

10/29/2020 4:10:00 AM

Here's how many Americans have already voted in Arizona, Florida and 6 other swing states

More than 75 million voters in the U.S. have already cast their ballots either by mailing in their ballots or voting early in person.

With the U.S. presidential election less than a week away, some voters in battleground states have already made their decision by casting their ballots early.Many voters have opted to vote early, either by using mail-in ballots or voting in-person at local polling locations. President

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has decried mail-in voting as a vehicle for potential election fraud, expressing concerns that a final tally of the votes may not be released until days after the election.However, both Trump and Democratic presidential nomineeJoe Bidenhave cast early votes. Both candidates are hoping to attract voters in swing states, such as Arizona and Florida, where one political party has not established a solid stronghold of support.

Arizona has recorded 1,980,689 early ballots so far. Democrats have cast 787,173 of those votes while Republicans have cast 704,549 ballots. Arizona draws no distinction between mail-in votes and in-person early voting.Newsweek subscription offers >

Trump is expected to hold two campaign events in Arizona on Tuesday. Biden most recently visited the state in early October. Polling averages from Real Clear Politics show a close race between the two with Biden holding a small lead over Trump with 48.4 percent. Trump holds 46.2 percent of voter support.

In Florida, Trump's adopted home state, 41.1 percent of Democrats have voted early either in-person or via mail while 37.5 percent of Republicans have already cast their ballots. Between in-person early voting and received mail-in ballots, 6,921,358 early votes have been received by state election officials. Polling averages give Trump a slight advantage in Florida. Trump has 48.2 percent of voter support while Biden is close behind with 47.8 percent.

In Pennsylvania, Democrats have already turned in 1,354,624 votes while Republicans have only returned 426,431 early ballots. Factoring in the number of voters that did not claim a party affiliation, 1,978,486 total mail-in ballots have been returned in Pennsylvania.

President Donald Trump trails in the polls behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.Steve Pope/GettyNewsweek subscription offers >Trump derided Biden's energy policies during campaign stops in Pennsylvania, calling attention to Biden's alleged opposition to fracking, a major Pennsylvania industry. Biden has denied those allegations. Despite Trump's remarks, he trails Biden in an average of state polls. Biden holds 49.6 percent of voter support while Trump has 45.8 percent.

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As of Tuesday, 8,188,246 voters in Texas have already voted either by mail or in-person. Michigan has accepted 2,338,417 absentee ballots out of 3,135,338 ballots requested.Trump is leading Biden in Texas by 2.6 percent with 48 percent of support in the polls. Biden holds 45.4 percent. In Michigan, where Trump has roundly criticized Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Biden is ahead by almost 9 percentage points. Biden holds 50.4 percent of the support while Trump has 41.8 percent.

Mail-in ballots have proven to be a more popular method of early voting than in-person voting in Wisconsin. While 413,183 individuals have gone to a polling place to cast their votes, 1,132,393 voters have returned their mail-in ballots.During a Thursday campaign event, Trump emphasized his administration's role in quelling demonstrations in Kenosha over racism and police brutality."We sent in the National Guard and we saved Kenosha," Trump said.

According to poll averages, Biden has 50.3 of Wisconsin voter support while Trump trails with 43.9 percent.Democratic presidential nominee leads President Donald Trump by fewer than two percentage points in the battleground state of Iowa.Drew Angerer/Getty

In Iowa, 815,921 mail-in ballots have been returned. Almost half of those were from registered Democrats who sent back 396,357 mail-in votes. Republicans have returned 262,562 mail-in ballots.Some observers consider Iowa to be a toss-up state. Biden is expected to campaign in Iowa on Friday. According to polling averages from the political website FiveThirtyEight, Biden holds a small lead over Trump with 47.7 percent. Trump has 46.1 percent in the polls, making the difference between the two candidates 1.6 percent.

Newsweekreached out to the Biden campaign and the Trump re-election campaign for comment.Minnesota counts all early ballots, whether received through the mail or in-person voting, equally. As of Friday, 1,186,522 Minnesota voters had already cast their votes.

Although Minnesota has not cast its electoral votes for a Republican candidate since 1972, Trump only lost the state in the 2016 presidential election by 1.5 percentage points. Trump's campaign has purchased over $1 million in advertisements expected to run in Minnesota during the final days before the election.

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