Here Are the Most & Least Crowded Categories for the 2022 Grammys

All Grammys look the same, but some categories are vastly more competitive than others. Here's how many entries are vying for a nomination in each category this year.

10/28/2021 9:00:00 AM

Here's how many entries are vying for a nomination in each category at the 2022 Grammys , from 1,172 for record of the year to 41 for best regional roots music album.

All Grammys look the same, but some categories are vastly more competitive than others. Here's how many entries are vying for a nomination in each category this year.

Charles Rex Arbogast/AP/ShutterstockMusic videos are sometimes thought to be decades past their peak, but there are more entries for best music video than for any other category.All Grammys look the same, but some categories are vastly more competitive than others. In the upcoming 64th annual Grammy Awards, three categories -- best music video, record of the year and song of the year -- each have more than 1,100 entries. At the other extreme, four categories have fewer than 50 entries each: best traditional blues album, best large jazz ensemble album, best Latin jazz album and best regional roots music album.

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First-round Grammy voting opened Friday and continues through Nov. 5. As Grammy voters ponder their choices in 80 categories (nominations in the other six categories are determined by craft committees), let’s take a look at all the categories on this year’s ballot.

We start by dividing all Grammy categories into six classifications – the closely watched Big Four, genre albums, genre songs, genre performances, other classifications and the six categories in which the nominees are determined by craft committees.Here's Where Justin Bieber's 'Peaches' & More Top 10 Hits Are Competing for 2022 Grammy Noms

There are surprises galore here. Music videos are sometimes thought to be decades past their peak, but there are more entries for best music video (1,185) than for any other category -- even record and song of the year.Similarly, rock is sometimes portrayed as being on its last legs, but rock leads in two classifications: There are more entries for best rock song than for any other genre song award and more entries for best rock performance than for any other genre performance award.

Among genre album categories, best rock album is third, behind best score soundtrack for visual media (includes film, television, video games and other visual media) and best spoken word album (includes poetry, audiobooks and storytelling). The fact that those two categories include so many subcategories probably explains why they’re on top.

Here's Where Genre-Bending Albums From Lil Nas X, Halsey, Miley Cyrus & More Landed for 2022 GrammysThe Grammy Awards structure emphasizes album achievements. There are 40 genre album awards, compared to 19 genre performance awards and eight genre song awards. There are also 11 other categories that don’t fit neatly into any of the previous classifications and six craft categories.

More surprises: Few would expect best new age album (170) and best comedy album (132) to have more entries than best country album and best R&B album (which are tied with 91 entries each).What the 2022 Grammys Can Learn From This Year’s Pandemic Telecast

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In terms of performance categories, best rock performance (523) is followed by best American roots performance (521) and best pop solo performance (454).But combining separate genre performance categories that are in the same Grammy field, classical leads with 838 entries, followed by pop (829), rock (618), American roots (521), R&B (488), rap (456), jazz (436), gospel/contemporary Christian music (416), country (220) and global music (205).

Classical is probably higher than you might have thought, especially if you see it as a niche market. Country is probably lower than you might have expected. It may lag because there are so many country music awards shows.Polo G Is Eligible for Best New Artist at 2022 Grammys, Morgan Wallen Is Not

The Grammys added two new categories this year. They are shown in italics in the list. Neither had a huge number of entries. Best música urbana album has 52 entries, which puts it 35th among the 40 genre album categories. Best global music performance has 205 entries, which puts it 11th among the 19 genre performance categories.

Within each classification, categories are listed in descending order in terms of most categories. Ties are shown in alphabetical order. Read more: billboard »

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