Henry Cejudo Says He's In Talks To Fight Ryan Garcia In Saudi Arabia

Henry Cejudo Says He's In Talks To Fight Ryan Garcia In Saudi Arabia

6/3/2020 10:30:00 AM

Henry Cejudo Says He's In Talks To Fight Ryan Garcia In Saudi Arabia

Henry Cejudo says there have been serious discussions about fighting Ryan Garcia in Saudi Arabia.

TMZ Sportstalked to 33-year-old Cejudo -- fresh off his UFC retirement -- and Triple C made it clear his ongoing beef with 21-year-old Garcia ain't just for the Gram ... he legit wants to box the undefeated pugilist."I really don't think [Ryan Garcia's] that good. I really don't, and I think with a proper team, the right game plan, I believe I can make him bend the knee in front of Oscar De La Hoya," Cejudo tells us.

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"I feel like I have the tools, the power, the strength, the experience and we wanna make this happen."But, this ain't just a pipe dream ... Cejudo says his team has already been in talks with promoters, and the cash and location are there to make this super fight a reality.

Henry says the fight could go down in Saudi Arabia ... adding,"We got the money guy that's willing to pay both of us. It's just up to little Ryan candy Garcia to sign that contract." Read more: TMZ »

He better get ready to get knocked out lol Ryan Garcia’s is fucking lightning fast Ok

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