Hear Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi Join Forces on 'Just Look Up'

The song appears in new Adam McKay film Don’t Look Up

Adam Mckay, Ariana Grande

12/3/2021 11:36:00 AM

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi have shared a new collaborative single, 'Just Look Up.'

The song appears in new Adam McKay film Don’t Look Up

.The song was produced by Nicholas Britell, and co-written by Grande, Kid Cudi, Britell, and Taura Stinson. The lyrics reflect the plot of the end-of-the-world movie. “Just look up/ Turn off that shit box news,” Grande belts. “Cause you’re about to die soon everybody/ Look up/ Here it comes/ I’m so glad I’m here with you/ Forever in your arms.”

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Ariana Grande Belts Out High Notes on ‘Just Look Up’ With Kid Cudi: Stream It NowThe new number dropped at midnight, and is the lead track from the Netflix film in which they both star. This is a reach even from y'all. You tweet this now, of all days and time to do such? Smh 😒👏👏 Using Mariah Carey's name to promote the song cuz you know that anytime you put Mariah's name next to anything, especially Ari, you/she'll get clicks/sales. Mission accomplished. Copycat

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