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Health official: Trump rally 'likely' source of virus surge

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, “likely contributed' to a dramatic...

7/9/2020 12:06:00 AM

President Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa late last month and the protests that accompanied it 'likely contributed' to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, a local health official says. Tulsa County had a one-day record high 261 new cases on Monday.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — President Donald Trump 's campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, “likely contributed' to a dramatic...

By SEAN MURPHYJuly 8, 2020 GMTFILE - In this March 17, 2020, file photo, Tulsa Health Department director Dr. Bruce Dart takes part in a news conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, "likely contributed" to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday, July 8, 2020. (Tom Gilbert/Tulsa World via AP, File)

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FILE - In this March 17, 2020, file photo, Tulsa Health Department director Dr. Bruce Dart takes part in a news conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, "likely contributed" to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday, July 8, 2020. (Tom Gilbert/Tulsa World via AP, File)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, “likely contributed” to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday.

Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday.Although the health department’s policy is to not publicly identify individual settings where people may have contracted the virus, Dart said those large gatherings “more than likely” contributed to the spike.

“In the past few days, we’ve seen almost 500 new cases, and we had several large events just over two weeks ago, so I guess we just connect the dots,” Dart said.A spokesman for the Trump campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.Areporter who attended the Trump rally

is among those who have tested positive for COVID-19, along with six of Trump’s campaign staffers and two members of the Secret Service who worked in advance of the rally.Statewide, Oklahoma health officials on Wednesday reported 673 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, the state’s second-highest daily total since the start of the pandemic.

The new cases reported by the Oklahoma State Department of Health follow arecord high of 858 casesthat were reported on Tuesday and bring the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 17,893. The actual number of infections is thought to be much higher because many people haven’t been tested and some who get the disease don’t show symptoms.

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ADVERTISEMENTThe health department also reported three additional COVID-19 deaths, bringing the statewide death toll to 407. Read more: The Associated Press »

Trump privately discussing replacing Defense Secretary Esper after election

President Donald Trump has privately discussed with advisers the possibility of replacing Defense Secretary Mark Esper after the November election following a growing number of differences between them, a source familiar with the internal debate said on Wednesday.

But many of the really participants were best each other, without masks, for very long periods of time, indoors. That's even riskier than the outdoor protesters behavior. The BLM protests take place outdoors. The aerosolized particles dissipate easily in normal breezes and sure currents outdoors. The bigger droplets are stopped by masks. If an infected BLM protester, without a mask, is near another unmasked person for an extended time, yes, risk.

Quote some tracing statistics and name names if your going to publish accusations like this! But the BLM riots had no effect. Interesting how that works. MaddowBlog Why is New Hampshire putting themselves into the same predicament? In 2 weeks, New Hampshire will be in the same position as Tulsa. But what about the “democrat” hoax

ParkerMolloy But not the BLM riots. Gee, that’s a no-brainer! The orange super spreader DOES NOT CARE as long as he gets his ego stroked and now on to do his deed in NH! I don’t want that egotistical narcissist anywhere near me in Maine! It’s bad when the governor of NH won’t attend the DESPERATION RALLY! 😡😡😡😡

BBCRosAtkins But not the antifa protests? How pathetic 50k floyd rallies are just fine though. no shit.. As off today kids on Tik Tok have done more to save lives during Covid than realDonaldTrump has!! Speaking of BLM protesters, did anybody notice HOW MANY FECKING PROTESTERS WERE WEARING MASKS Feck off the lot of you. I didn't see one goddamned mask at the President Dickless vanity rant!!!

realDonaldTrump TrumpVirus TrumpFailedAmerica VoteBidenToSaveAmerica VoteBlue2020 FlipTheSenateBlue Bonnievee2017 Not like we didn’t see THAT coming! FakeNews. What about the two large BLM protests that happened days before the Trump rally? You know, the ones that blocked both I-44 and I-244? Those didn’t “accompany” the rally. Be fair in your reporting.

Trump's new slogan: KEEP AMERICA SICKER!!! Show the names of the people tested. The ones at the rally signed a waiver. Let's compare lists. Shocking. They knew this would happen, that’s why they made them sign a waiver. Trump doesn’t care if people get sick, only if they sue him or his campaign. it seems that it may have been the responsibility of the Governor, public health officials, in each state to have prevented the President from having the event in the first place.Everyone in public office is paid to do a particular job. Citizens must remove them .

kenjeong The Trump camp is claiming it’s the fault of the very few protesters outside who are wearing masks. They also claim they were handing out masks. Doesn’t really matter if you’re not requiring them to be worn. We all know what really caused the outbreak. Shocking news from Tulsa, post Trump ... BlackLivesMatter VoteDemocratic OneTermTrump KneeDeep FunkyFauci

Thank God someone spoke out against this President promoting the dying of his Citizens. Irresponsible at MT Rushmore. Some infected. Even his own family declare he is dangerous. He will destroy America. He is well on his way. His lack of Leadership is reason. Small mind and Petty Reading some of the comments reminds that many of trump’s supporters do not yet understand that CV19 spreads more readily in indoor spaces, especially those spaces where people crowd together on the floor and lower level of an auditorium. TrumpVirus

That couldn't have been predicted. Who would have seen a coincidence? TrumpIsKillingAmericans If I am a rich man, I am sending a 1000 contact tracers two days ahead of the rally just to be ahead of the curve... Then a few months later, I call back infected contacts and give them the stats from the rally... Seems Bloomberg is pretty much involved in contact tracing...

russian_market Bull shit. I thought no one showed up. That is what you told us. Interested to know how many protesters vs rally attendees tested positive. One outdoors with masks, one indoors with no masks. russian_market common sense is not very common, why go to crowded rally and if u must then get every one to cover their mouth and nose and have handgloves

Ya think? Death rate is going down. Coronavirus Cases: 17,893 - People who recovered: 13,538 Outrage and hate … That’s the evil survival strategy of this plague . And for now humans have been caught in its snare badly. bryancampen This Makes Sense: Lol and the rioting and CHAZ, BHAZ and all that, the two minors getting 'lit up' by 'security' till they ran out of bullets, all that was ok....ffs

😂 JonLemire Let me guess, he's a democrat, right? Anything to make Trump look bad. Stop shaming people for living their lives. You people are getting so predictable with your endless fearmongering. ❤❤❤❤ But these protests had absolutely ZERO effect. The MSM are the biggest liars I’ve ever seen. They don’t even try to hide their lies anymore.

az right behind... rally here was a few days later. realDonaldTrump is responsible for a spike in coronavirus cases in Tulsa. All because he had to have a rally and would not follow the safety guidelines. Those Republicans who now have the virus have realDonaldTrump to thank. Trump us a cancer! It's time to get rid of him!

Inconceivable DUH realDonaldTrump “LIKELY” oh please Say it isn't so FakeNews .realDonaldTrump ya know, dead people vote exclusively for Dems. Maybe you should rethink your rallies so you don’t lose votes. Just sayin. 858 Tuesday “THATS IS RIDICULOUS. WHY IS THIS IDIOT INCLUDING THE PROTESTERS: THEY WERE OUTSIDE AND WORE MASK NOT TO MENTION THE GROUP WAS SMALLER THAN A DAM PACKED ARENA THAT HAD OVER 6,000 PEOPLE. THIS ADMINISTRATION AND THEIR “YES SIR” GOVERNORS AND MAYORS ARE KILLING PEOPLE.

Really? Now who could have predicted such a thing?!? Idiots In related news, there's bear shit all over the woods. 🙄 Sue them! 99% of all masks are ineffective against airborne infection and those medical pros lucky enough to to have N95s (95% effective) know once they touch anything or they get moist from breathing they are no longer protective for wearer or anyone around.

Gee who would have thought MarkMeadows Nice job realDonaldTrump! I really wish they could get an exact number on how many people Trump has infected from sea to shining sea because of his rejection of masks. TheKingCenter Super Spreader Trump. TheKingCenter Pass it on: GOP will take away your healthcare. GOP is going to defund schools. GOP wants you dead.

Huh! Who could’ve imagined? Gee, who saw this coming? The parasite will eventually kill the host. There should be some DarwinAwards for MAGA2020, the GOPCowards, and anyone else that voted for TraitorTrump. WearADamnMask But the anti racism protests, riots and looting did not? Virus works in strange ways

“Cause”, meet “effect”. TrumpVirus Holy crap, eh? The Covid45Tour continues to spread the coronavirus across the USA. Next stop, Portsmouth, NH. Utah set a in state record to date with 722 confirmed cases today. Guess who didn't have a rally in Utah over the last 2 months realDonaldTrump; guess who was here in Utah in the last 4 weeks: protesters, AntifaTerrorists, and BLM. Facts not fiction please.

FZirm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 MrWednesday11 I hope we successfully track the surge resulting from these trump hate rally disasters across the country. No!!!Really? 🤔 chenweihua Hydroxid Cloroquine for covid19 to live! It’s fine. They all have haircuts. I thought all the left wing socialist said look no one approves of Trump because very few people went to the rally You can't have it both ways!!!

NufcedKevin You think! But not the ongoing riots and revolutionaries in the streets. Right..... And there was ample room to so ial distancebut the campaign removedthe seat stickers KeepSawinWood This is ridiculously shitty reporting. Wait wasn’t this the rally nobody showed up for? And now there a covid spike because of it. More fake news

Trump 'team' members removed signs from seats that enabled social distancing in the Tulsa venue. They ziptied chairs together at Mount Rushmore. These are sick people who are clearly as depraved as Trump. Blame the Mayor of Tulsa for allowing the rally to take place. We all know that Trump could care less about the citizens of Tulsa. Trump’s supporters who attended the rally without a mask and now are infected have no one to blame but themselves.

Was there rioting in OK? Shocker dismisstrump1 And the dumbass tRuMpAnZeE signed a wavier 😂😂 His supporters asked for it and I think they should ot be allow to be admitted into the hospital. of course. but they chose to listen to Orangeheadand now they pay the price. Hope they feel really good now. Gee, too bad. 😁 ThoughtsAndPrayers

This includes Herman Cane, 😂😂😂 They say this but you’re telling me that all the rioting and protesting didn’t give me a fucking break Hmmm... Now who could have ever predicted that? Another lie from . What about BLM rally and the Al Sharpton bigger than the President's. Lets defundAP And while you're at it defundCNN defundMSNBC defundNYT

'Likely'? In other news, all protesters wildly immune to the virus. dspondike Everywhere Trump goes the virus spikes. The same thing happened in Texas. Trump doesn't care about his followers, he's scared about the election. The following has some responsibilities too. I'm voting for Biden, but I'm not attending any rallies.

Lots of conjecture. There were more protesters than attendees in a mostly empty auditorium. Many if not most attendees were from out of town. So how would those attendees raise Tulsa stats? Okay, just tell us how many who tested positive wore MAGA hats & how many wore BLM hats. Well they were all inside sitting next to each other with no masks. Usually protesters are outside with masks on. Just saying. It could be both! God forbid anyone admits rally’s are not a good idea at this time.

The City of Tulsa should have known better!! It could have been worse if not for some really smart kids on Tik Tok!! Maybe that is why POTUS is demanding schools reopen trying to get even by infecting the kids with Covid-19 that made a fool of him in Tulsa with an empty arena!! Tulsa county population over 650000. Cases are what 5000. Do the math

What a shock. Fuck BLM Did Bezos buy AP? I think this number has jumped to over 500 as reported tonight on CNN. I'm white so I can't blame racism when things don't go my way. What should I blame? But these same experts said that all the protests didn't contribute to huge increases in certain states I'm no Trump fan...but lets be consistent with our nonsense at least...

Well no joke. There’s nothing that Trump has ever done that prospered! So it was a double super-spreader event. Spreading both the coronavirus and large helpings of Trump's reality-defying BS sandwiches. Lies with a side of Covid-19. Who’s shocked? Anybody? So...protests for BLM and ANTIFA make you immune to Covid-19 but protests against Trump SPREAD Covid-19...ban protests against Trump before it's too late!

That was criminal and could be murder A spike? What could have caused that? RANT -To ALL regular hardworking People who donated to James 'Aftercare' fund,Our sincere thanks💯, to every filthy rich celebrity that ignores Us, while luxuriating, SHAME ON YOU!💯 NO ONE should have to BEG, for a precious Childs life! 🔄 JamesNewHeart

johnpavlovitz Ya think? Wait. Protesting Trump causes The Rona but BLM protests don’t? The dozens of people who attended came from all over the country, so the Tulsa numbers shortchange Trump on the amount of damage his ego massage caused. Meanwhile back at the White House Trump is rage tweeting off his toilet about statues and he could not care less about the people of Tulsa once he left. He just left them with a virus, nothing more.

Good for Tulsa. Couldn't happen to a better bunch of hypocrites. Virginia had 635 new cases since yesterday and we have an indoor mask mandate. No kidding.... Except one group was wearing masks and the other group don’t believe in masks...so there is that... Thanking your lucky stars realDonaldTrump that you had all those COVIDIOTS sign those letters preventing them from suing you, right?

Awesome, fewer votes for Trump next November This Trump rally in Tulsa is becoming a crossroads moment for the 2020 campaign. Not a day has gone by where this rally hasn't crept back into the National conversation. ''In the past few days, we’ve seen almost 500 new cases, and we had several large events just over two weeks ago, so I guess we just connect the dots,' Dart said.' What 'several large events'? Why Trump rally only one mentioned? Because bias, that's why.

HNTurtledove Yeah it wasn't the protests, it was def Trump. So demented. If the left just went ahead n left the US we would be freaking amazing. Well well well ! So by knowing the city of the next TrumpStupidRally we know the next Spike of new cases ! That is the dumbest thing done by the dumbest Man ! DonaldTrump ! 🙄

and....nobody showed up! Huh... Can you imagine, if it was a packed house with overflow? No one see that coming. TrumpKillsUs Oh really? Huh. Imagine that! Yea so do some tracing But the protesters are the new but her emails. Dr.Dart needs to be honest almost every protester I saw on the news was outside & were WearingTheDamnMask while the rally was held indoors and only about 20 people maybe were wearing a mask The uptick in COVIDー19 cases is directly related to Trump & his deplorables

ap Wish people could say they are surprised, but this outcome was a forgone conclusion. Worse may yet be in the offing as attendees of this rally infect others, who infect more, etc. Predictable I hope they aren't taking up hospital beds.... This is what realDonaldTrump does, holds unsafe rallys and caused his own supporters to get covid19, many will die because of Trump, since HeReallyDoesntCare and either does FLOTUS BeBest

*clutches pearls* Who could've predicted this outcome? Science, yo. I don't feel bad for the racistst rally crowd. I feel for the folks they infected. TrumpVirus Next up, South Dakota. Is it tacky to laugh? CreepyTrump is also a Super Spreader - gross! joshfliegel you don’t say?! realDonaldTrump you’re the most dangerous person on the planet

The majority of protesters wore masks. Fact Trump haters are the dumbest people in the room and the most pathetic believe that There was hardly any protesters in Tulsa . The majority of the people unprotected were in Trumps death rally. Hmmmm. I’m in shock! Color me shocked. But don’t worry all is well since all the people that attended were young and healthy while totally wearing masks and social distancing right?

CNN MSNBC WSJ thegarance 500 new local cases in Tulsa us a BFD. Likely? OMFG. MAGA tears incoming... You think? Idiots. Definitely a spreader event. Haha . . . Yet no new case as a result of thousands ptotesting, rioting a d looting in major cities across the country! More FAKE news! You're done. No one buys your garbage anymore. EnemyOfThePeople

So, realDonaldTrump's rally help spread the virus? But there was such a small crowd. VOTE TRUMP OUT!!! TraitorTrump TRE45ON TrumpKillsUs TrumpIsARacist TrumpLiedAmericansDied TrumpOwnsEveryDeath LiarInChief WorstPresidentEver ONENATI42043514 What part of “and the protests that accompanied it,” do Trump supporters not understand. They have to victimize themselves even when the article agrees with them. It’s automatic.

If only someone said this might happen beforehand... Lol it says...along with the protesters that accompanied it...Jesus Christ, read past the first sentence 😂 There’s a lot of butt hurt in this thread. Protests were outside and many many wore masks, even outside. President had 6700 people inside and outside no social distancing, no masks, for hours and hours.

Thoughts and prayers I like the word likely, it so precise! It's likely the AP is fake news LoL 😂... This is fake news! All political because we have an election coming up. It didn't FakeNews TrumpDerangementSyndrome Fake news! They're just testing more there now /s You don't say. 🤔 go figure. This is disgusting. ETTD

Do u think he gives a flying fuk Who could've ever predicted that...🙄 It was a steaming cesspool of Covid already. 😮 Riots and BLM rallies don’t cause spikes in new cases but a Trump talley does? This is why we need a real third party in this country. The Democratic Party is corrupt, the Republican Party is corrupt, You are forced to vote republican, they’re less insane.

If we had contact tracing we might be able to figure it out... If we test for the flu like we are testing for COVID, people would want a shutdown then too. COVID is not going away. We have to build an immunity to it. This “slow the spread” should really be called “Delay the Spread”!!! KeithOlbermann Well there’s a shocker.....

Ya think? huh Man, if only this was something that somebody saw coming. If only. HelloAndrew Not like they weren’t told... nahmias 🙄🙄🙄 yet the violent riots all over the Democrat run states did nothing.. 🤯 Not the BLM and Antifa protests across America MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Where’s the ‘uh-duhhhhh!’ Emoji?

but the hundreds of mass protests around the country lead to 0% of coronavirus cases. No shit. Stroking BunkerBoy's enormous orange ego has never been costlier VoteTrumpOut TrumpForPrison2020 TrumpVirus VoteOutCorruptGOP LIKELY COMPLETE BS. or the race riots and looting pushed by democrats at the AP and the fakenews media not sure you get it but everyone saw. you can't claim the virus is airborn then outdoor protests in michigan were bad than not look to the race riots you supported.

Dr. Dart's answer to whether there's been a case spike due to the rally and other protests: 'I guess we just connect the dots.' Hahahahaha. But those riots? They were MaddowBlog Idiots! Plane and simple! Gee, what a big non-surprise! MaddowBlog You don't say. 🤣 Probably more due to Democrats BLM-Movement.

rhonda_harbison TrumpVirus But the BLM riots did nothing? Unfollowing AP. More fake news MaddowBlog No shit Sherlock. Congratulations, Tulsa. You slept with Trump and this is your reward. Let’s see 261/6000 = 4% infection rate I take it there will be less Trump voters in the Tulsa area in a few weeks. Likely not

MaddowBlog Oklahoma increased their testing 3 fold in one day from 8K to 23K. Of course cases would go up. Trump is so thankful that his supporters are both uneducated and illiterate. Ladies and Gentlemen we have ourselves a winner. Congratulations your number 3 on my Triple Crown list for today. SkyNews was 1st, guardian 2nd and sneaks in at no3 just before the midnight deadline. You're all unfollowed until you start reporting the truth, dirty scumbags

MaddowBlog yep☹️ GalindoSherry Alot of states rising... probably due to riots, Memorial Day weekend, rallies, July 4th. Not just one to blame.... Trump is a coronavirus maker But not the other protests... lol nice The fakenews is so predictable.. 👇 But amazingly not one case from the 10s of thousands of protesters.

'Likely' equals 'I can't prove it because I have no hard data.' Ya ok Looters and rioters that continued for weeks 'likely contributed' more. Who owns you again, AP? gzornick Oh, wow, now that’s a shock. Who would have thought? Sheer genius. Nah it's because of testing. More tests = more cases. The cure is no testing....then you'll have no positives. Nailed it! 🤨 realDonaldTrump

Covidchella strikes back. eyeofthegoddess Good! Oh wow who could’ve predicted that besides everybody? Oh? KeithOlbermann And it begins. One exception most of the protesters were wearing their masks. I thought protesting didn’t contribute? BULLSHIT. Never the protest but Trump rally.......for sure. Democrats are disgusting humans.

This is how propaganda works. We know where they got it, 🤫 But we can’t release that info. Oh, but we can say “We think it’s possible” they contracted at the rally. Propaganda Obviously much safer if you went to a riot. Warned you I thought no one showed up for the rally. The president will literally be directly responsible for deaths of Americans because he decided to hold a rally. Things are so insane

fakenews is what trumpzees will say I think we all would agree that the only good Republican is a dead Republican. This is good news But protests and riots still haven’t contributed? i blame kimberly we need to keep him out of New Hampshire If only someone could have seen this coming. Like if there was an organization that would warn us and help us prepare for such an event.

Doh! Yep, it was all because of him. 261?!! Damn. That's about half the crowd! Peaceful protesters with masks Racists rally without masks. Even rioters had masks racists rallies without masks So only the Trump caused a jump? The BLM and anti police rallies heals at the same time were not a factor? 🤪 So now protests *do* pose a threat. Please make up your minds, I am getting dizzy.

Duh! Is that the same agency that said the protests had no contribution? Damn. If true then they all have a 99% chance they'll live. Fake News. 'A local health official.' How stupid do you think people are? These comments prove ppl read headlines only. I’m this case I think they purposely omitted some of the headlines from their comprehension.

trumpvirus Complete BS, you expect us to believe Trumps campaign rally last month and just the protests that accompanied it was the cause for the surge of coronavirus and not all of the massive black live matter protests that occurred daily? Just how stupid do u think we are?🙄 JonLemire The real question is how many were actually at the rally and how many were innocents infected by the rally goers

Told ya so ,Trump,idiot followers,&c!! You don't say. When will people stop being stupid? But spike on coronavirus cases early June in Houston/Harris CO are due to state early opening. 🤷‍♂️ 'likely contributed'' How many were hospitalized? How many were asymptomatic? How many dies? This is why the main stream media is the enemy of the people

Wow,they were literally dying to say they were there. Literally,dying. Of course it is. What does he care? He already has enough American civilian & soldiers’ blood on his hands to turn the Potomac red! What’s a little trickle of additional OK blood add to a non-existent “conscience”? Captain Tiny Hands doesn’t care.

realDonaldTrump doesnt are about any of US. He just wants the MONEY he has been able to gain and siphon off to his family and his billionaire friends. He is using hate to pull this off. We are leading the world in Covid now, as well as alone internationally. PutinsBitch but not all the other “protest” that happened across the country. The media doesn’t even try to hide their bias

Still can't believe this is the narrative you're going to go with after the mass BLM protests/riots all last month. Amazing. Not the previous protests though, those ones are immune. Only the GOP conventions and accompanying protests contribute to coronavirus numbers... sahilkapur Darwin would be having a field day.

This happens when you put thousands of stupids together Thank you Mr President... 😝😷 russmove What a load of bullshit this is. Why is it that the left wants this pandemic to continue? Oh yes that’s right....because they can’t get over Trump being the president. But the BLM marches and riots that they're having are not.... that sounds like a load of shit

So when the rally happened nobody showed up and it was so EMPTY, but now all those nobodies created a 'surge' in cases... I nominate Trump and his supporters for a Darwin Award! That one lady protester did all of this? C’mon man! hope it was worth it !!!!! just sayin ..no ill will but they were warned Nothing can stop what's coming.......Not even a pandemic

🤡😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Comical Good We have to create Herd Immunity Also the county reported that they are testing at a rate of 4x what they were doing 6 weeks ago cnn msnbc NicolleDWallace. maddow wolfblitzer GKStill this is interesting, not unexpected but is one of only a few arena style 'shows' that have gone on...

They need to have more rallies. They are gleefully jumping into the volcano. I feel sorry that the health care workers have to deal with it but not for the willing participants. sahilkapur but not the protesters who attended!!!!! Trump on tour giving out diseases like Motley Crue in the 80's. But protests did nothing? Come on stop lying

I guess Al Sharpton and his crew there in the same city the night before and for Juneteenth were all in bubble suits with oxygen tanks after weeks of GF protest and Glorified funeral. BrianaReports I am so sure it was going to be reported this way.....but the protests and riots had no effect It dont matter as long as he gets voted 😂😂

Now we have to hear from all the BS national health officials about how this is not true. Doctors that are experts in trumpizm. It’s a hoax remember? Shocker! Good thing not that many people bothered to show up to see realDonaldTrump or it would be worse! TrumpRallyFail TrumpIsKillingAmericans DumpTrumpDayNov3 AmericaIsStrongerWithBiden

So did all the vandals throughout the country 🤷‍♂️ And what? We should feel sorry? Donnie brought it on his own. Ignorance is bliss. Darwin's theory proven true. I have no sympathy for stupidity and ignorance. MASKUP COMMONSENSE

Hundreds of health groups petition against TrumpNearly 350 public health organizations, advocacy groups and local health departments are urging HHS Secretary Alex Azar to play a more prominent role in shielding the CDC from political interference Alex didn’t protect caged children don’t expect him to protect us. Next please Was the CDC not politicized from way back then?

Trump administration informs Congress it is withdrawing from World Health OrganizationThe Trump administration has notified Congress that it is formally withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization amid the coronavirus pandemic, multiple officials tell CNN. We can reverse all of this kind of mistake IF we can survive until trump is gone. IF. Why are we evening addressing this now? Another distraction from the real issues, pandemic, bounties, economy, racism, polarization, etc. by the most inept, corrupt, unpatriotic, scandal plagued administration in history.

Trump has officially begun to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization as pandemic spikesThe White House notified Congress of the WHO withdrawal even as COVID-19 cases spike in the US and across the globe. Good. ...”as pandemic spikes.” You are FakeNews. Learn the effing difference between the front page and the editorial page, or you’ll never have credibility again.

Trump administration begins formal withdrawal from World Health OrganizationThe Trump administration has notified Congress and the United Nations that the United States is formally withdrawing from the World Health Organization, multiple officials tell CNN Sounds like a sensible thing to do in the middle of a global pandemic. The US is now officially a failed state. We can begin the return in January POTUS

Trump Officially Withdraws U.S. From World Health OrganizationPresident Trump on Monday officially withdrew the U.S. from the WHO, which he and conservatives have repeatedly slammed throughout the coronavirus pandemic for alleged misinformation about the virus by AndrewSolender AndrewSolender BALENCIAGA !!!!!! AndrewSolender WHO and his members has to face international criminal. WHO is behind COVID19. I stand with Trump. AndrewSolender Good job realDonaldTrump !

Trump has officially begun to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization as pandemic spikesThe White House notified Congress of the WHO withdrawal even as COVID-19 cases spike in the US and across the globe. dougducey has failed AZ! Reopened too soon. Not near enough tests avail to average people. Infection rates soaring. DES is shambles, ppl not being paid. Needed svcs not avail. He is a Trump lackey & should RESIGN office. Failure! ArizonaDES SpyDoggie SenateDems CNN A con man who lets 130.000 Americans died because of his ineptitude